Saline Contact Lens Solution

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Saline solutions are sterile solutions consisting of sodium chloride (salt) and purified water. This blend of active ingredients helps rinse your contact lenses before inserting them; it does not contain any cleansing agents and should not be used as a substitute to disinfect or store your lenses.

How does saline solution fit into the available contact lens solution options?

The vast amount of contact lens solution options can be confusing, so the following will explain how saline solution fits into the spectrum of lens solutions. We recommend speaking to an eye care professional if you have any doubts about which solution to use or what each lens solution does and why. Lenstore has in-house opticians, and if you contact us with any queries, we will aim to answer all your questions.

Contact lenses are worn every day by millions of people, and in every case, they need the best care and hygiene. Because the lenses sit right on your eye, an intensive cleaning regime is required in order to combat potential infection. This cleaning regime includes keeping the contacts themselves clean as well as your hands.

While the various solution options may seem overwhelming, know that the first and best place to start is with your eye care professional. They can recommend which products will best suit your contact lens type and eyes, especially if you have any allergies or are prone to protein build-up. Some of the cleaning regimens may be multistep, and others may be "all-in-one," but it is essential to understand the role of different solutions and not confuse their functions.

Saline solution

Saline solution is a simple mixture of sodium chloride, salt, and purified water used to rinse your contact lenses before you put them in. It is NOT to be used to disinfect or store your lenses. Most people will use a multipurpose contact lens solution that can be used to rinse, clean, remove protein, and disinfect, which saves both time and money. But there are still some lens wearers that wish to use assorted products for each stage either because they prefer different options or because multipurpose solutions do not suit them personally. Our vision experts are happy to offer advice if you are unsure which method is best for you.

Other considerations when using saline solution

- Make sure you have a saline solution that is within its expiry date.

- Never use water.

- Always read the manufacturer's label before using saline solutions to rinse your lenses. Improper use of these solutions may cause them to be ineffective, potentially making your contact lenses unsafe for wear.

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