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Lenstore are proudly supporting Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Vet Hospital by shining a spotlight on some of the most common eye conditions that are seen at the Home.

Every year Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cares for over 10,000 dogs and cats. For every single animal that arrives at the Home, the journey to a new life begins with a full medical examination by a Vet or Vet Nurse in the existing Clinic. But space in the current clinic is limited and the busy Vets and Vet Nurses need a new hospital that is clean, efficient and designed so that they can do more life-saving work than ever before.

Lenstore’s support will help Battersea build a new Vet Hospital which will provide vital veterinary care and attention for all the animals that find themselves at the Home through no fault of their own. Animals like Lila, Kerry, Rosie-Leigh and Jimmy.

Lila - Entropion

Lila’s life before Battersea is shrouded in mystery. She was discovered alone in Haringey in a very poor condition - she had a cough, her coat was matted and her eyes were red and sore.

Lila was examined by our Vet Clinic and diagnosed with entropion - her eye lids were inverted inwards causing her eye lashes to scratch and irritate her cornea, giving her discomfort. The Vets operated on Lila to correct her eyelids, gave her medicated baths to help her skin, treated her cough and neutered her. After making a full recovery, Lila soon caught the eye of her new owners in South-West London. These days she enjoys chewing toys and snacking on griddled chicken.

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Kerry - Conjunctivitis

Sweet, little Kerry arrived at the Home as a very young kitten along with her mum and brother Kermit. When Kerry was examined in the Vet Clinic at Battersea, they noticed that her right eye was weeping and that she had a slight squint. Kerry was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and put on a course of antibiotic eye drops to clear up this condition.

Along with her brother Kermit, Kerry now has a new home where she spends her days bounding around and enjoying cat naps.

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Rosie-Leigh - Cherry Eye

Poor Rosie-Leigh was found wandering the streets of Windsor. Luckily, she was brought straight to Battersea. Like every animal that comes into the Home, Rosie-Leigh was examined at Battersea’s Vet Clinic when she arrived.

It was immediately clear there was an issue with her left eye, as there was pink swelling in the inner corner of her eyelid. Rosie-Leigh had a condition called cherry eye so was booked in for an operation to correct it. After making a full recovery, she was ready for re-homing.

During her time at the Home she became a firm favourite with the staff as she loved a fuss and a cuddle. Her new owner spotted her on Battersea’s website and rushed to the Home that day. Rosie has had a huge impact on her new family who now can’t imagine life without her.

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Jimmy - Cataracts

Loveable old soul Jimmy arrived at Battersea when his owner was no longer able to look after him. When he was examined by the Vets, they saw that his lenses were cloudy in both eyes. Jimmy was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts which were due to his age.

Like many dogs his age, the cataracts were not disturbing his vision too much, so he could live quite happily with this condition. Twelve year old Jimmy desperately missed his old owner so the staff at Battersea were delighted when, after just two weeks, he was rehomed. Jimmy is now enjoying his twilight years in North London.

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