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Lens Colour Guide:

1 Day Acuvue Define Natural Shimmer

These lenses are available in two designs: Natural Shimmer produces a deep, intense look, whereas Natural Sparkle creates a bright, radiant effect for your eyes.



  • LACREON Technology Locks in a moisture-rich ingredient that keeps your lenses comfortable all day.

  • Natural-Looking Eye Enhancement Creates a bright, radiant effect for your eyes.

  • Ideal For Busy Lifestyles No need to clean and store - wear them once then throw them away.

  • UV Protection Protect your eyes from potentially harmful rays.

1 Day ACUVUE Define contact lenses are designed to work in harmony with your own eye colour, adding a natural-looking sparkle and shine to your eyes. Designed specifically for lighter eyes, these lenses brighten and highlight your natural colour. For darker eyes, Define Sparkle gives soft highlights for a more subtle brightening effect.

This range has been designed to provide the same quality and comfort as the 1 Day ACUVUE Moist contact lens. The same UV filter and moisture-rich wetting agents are included in both lenses.

These lenses are manufactured to create a realistic and authentic appearance to the eyes, with a unique outer ring adding definition and depth. Buy your 1 Day ACUVUE Define lenses from Lenstore.co.uk to enjoy super fast delivery and our ongoing eye care services.

Product details:

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables
Material Etafilcon A IV 2 58% water
UV Protection Class 2 UV-blocking provides >95% UVB rays and >50% UVA
Base Curves (mm) 8.5
Diameter (mm) 14.2
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day

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1 Day ACUVUE Define - Natural Shimmer Reviews

Overall: 4.6 68 reviews

  • By Gill on 18 December 2018 Enhances and flatters your natural eye colour
  • By Eva on 16 December 2018 However the lances are very soft and thin they have a different texture compared ro the lences I used before. After 7 days made my eyes very dry and itchy.
  • By Catherine on 01 September 2018 Great product. Eyes get s little dry when in for 12 hours +!
  • By Pierre on 25 August 2018 Really like Define acuvue
  • By Reena on 31 July 2018 I have been using Acuvue Define for more than 2 years. I love it
  • By Anna on 28 July 2018 Love this product. Really natural looking - my eyes, just a better version of them!
  • By Nathalie on 15 June 2018 Great service provider and delivery
  • By Rachel on 12 June 2018 Excellent quality and speed of service!
  • By Eileen on 11 June 2018 Lenses look good but not as comfortable to wear as my normal dailys.
  • By Claire Hardwick on 26 December 2017 I regularly use these lenses. I have brown eyes, but these lenses make them appear darker and the iris appear larger. They're great.
  • By Lynn on 16 September 2017 Very comfortable to wear!
  • By Kimberly(its not but Kim's too short apparently) on 19 August 2017 Very comfortable but did nothing to enhance my eyes infact just made my eyes look dark.
  • By Shirley on 23 July 2017 Great comfortable contact len's which make my eye colour a little brighter but without being too noticeable. I can wear them all day without even any trouble, which is great for me.
  • By Aleksandra on 11 July 2017 These are most comfortable daily lenses I have ever tried! The colour enhancement makes real difference - I always get complements.
  • By Sofia on 09 May 2017 I´m glad that there is such good colored contact lens. I really like 1-day Acuvue. Sometimes my eyes feels a little dry, think it´s because of the tint, but it´s not a big problem.
  • By Megan on 06 April 2017 Really love this!! Enhances my brown eye colour -- love!!
  • By Sana on 14 March 2017 Delivery came really quick and the lenses are really good for dark brown eyes. They don't look obvious at all and just make your eyes look bigger and more interesting
  • By John on 14 February 2017 I like them. They give a different appearance which people can't quite tell what it is.
  • By Abdha on 17 January 2017 So natural with a glowing shimmer
  • By Agnes on 17 January 2017 Just used them for the first time. Really comfy snd they do define darker eyes.
  • By Lorraine Lovett on 05 November 2016 I love the comfort and quality of Acuvue lenses. Not the cheapest, but well worth the extra expense when it comes to eye care.
  • By Addi on 02 March 2016 Love these contacts although after a few hours can feel quite dry and also takes away up close vision but all my contacts seem to do that. Great if your wanting to look a little different or night out.
  • By Leanne on 09 February 2016 Love them! I have dark green eyes and they really enhance the colour. It almost looks like you have make up on without having make up on!
  • By Julie on 26 January 2016 Great product - enhances brown eyes to their max!
  • By Tina on 22 December 2015 Great depth of colour and definition although can be a little dryer than your normal lense
  • By Donna on 18 December 2015 Very positive experience. I will keep using this site
  • By Diane on 06 November 2015 Darker circles around my blue eyes and comfortable to wear
  • By Kate on 22 October 2015 I have pale blue eyes and these lens really help to define them
  • By Emma on 11 September 2015 I would highly recommend lenstore. I trialled the define lenses that enhance your eyes from my local opticians and they are fab. When I enquired as to the cost so that I could wear them occasionally for special occasions it was more than double the lenstore price. I thought it would be difficult to order lenses from an online store but it was so simple no hassle whatsoever and the service was second to none. Lenses arrived the very next day in perfect condition I will definitely use lenstore again. Fab prices and fab customer service thanks.
  • By Kieran on 08 September 2015 Great product and fitted beatifully .
  • By Alexander on 29 August 2015 Nice effect and with the comfort of acuvue.
  • By hayoung on 25 August 2015 most natural lenses ive had, extremely comfortable and give a healthy gloss over the eyes. love them
  • By Rae on 24 August 2015 good product, does the job
  • By Georgia on 22 August 2015 Favourite contact lenses, so comfortable and give your eyes a nice shimmer
  • By Eugene on 20 August 2015 Very comfortable lenses. Keeps my eyes moist and fresh.
  • By Sharefa on 18 August 2015 In love with my lenses very happy to have these lenses in daily disposable
  • By Richard on 04 August 2015 Generally good but can get some faulty lenses that slide around when you move your eye.
  • By Hailey on 01 August 2015 Fab lenses, Subtle but noticeable changes to colour of eyes!
  • By Serena on 29 July 2015 I usually get the accuvue from boots but the define ones were a lot more expensive. I discovered lens store and I'll be ordering more. Impressive
  • By Linda on 29 July 2015 Love them. They make my hazel eyes a stronger brown and really define them.
  • By Jayne on 18 July 2015 Love these without looking false like some of the coloured contacts
  • By Natalia on 13 July 2015 Good lenses, they make my eyes darker and more defined, but they are not as comfortable as TruEye. Sometimes it feels like they move a bit. When I move my eye all the way up or down I can see that the colored lens moves away from the iris, it looks a bit odd. It's only visible from very close, so not a big issue really. The color enhancement effect is definitely visible, but it will depend on the color of the eye. They don't make my eyes dry. Overall very good lenses.
  • By MOYA on 12 July 2015 Love these lenses and the natural brightening effect
  • By Mark on 05 July 2015 Product description not clear enough particularly on the difference between Shimmer and Sparkle lines
  • By Claire on 01 July 2015 Love these lenses they completely make your eyes pop!!
  • By Deepak on 29 June 2015 It enhancing my eyes making me look healthier than i actually am
  • By Sophia on 28 June 2015 The lenses themselves are fine easy to put in and comfy for hours even though I'm not a great lover of lenses.i have Hazel brown eyes but thought that natural shimmer may enhance this..sadly it did not. I think my eyes are too dark but I wanted to try them. Otherwise the lenses are fine.i will try sparkle next time anyway or colours!
  • By Jessica on 13 June 2015 These contact lenses are very moist, thin and soft. My eyes felt very comfortable even when I put them in for over 6hrs, I have no problem wearing them at all. I am very happy with the products.
  • By Sarah on 10 June 2015 Good quality comfortable lens made my eyes darker around the edge that was the main difference as I have mid brown eyes. But when I looked at close up items seemed to sometimes have double vision, that doesn't happen with my usual lenses.
  • By Kirsty on 09 June 2015 I do like this product, it makes my eyes 'pop' a bit... but I have dark brown eyes & even though it says these are for darker eyes, it doesn't add any highlights or change them much really. May not buy again as they are quite pricey for not much difference. Nice comfy lenses though.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of Lenstore.co.uk. If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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