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Diet Obsessed Cities

The Most Diet-Obsessed Nations

How and what we eat is an ever-present topic in our lives, with new dieting fads gaining popularity every year and the rise of influencers promoting waistline-related products.

But where around the world has the greatest diet fixation?

Lenstore has delved into the search volume of 33 nations to find out where is the most diet-obsessed and reveal the most popular diet in each location. 

Americans are searching for diets the most, with ‘intermittent fasting’ topping over half a million searches every month

The type of diets out there range from the paleo diet to the juice cleanse, and their popularity (based on search volume) varies from country to country.

The top 10 diet-obsessed nations:

diet obsessed table 1

The United States takes the number one spot as the most diet-obsessed nation, with the most queries for 9 out of 10 diet types. 

Intermittent fasting, a scheduled diet that alternates between fasting and eating, is the most popular diet among Americans with an average search volume of 550,000 every month. The keto diet (a low carb, high fat and protein regimen) follows with 165,000 searches per month and then the dash diet (rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains) with 135,000 searches. 

Looking deeper into the data by state, California takes the top spot for searches across all diet types, totalling around 165,880 every month. 

Japan follows in second, with the most searches for the term ‘diet’ topping nearly a quarter of a million (246,000) searches every month. The dash diet is the most searched diet in the country with a search volume of 14,800 followed by volumetrics (low calorie and nutrient-dense) with 12,100 searchers per month. 

Brits are searching for diet-related content 227,010 times every single month

The UK is the third most diet-obsessed country, with Brits searching for intermittent fasting over 90,000 times each month on average.

diet obsessed table 2

Londoners are looking at diets the most online, with 42,220 search queries across all types, with keto, dash and juicing diets being among the top searches. Birmingham and Glasgow follow, with searches for intermittent fasting reaching up to 1,900 per month on average.

Keto, Paleo and Low-Carb Diets are the most popular on social media, topping 8 billion engagements globally

Social platforms play a key role in how diets become a trend. Looking at hashtags and views we can determine the most popular diet content circulating Instagram and TikTok. 

The top 10 trending diets on social media:

diet obsessed table 3

In total, the term ‘diet’ has over 12.4 billion engagements globally on Instagram and TikTok, which shows the extent of diet content on social media. 

The keto diet takes the crown as the most popular on social media platforms, with over 25 million hashtags and a whopping 8 billion views. The paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, follows with 15.4 million hashtags and 149.6 million views globally. 

Sujata Paul, Professional Services Clinical Lead and Contact Lens Optician FBDO/CL at Lenstore comments: 

“The best diet for your eyes is a normal, well-rounded diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. Vitamin A, particularly from green, leafy vegetables like kale or broccoli, will help maintain healthy eyes. Sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkins are all also great. 
Also, beneficial are omega-3 fatty acids, commonly found in fish like salmon. They help to treat dry eyes (often experienced by contact lens wearers) and keep them healthy. You don't need to get them from fish if you're vegetarian or vegan either – chia seeds, flax, edamame and flaxseeds are all good sources too.”