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Low-cost & creative Christmas gift ideas 2023

With holiday tunes humming in our heads and flickering lights framing store windows, there's no mistaking that the festive season is in full swing. But with all the excitement and buzz, have you been too busy to start scratching names off your Christmas shopping list?

If you're stuck trying to think of the perfect present to put under the tree, remember you don't need to flash out a lot of cash to show you care.

Skip the crowded high-street shops and sold-out signage by getting your shopping done the smart way–with our low-cost gift ideas that will make friends, family, or anyone else on your list smile.

christmas coffee on wood table

Seasonal sips

While the smell of mulled wine evokes the warm feeling of the festive season, it's not everyone's go-to tipple. For those on your list who prefer a caffeine kick, coffee subscription services make getting that fix faff-free. Or maybe opt for a Christmas tea or hot chocolate set featuring flavours like peppermint to spice up a cuppa. For something with a little more pop. Bottles of bubbly like prosecco are always available at reasonable prices and are sure to be enjoyed before the new year starts! 

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A bespoke piece of artwork

Don't get caught up in the idea that all art is expensive. You can create your very own priceless piece with a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness. Print and frame a cherished photo of your giftee on their favourite holiday, or find an artist on Etsy that offers low-cost custom illustrations of pets or places you know will look lovely on the recipient's wall after it's unwrapped and admired.

Inspiring indoor plants

A creative way to bring some extra life and colour into any room, house plants are the perfect goodies to give the gift of green this holiday. With seemingly unlimited varieties and pots you can pair them with, you'll be sure not to have the same present as someone else. From miniature succulents to tall tropical flowers, there is a plant to fit any botanical budget.

christmas candles festive

Festive fragrances

Out of our five major senses, the sense of smell is the one most linked to memory. So, to have your gift remembered for years to come, a festive fragrance, candle, or diffuser might be a breath of fresh air. We recommend sticking with scents like pine, gingerbread, and clove to up the Christmas cheer. Widely available online and in shops, these easy-to-find and affordable items also pack a sense of peacefulness to slow the pace of the busy season.

Soothing skincare sets

Winter is coming, and its temperature swings can wreak havoc on the skin. Keep that special person on your shopping list feeling cool as a cucumber with a skincare kit to help combat chapped lips, dry eyes, and itchy skin. Create a bespoke care kit with products you like to use and save on the pricey prepackaged ones. That way, you can share additional tips alongside the thoughtful gift.

Brainteasers & puzzles

Did you know that piecing together a puzzle increases brain activity and improves short-term memory? They're also an excellent problem-solving activity that helps reduce stress. Whether it's a 1000-piece jigsaw or a classic Rubik's cube, these fun and inexpensive items are great to help pass the time indoors while giving your brain a workout during the winter months.

Don't forget to give yourself a gift to enjoy the celebrations clearly! Stock up on your favourite lenses here to keep the festivities in focus. 

Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!

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