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Bausch & Lomb

Focuses incoming light

These lenses focus light at the back of the eye, increasing depth of field and clarity of vision.

Repels dirt

Specially formulated to resist debris and protein build-up ensuring your lenses stay clean throughout the day.

Crisp, clear vision

PureVision Multi-Focal are designed with presbyopic wearers in mind, correcting vision seamlessly at different distances.

Happy eyes

Made with AerGel, these lenses allow for natural levels of oxygen to reach your eyes ensuring they stay comfortable and healthy.

Categories Contact Lenses, Monthly Contact Lenses, Extended & Continuous Wear Contact Lenses, Multifocal Contact Lenses For Presbyopia (Progressive & Varifocal)
Brand Bausch & Lomb
Material Balafilcon A III 4M (Silicone Hydrogel) 36% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Monthly disposable for daily wear or extended wear of up to 29 nights. Always follow your optician's advice over manufacturer instructions.

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PureVision Multi-Focal Reviews

Overall: 4.78 41 reviews

  • By Alan McIntyre on 19 March 2022 The vision aspect is very good! They stay clearer for longer when used all day. My of only criticism is the thickness. They always roll up when they are removed from the eye and the cleaning containers. It's tricky getting them back to shape.
  • By Shirley on 31 December 2021 Excellent lens
  • By Kimberly on 18 December 2021 Great product. Easy to order.
  • By Peter on 26 October 2021 Very good lenses
  • By AA on 14 September 2021 Been using these lenses for 14 years and have tried changing to similar lnewer ones but my eyes prefer the original.
  • By arthur on 26 August 2021 Not delivered
  • By Antonella Manners on 07 July 2021 Excellent contact lenses. The only ones I use.
  • By Peter Halfacre on 06 July 2021 10 characters
  • By Samuel on 26 June 2021 Awesome service!
  • By Royston Holmes on 30 April 2021 Does what it says on the box
  • By Dany on 31 March 2021 Great product .
  • By Jane Jonas on 31 March 2021 I like these as they are very soft. Can’t feel them in my eyes at all.
  • By Elisabeth Butler on 18 March 2021 Efficient and quick.
  • By customer on 17 March 2021 Good lenses. Ensure you use drops twice a day to stop them drying out
  • By Ms L Flynn on 18 February 2021 Great lenses, very comfortable, don't make me feel sick like the ones I had from my optician. Very happy customer
  • By Mr J. Robins. on 08 December 2020 Excellent 30-day multi-focal contact lenses which I have used for several years without a problem. Not the cheapest on the market but you have only one pair of eyes so why take chances.
  • By Christine on 06 November 2020 So comfortable to wear
  • By Linda on 08 August 2020 Love being able to seeing near and far at the same time
  • By patricia on 22 June 2020 Have tried many different contacts, but for me these have been the best.
  • By Deborah Norton on 13 June 2020 I have worn Pure Vision Multi-focal forever,,,,,,, Bausch & Lomb is a great company and makes an awesome lense.... A multi-focal that is comfortable, great quality, last a long time.... can wear for 30 days.... Convenient and in the UK,,, low cost !! I wouldn't trust my vision to any other contact lense company. This company has always been undeniably perfect.
  • By Peter on 04 June 2020 A little expensive for what they are... They don’t hold their shape as well as other brands I’ve used.
  • By Barbara on 29 May 2020 Work well for me
  • By Linda on 06 May 2020 Love these contacts! Great for near and far distance!
  • By customer on 29 October 2019 Good lenses, comfy, good vision. Add some eye drops in the morning then total. Comfort all day
  • By Jennifer on 29 October 2019 This product is easy to use the lenses last well
  • By Ilknur on 10 October 2019 Great Thank you
  • By Mary on 13 July 2019 Great used this product for years
  • By Nathalie on 15 March 2019 Comfortable lenses
  • By Philip on 19 January 2019 No comment they are just the usual lenses
  • By Steven on 03 January 2019 Great contacts allows seeing both far and near for reading. No more reading glasses. Great product.
  • By Sarah on 04 October 2018 I have very dry eyes and I find these lenses very comfortable, although my eyes are very dry first thing in the morning and during the night so I have to use drops.
  • By David on 30 August 2018 Used same lens for many years,very comfortable and manageable
  • By Merrill on 20 June 2017 I really love these multi focal lenses. It's like getting my eyes back again. They work so well for me and I wear them nearly all the time now.
  • By Ivor Thomas on 16 December 2016 Like normal sight without the hassle of daily changes.
  • By Brian on 08 January 2016 My wife has used these for many years
  • By Maureen on 15 December 2015 Excellent product and no complaints with lenses.
  • By Jeff on 01 December 2015 The best product on the market for me. Vision long & short with varifocals is really good. Thank you B & L
  • By Ana on 01 August 2015 Best quality. Prompt delivery.
  • By C Addison on 02 May 2015 Love these 😀 for anyone who has varifocals try them they are great multi focal lenses. They take a little while to get used to but once in they settle down and are worth the effort
  • By Agnes on 18 April 2015 Having used these for some time I find them excellent
  • By Mark on 03 April 2015 Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time

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