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  • Convenient Can be worn for up 2 weeks if removed, cleaned and stored correctly overnight after each day of use.

  • Easy-to-use Easy to insert, remove and clean thanks to the blue surface tint and inverse marker.

  • UV Protection Helps keep your eyes protected from harmful rays of sunlight.

Acuvue 2 contact lenses are a bi-weekly use lens, that are ideal for first time wearers because they are easy to insert, remove and clean. Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, these are a comfortable and effective choice.

Recommended For

Acuvue 2 contact lenses are recommended for:

  • Wearers with a prescription for myopia or hypertropia (short or long-sighted).
  • Wearers who prefer a bi-weekly use contact lens.

Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.

Product Information

Categories Contact Lenses, 2 Weekly Contact Lenses
Material Etafilcon A IV 1 58% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection Class 2 UV-blocking provides >99% UVB rays and >88% UVA
Base Curves (mm) 8.3, 8.7
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Two-weekly disposable if worn daily. 


Acuvue 2 lenses are designed and manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, a world-renowned company having been founded in 1886.


Acuvue is a brand owned and operated by Johnson & Johnson.

Type of Lens:

Acuvue 2 lenses are to be worn as daily wear for up to two weeks; each lens should be removed, cleaned and stored correctly each night after each day of use, and then disposed of at the end of two weeks and replaced.


Acuvue 2 contact lenses are manufactured with Etafilcon A. Etafilcon A is a hydrogel with a water content of 58%, that maintains comfort throughout wear.

Pack Sizes:

Acuvue 2 contact lenses are available in packs of 6. Acuvue 2 lenses can be worn for a maximum of 2 weeks. They need to be removed, cleaned and stored correctly overnight after each day of use. A pack 6 Acuvue 2 contacts will last for around 3 months.

Availability for Astigmatism and Presbyopia:

Acuvue 2 contact lenses are manufactured by Johnson & Johnson for myopia and hypermetropia (short and long-sight); the company also manufactures several other options. For an astigmatic prescription, Johnson & Johnson offers Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism; for presbyopia, they manufacture Acuvue Oasys for Presbyopia; it is important to remember that Acuvue Oasys are made with a different material than Acuvue 2.


Not sure that Acuvue 2 contacts are the right choice for you? You may want to consider alternative brands.

Before you try a different brand of contact lens, you will need to consult your optician to make sure that any alternative is suitable for you, and also fitted correctly.

Acuvue Oasys

Acuvue Oasys are another bi-weekly contact lens option from Johnson & Johnson. These lenses are manufactured using Hydraclear Plus technology to keep the lenses moist throughout wear, and with silicone hydrogel for optimum breathability and comfort. Acuvue Oasys also include a class 1 UV filter compared to Acuvue 2’s class 2, which makes them a superior option for wearers who spend time outdoors.


How Long Can You Wear Acuvue 2?

Acuvue 2 can be worn daily for a maximum of two weeks and should be removed each night to be cleaned and maintained.

Is Acuvue 2 a Monthly Lens?

No, Acuvue 2 are not monthly lenses. They can be worn for up to 2 weeks before being replaced, with them being removed, cleaned and stored correctly overnight after each day of use.

Can You Sleep with Acuvue 2 Contacts in?

No, you cannot sleep in Acuvue 2 contacts. If you require a lens that can be worn overnight and are interested in Acuvue, then you may consider Acuvue Oasys contact lenses as these can be worn for up to 6 consecutive nights, though you will need to confirm with your optician before wearing any lens overnight.

What is the Difference Between Acuvue 2 and Oasys?

The major difference between Acuvue 2 and Acuvue Oasys is the material and breathability; Acuvue Oasys is a silicone hydrogel and is therefore, more breathable than Acuvue 2. Acuvue 2 can be worn for a maximum of two weeks and must be removed and cleaned each night; Oasys, on the other hand, can be worn either for two weeks and removed each night, or for 7 days and 6 nights consecutively before being replaced. If you choose Oasys as extended wear, you should confirm with your optician first.

Roshni Patel

Written by: Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Optometrist and Professional Services Manager

Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom qualified as an Optometrist in 2004. She is a member of the Association of Optometrists and is the Professional Services Manager at Lenstore where she is responsible for supporting and guiding all departments from a clinical standpoint.

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ACUVUE 2 Reviews

Overall: 4.78 88 reviews

  • By CN on 21 May 2022 Good quality lenses
  • By Dan Jones on 22 April 2022 Been using these for many years, never had any issues.
  • By Maria on 14 April 2022 High quality.
  • By Jackie on 08 February 2022 Very good quality. Comfortable.
  • By Lone Nielsen on 09 November 2021 My same as always.
  • By LESLEY ARMSTRONG on 06 November 2021 Love these contact lenses they are the best ones for comfort
  • By Mitzi on 25 October 2021 great product!
  • By Vincenzo on 12 October 2021 I found myself very well
  • By Alexandra on 05 October 2021 Fantastic product!
  • By Marta on 11 September 2021 Very good contact lenses at a great price. I can definitely recommend.
  • By Miho on 01 September 2021 I can’t feedback because I didn’t use yet.
  • By carole bruce on 26 August 2021 Excellent product - not available everywhere, but my choice of lens for many years as they are replaced every two weeks, so no deterioration in lens quality during wear.
  • By Jennifer on 24 August 2021 Very nice I like it
  • By Alicia on 12 August 2021 This is a good product and affordable. I really like being able to order a few months to year supply with out breaking the bank.
  • By Mr Christopher Ramsay on 10 August 2021 A great product, have worn them for about 25 years
  • By Mary on 06 August 2021 I prefer thse to other makes.
  • By Laura on 23 July 2021 Very good product and excellent customer service!
  • By Robert on 20 July 2021 Great service, great price
  • By Tiffany on 13 July 2021 Noce to be able to just order online!
  • By KATHLEEN and thanks for your order on 03 July 2021 EXCELLENT SERVICE
  • By Terry on 02 July 2021 Couldn't be more pleased
  • By Ami on 11 June 2021 This is a good brand with 8.3 BC that I was looking for!
  • By DONNA RICHARDS on 19 May 2021 Excellent service, fast delivery
  • By Yong on 18 May 2021 It is a good quality product as people know.
  • By Linda on 30 April 2021 I have used these for 24 years. Tried some different types, but always immediately went back to these
  • By Sarah on 21 April 2021 Great product
  • By JF on 17 April 2021 Very good product. Repeat order.
  • By Jason on 07 April 2021 Not happy with this order
  • By Anna on 03 April 2021 Have been using them for the past 20 years.Very clear vision and great comfort.
  • By Mike on 18 February 2021 They are always good
  • By Annie K on 19 January 2021 Prompt service with competitive prices.
  • By Thomas L on 29 December 2020 I would love to leave a good review but they never shipped me my order.
  • By Anna on 01 December 2020 I've been using these lenses for 30 years now. I have tried several other, newer and apparently more advanced types, over the years but always come back to these as the most comfortable for me by a long mile. These are the only lenses I can't actually remember whether I am wearing or not, they feel so natural. I'm sure this is because they are a truly excellent product, and perhaps also partly because they happen to be a perfect fit for my eyes in particular. (I'm aware that they might not be as perfect a fit for someone else's eyes, hence this caveat.)
  • By Lukasz on 24 November 2020 Great quality.
  • By Frank on 24 November 2020 Great product
  • By EL on 14 November 2020 They meet my expectations
  • By Joy on 14 November 2020 This is the only kind that don’t irritate my eyes.
  • By SG75 on 20 October 2020 Arrived quickly, good value. Will order again.
  • By Stuart Dalton on 12 September 2020 Excellent product
  • By Fernanda on 22 August 2020 No problems for me, excellent lenses
  • By Flavia on 01 August 2020 Do not irritated the eyes.
  • By Paul on 18 July 2020 Very good product
  • By carol latto on 09 July 2020 satisfied whit the product.😃😃😃
  • By Jean on 02 July 2020 very comfortable
  • By Lisa on 06 June 2020 Used these for years and find them excellent.
  • By Kristi on 04 June 2020 Always loved acuvue.....worn for years
  • By Brittany on 16 May 2020 I have wore these contacts for years, they are the best ones I have ever had I tried a few other brands but I always go back to acuvue 2 you I've been on Acuvue 2 for about 10 years now.
  • By M Bull on 16 May 2020 Always a quick reliable service.
  • By Michael on 22 April 2020 I can't give a proper review of something I don't have
  • By John on 14 April 2020 This order was charged to my credit cards bit never showed up...

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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