Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack (2*360ml)

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack

2*360ml per box

We are very sorry, but Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
However you should order Complete RevitaLens Twin Pack below. Complete RevitaLens Twin Pack has been recommended by our Optician as the most suitable alternative product for Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack.

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  • 3-in-1 formula. Perfect for rinsing, disinfecting and storing.
  • Provides optimum vision. Removes protein build-up so you can see clearly.
  • Long-lasting solution. Twin pack lasts for up to two months.

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution provides superb comfort so that you can wear your lenses for longer. By cleaning your lenses, this solution reduces the possibility of irritation and infection.

While removing the build-up of protein and debris this multi-purpose solution keeps your lenses smooth and clear for enhanced vision and optimum comfort. It also moisturises your lenses, keeping your eyes healthy and hydrated.

The Complete Multi-Purpose Solution Twin Pack should conveniently last up to two months. It also includes two lens cases, so you can safely store your contact lenses when you're not wearing them.

Take care of your eyes and buy your Complete Multi Purpose Solution from today. You will enjoy the benefits of speedy delivery and great value for money. Please note that this product is unlikely to fit through most letterboxes.


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