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Lens Colour Guide:

  • Sterling Grey Sterling Grey
  • Gemstone Green Gemstone Green
  • Brilliant Blue Brilliant Blue
  • True Sapphire True Sapphire
  • Pure Hazel Pure Hazel
  • Turquoise Turquoise
  • Honey Honey
  • Grey Grey
  • Green Green
  • Brown Brown
  • Blue Blue
  • Amethyst Amethyst
CIBA Vision / Alcon Contact Lenses

Large choice of colours - These lenses are available in twelve different colours that are either subtle (True Sapphire, Grey, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel, Brown, Amethyst, Turquoise) or striking (Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey). This gives you a lot of choices when deciding which colour you think would work for your look.

Natural look - Some people might not even realise your eye colour has changed. Alcon’s 3-in-1 colour blend technology combines three hues into one lens for a natural-looking colour.

Day-long comfort - These lenses are made of a high water-content hydrogel, which helps to keep the lenses moist and your eyes hydrated throughout the day.

Minimum fuss - These lenses are ideal if you lead an active lifestyle and want on-the-go convenience because, as monthly lenses, you only need one pair per month, not a fresh pack every day.

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly disposable contact lenses that change the colour of your eyes. Manufactured by Alcon, these lenses offer a selection of 12 different colours to choose from (eight are subtle, while four are very noticeable!). Wearer reviews praise these contacts for being ‘comfortable’ and for their ‘natural’ colours.

* Please note that the appearance of these lenses will vary depending on your eye colour.

Recommended For

FreshLook Colorblends are recommended for individuals who:

  • Want to correct short or long-sighted vision.
  • Want to change their eye colour - whether long-term or for a special occasion.
  • Those who have no vision correction and want to change/enhance their eye colour.

Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.

Product Information

Categories Contact Lenses, Monthly Contact Lenses, Coloured Contact Lenses
Brand CIBA Vision / Alcon
Material Phemfilcon A IV 1 55% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.5
Usage Instructions Daily wear for up to 30 days. Replace with a new pair every month.


FreshLook Colorblends are manufactured by Alcon.


These premium colour lenses are sold by the Alcon brand as part of their Freshlook lens family.

Type of Lens:

FreshLook Colorblends are monthly disposable coloured contact lenses. This means that you need to remove, clean and store them overnight before re-inserting in the morning. With a good lens cleaning routine they should last for up to 30 days before needing to be replaced.


FreshLook Colorblends are made from Phemfilcon A, a hydrogel that has a very high water content of 55%. It allows less oxygen to reach your eyes than a silicone hydrogel lens, but this does not mean that lenses made of Phemfilcon A are less comfortable. These lenses are still a comfortable fit for monthly wearers.


FreshLook Colorblends utilise the following Alcon technology:

3-in-1 colour blend - This process blends three similar hues together in one lens for a striking and natural-looking final colour.

Pack Sizes:

You can order each of the twelve available FreshLook Colorblends colour choices directly from Lenstore. Each pack consists of 2x lenses.

Availability for Astigmatism and Presbyopia:

FreshLook Colorblends are available for those who wish to correct myopia (short-sightedness) or hypermetropia (long-sightedness).

They are also available for those who don’t need to correct their vision but wish to try a new eye colour - however, you'll still need to consult an optician to check their suitability for your eyes before doing so.

They are not available as a prescription option for those in need of toric or multifocal lenses.


Before you try a different contact lens to what you have previously been prescribed, you will need to consult your optician to make sure that any alternative is suitable for you, and also fitted correctly.

Air Optix Colours

Air Optix Colors are high-quality, silicone hydrogel lenses. They are designed to be both ultra-breathable and hydrating, improving comfort and eye health. SmartShield technology helps to keep the lenses smooth and clear of deposits, while 3-in-1 colour technology helps the lens colour blend with your own eyes for a natural look. You can choose from nine available colours on Lenstore.


How Long Can I Wear FreshLook Colored Contacts?

You can wear Freshlook Colorblends for up to 30 days as daily wear. They must be removed, cleaned and stored each night before you go to bed and then reinserted the next day.

How Long Do FreshLook Colorblends Last?

Once you’ve opened the Freshlook Colorblends blister pack, the lenses must be binned after 30 days - so long as you take them out, clean them and store them in solution overnight. They provide all-day comfort when worn.

Are FreshLook Colorblends Safe?

Yes, Freshlook Colorblends are safe contact lenses to wear, just so long as you follow both the manufacturers and your optician’s recommendations. This means, not wearing overnight and not wearing for more than 30 days. It also means following your general contact lens best practice, e.g. washing hands before inserting, etc.


Lenstore has strict referencing and sourcing guidelines. Our product descriptions are authored and reviewed by Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom.

1. Eiden, S. Barry O.D.; Davis, Robert L. O.D.; Bergenske, Peter D. O.D. Prospective Study of Lotrafilcon B Lenses Comparing 2 Versus 4 Weeks of Wear for Objective and Subjective Measures of Health, Comfort, and Vision, Eye & Contact Lens: Science & Clinical Practice: July 2013 - Volume 39 - Issue 4 - p 290-294 doi: 10.1097/ICL.0b013e318296bdbb.

2. FreshLook® COLORBLENDS®. Alcon Eye Care UK Limited. Accessed Dec. 11, 2020.

Roshni Patel

Written by: Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Optometrist and Professional Services Manager

Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom qualified as an Optometrist in 2004. She is a member of the Association of Optometrists and is the Professional Services Manager at Lenstore where she is responsible for supporting and guiding all departments from a clinical standpoint.

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Freshlook Colorblends Reviews

Overall: 4.43 329 reviews

  • By Susan on 12 June 2021 Super delivery. Beautiful colour. Really enhances my natural eye colouring.
  • By Little rock f.b.h. chruch on 10 June 2021 The pricing is wonderful
  • By Damienne on 04 June 2021 Excellent & comfortable
  • By aisha on 28 May 2021 Haven't received still!!!
  • By Mrs M on 27 May 2021 My second order! This product is absolutely a life saver. Quick delivery beautiful colours and comfort allday!!
  • By Susan on 25 May 2021 Very comfortable and good lenses
  • By Miriam on 20 May 2021 Have been using them for the past 4 months, happy with the products.
  • By CHAW SU on 18 May 2021 I’m using every month Good quality
  • By Timon on 16 May 2021 Excellent service
  • By Evelina Drukteinyte on 13 May 2021 First time used lenses in my life. Im training to put them in and out. Happy to wear them. Perfect choice. I love my green eyes.
  • By Robert on 13 May 2021 Very satisfied with the product and customer service was amazing as well!
  • By Angel on 12 May 2021 It’s the best
  • By Rachel Crowder on 11 May 2021 I have originally brown eyes so i bought the grey
  • By Friend of Ted on 28 April 2021 Uncomfortable
  • By Ian on 23 April 2021 These are very good lenses. Moist and comfortable.
  • By Zoe Hadaway on 23 April 2021 terrible to wear inside the eye
  • By Mr adrian vanhintum on 20 April 2021 good colour and fit
  • By jen on 08 April 2021 great service, great quality, all around amazing
  • By Nicole on 26 March 2021 These contracts felt stiff and constantly shifted. The color I got didn’t make any changes to my eye color.
  • By Kanwal on 25 March 2021 Good product at affordable price
  • By Tayo on 25 March 2021 It looks great on me. Honey!
  • By Neelam on 23 March 2021 I don’t know but when I used it’s not giving clear vision .all blurred m wondering why??
  • By sharon Roper on 18 March 2021 Packaging needs a rethink
  • By Paula on 17 March 2021 Fantastic
  • By Jennifer on 17 March 2021 Love love love these
  • By Tina on 04 March 2021 I like the product. I hate the customer service . There's not a number to get ahold of customer service tracking information is never accurate and you can go a week and a half without any activity in order to track your package ridiculous
  • By Amy on 01 March 2021 Love the products and customer service is exceptional. I've always been pleased with your company.
  • By Shishir on 18 February 2021 Haven’t received it to judge
  • By Claire on 18 February 2021 Love the blue I'm going to order green next
  • By Tara Lawler on 18 February 2021 Switched to using these lenses temporarily but have continued as they’re so comfortable and look natural
  • By Amber on 23 January 2021 The only complaint I have about the Freshlooks color contacts is that they frequently feel dry and require eye drops periodically to stay comfortable. They look great in though! Colors are very bright!
  • By Cat Lady on 13 January 2021 Amazing service, always exceed expectations
  • By Rana on 12 January 2021 Nice natural color and comfortable
  • By Sofia on 09 January 2021 These lenses make me feel so confident and I don’t think I can ever go back from wearing them haha x
  • By Tina on 09 January 2021 Great product! Very comfortable to the eyes, especially for me as a beginner who struggled with contacts before
  • By Silvia on 01 January 2021 Best lenses i love the blue ones 💙xx Thank you so much 💙
  • By Ayesha on 22 December 2020 Excellent service
  • By Shazia on 18 December 2020 Great product, I am very happy with my purchase.
  • By NICOLA on 17 December 2020 Im new to contact lenses so i am currently buying coloured lenses so i know they are in, i love the variety of colours and how it can change the look of your eyes.
  • By Dionne on 11 December 2020 Great quality
  • By Rubi on 08 December 2020 Simple re order process. Arrives on time. Reliable service so far
  • By Tahir on 07 December 2020 Would definitely recommend
  • By Noame on 05 December 2020 Nice thank you
  • By Quentin Gray on 27 November 2020 Love the look and the product. Fast delivery
  • By Anthony Jones on 27 November 2020 Lenses look ok and seem good quality, however they don't fit well and move as I blink. Won't be able to use them.
  • By Kristie on 26 November 2020 Love my contacts!
  • By Maddy on 24 November 2020 Could be a darker brown and would love to see smaller dimensions otherwise very good quality
  • By Customerpaul nelson on 24 November 2020 Great comfortable and great colours of Lenses. Highly recommended.
  • By Dr Areej Alkhathlan on 21 November 2020 Good value
  • By Ileana on 17 November 2020 Very nice

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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