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51 Facts About Your Eyes

Your eyes work hard from the moment you wake up, constantly taking in information. Learn more about your peepers with these 51 amazing facts about your eyes.

The look of love

Can gazing into the eyes of the person you love indicate their true feelings? We delve into the story behind pupil dilation and romance.

101 amazing eye facts

Our eyes are one of the most fascinating parts of the body. But how much do we really know about them? Here’s 101 interesting facts that you may not know about eyes.

5 Tips for Taking Great Pet Photos

1. Keep Your Pet Happy It’s important to remember your pet’s needs during a photography shoot. An uncomfortable environment for your cat or dog won’t just result in a bad photo; it could leave them feeling stressed out.

Master Madonnaros and their 3D Street Masterpieces

For centuries, artists have been plying their trade on the sidewalks of Paris, Milan and Rome. In 16th century Italy, pavement art was an established form of artistry, with painters called I Madonnari, on account of their typical drawings of the madonna.