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CIBA Vision / Alcon

Little fuss

These daily disposables are worn once and then thrown away after use.

Simple to use

An ultra thin design coupled with a handling tint makes using these lenses a breeze.

Comfort with every blink

Blink-activated moisture technology provides refreshing comfort throughout the day.

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables
Brand CIBA Vision / Alcon
Material Nelfilcon A II 2 (with HPMC, PEG and dual moleular weight PVA 69% water)
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.7
Diameter (mm) 14.0
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day.

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Dailies AquaComfort Plus Reviews

Overall: 4.8 75 reviews

  • By Francesca on 22 March 2019 Very good!
  • By heather on 16 March 2019 These lens do tear very easily. There seems be quite frequent and it always seems to be the same strength/power.
  • By Yoan Zambrano on 02 March 2019 Good value for money
  • By Jill on 01 March 2019 Best Lenses ever
  • By Hershy on 12 February 2019 perfect for daily
  • By A happy customer of Merlin! on 11 February 2019 Comfortable
  • By Holly on 08 February 2019 Reliable comfortable lenses
  • By Andy M on 05 February 2019 easy to put in/take out and comfortable
  • By graham stevenson on 08 January 2019 Excellent lens can't fault it or the service.
  • By Louise on 01 January 2019 Delighted with the service we received
  • By Robert Nash on 16 October 2018 Great lenses, really comfortable
  • By Monsoon on 02 October 2018 comfortable and easy to apply
  • By Liz on 04 September 2018 Comfortable, not too expensive, good quality lenses.
  • By Mr J Knowles on 23 August 2018 Brilliant lenses. I wear them every day from early morning to late at night and use computers. They are great and stay moist.
  • By John Adamthwaite on 12 June 2018 I have used this make of lenses for a number of years and they are perfect.
  • By Jayne on 27 March 2018 Clear , easy to use. Lasts all day
  • By Lorraine on 12 October 2017 I’ve been using these lenses for a while now. They’re very comfortable and I wear them all day.
  • By Ellie on 22 July 2017 Value for money, recommend
  • By Mark on 20 June 2017 Good service, fast delivery, competitive price.
  • By Eric on 14 June 2017 Great contacts that do the job as expected.
  • By paula jarrett on 13 June 2017 Used Dailies for over 3 years, from morning to night everyday ! true comfort, forget I'm wearing them
  • By Customer Niall on 09 May 2017 Comfortable as always. Easy to use.
  • By Stephenie on 14 April 2017 I've been using these for years. Nothing to complain about.
  • By Annette Theobald on 16 February 2017 love these contact lenses
  • By Ali on 16 December 2016 For the price they do the job but dont wear longer than 6 hours. If you need longer spend some more money in my view your eyes will thank you!
  • By Merita on 14 June 2016 I have dry eyes and these are pretty much the only contact lenses that I can use :)
  • By Emanuela on 12 April 2016 good product service excellent
  • By Elizabeth on 07 April 2016 Comfortable and easy to wear - great value too
  • By Jason on 21 March 2016 Impressive. Good. No complaints
  • By Matthew on 08 March 2016 Comfy, you don't know their there, they're thin. But sometimes hard to get in your eye and off your finger due to the thinness
  • By Jakob on 21 January 2016 This is the first time I have decided to spend a little extra for some more comfortable lenses. I have used the ordinary Dalies for many years, and they are actually fine, but with the Aqua Comfort Plus you do get a much nicer lens. They seem to fit nicer on the eye, and are so comfortable that you literally don't notice that you are wearing them at all.
  • By Elissa on 22 December 2015 Have never had any problems with these lenses and i wear them pretty much most days!
  • By Silvia on 08 December 2015 They are perfect, I can wear them all day and my eyes never get dry.
  • By Sinead on 06 November 2015 I've been using dailies for a few years, and I think these are one of my favourites of the range. I suffer from dry eyes, but using these helps the condition and health of my eyes.
  • By Davide on 06 November 2015 My favorite contact lenses brand/type since I have dry eyes.
  • By Carole on 17 October 2015 I find these lenses really easy to insert. They feel really comfortable all day. My only slightly negative point would be that they start to feel a bit less comfortable when you have been wearing them for over 12 hours.
  • By Tristan on 16 October 2015 Great conacts in general, but tend to dry up easily in the eyes at times.
  • By Nicholas on 16 October 2015 Been using these contacts for the last 6 years after trying other brands. These are comfortable to wear, a cinch to fit and great value.
  • By Andrew on 16 October 2015 Been using these lens for 5 years now because they don't dry out like other lens and provide excellent vision.
  • By Susan on 10 October 2015 Comfortable with great vision.
  • By Stephen on 03 October 2015 Value for money fast delivery perfect fit
  • By Hannah on 02 October 2015 Great easy contacts just have to be a bit more careful if you rub your eye as they are quite thin so can split easy
  • By Sarah on 26 September 2015 Comfortable lenses, good price.
  • By Gabriella on 19 September 2015 The best contact lenses for all day wear.
  • By Gillian on 05 September 2015 Competitively priced, fab delivery service, would recommend, the product and the provider.
  • By Jennifer on 29 August 2015 The most comfortable lenses I have tried - and I have tried a lot. I love disposables - no faffing about cleaning!
  • By Krishteena on 25 August 2015 Very comfortable to wear all the day long
  • By Rui on 23 August 2015 The lenses are great. They adapt to the eye in the first seconds and it is like I am not using them at all.
  • By Jamie on 22 August 2015 Barely noticeable. Resilient too, - football hit me square in the eye, didn't even come out!
  • By Samaneh on 05 August 2015 Very comfortable as if there is nothing in your eye!

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