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Napping with contact lenses

Is it ok to nap in contact lenses? I know I’m not supposed to sleep through the night, but is it ok to leave them in if I just take a nap for an hour or two?

Optician’s answer

Thank you for your question – this is one that is often asked by our customers.

You should only nap in your contact lenses when you are wearing continuous (sometimes called extended) wear contact lenses. Made from a material tested and approved for wear whilst sleeping, this lens type should present no issues when napping.

Sleeping in contact lenses that are not designed for this can decrease the amount of oxygen your cornea (the front surface of your eye) needs to stay healthy. This puts you at greater risk of infections and corneal ulcers.

If you would like to wear a contact lens you can sleep in, either over night or just for a few hours, I would recommend booking an appointment with your optician. They can assess your suitability for this lens type and provide you with a trial.

Here at Lenstore, we offer free eye tests and content lens checks for customers. You can book this appointment at your local Vision Express through your Lenstore account online. Our Clinical Team will also be more than happy to assist in your booking over the phone.