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21 myths about your eyes

Until the day comes when we can all jump into our time machines and travel back to confirm historical facts, we must rely on documentation and artefacts which have managed to withstand the tests of time.

The People Who See Without Eyes

Newspapers call him the “Batman from Belgium”. Tom De Witte has been completely blind in both eyes since 2009, but that doesn’t stop him from seeing the world around him.

The iconic eyes of iconic people

A recent study concluded that during an average conversation, people only make eye contact for 30-60% of the time; a rather shocking figure, considering that many body language experts assert that the eyes are the best gauge of a person’s character. To celebrate the power of a gaze, we compiled a short list of people whose eyes tell a thousand stories, without speaking a word.

The icons of eyeglasses

Can you imagine Elton John with contact lenses? Or Gandhi with 20/20 vision and no glasses? There are some legendary figures throughout history whose glasses have become an intrinsic part of their iconography. From a wizard to a Beatle, here is a list of the most famous icons of spectacles.

Guide dog for a blind dog

This story is a tale of loyalty, love and devotion, and is enough to warm even the hardest of hearts. It is about a guide dog named Milo, and a blind dog called Eddie.

Master Madonnaros and their 3D Street Masterpieces

For centuries, artists have been plying their trade on the sidewalks of Paris, Milan and Rome. In 16th century Italy, pavement art was an established form of artistry, with painters called I Madonnari, on account of their typical drawings of the madonna.