Red Vampire 1-day Phantom (2 lenses)

Red Vampire 1-day Phantom

2 lenses per box

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If you’re new to wearing lenses, please read our helpful step-by-step guide on putting in and taking out your contact lenses here.

Phantom 1 lenses should be worn once and thrown away. As convenient daily disposables, there’s no need for solutions.

Benefits & Features

Red Vampire horror lenses are the perfect pair of contacts to sink your teeth in if you’re on the hunt for blood. Highlighted with a red circle that will completely cover your eye’s natural colour, these lenses are a phantasmic fit for all sorts of creepy costumes–not only Count Dracula.

Prescription contact lens wearers will go batty over Phantom 1-day Red Vampire lenses when counting the ways to upgrade their eye appearance.

Custom choices - 1-day Phantom lenses are available in 5 other unique designs, alongside Red Vampire. Allowing for several different variations to suit your fantasy contact needs.

Top technology  - Featuring proprietary (SIP) Special Invert Padding technology, 1-day Phantom lenses guarantee one of the safest products available in the cosmetic lens market.

Complete comfort - Produced with polymacon materials, Phantom 1-day lenses provide continuous hydration to the eyes, making the lenses comfortable over a full day of use.

Recommended For

Clearcolor 1-day Phantom contact lenses are recommended for:

  • Cosplay, Halloween, or fancy-dress occasions in which crazy coloured contact lenses will finalise the look
  • Wearers who require a prescription for vision correction and wish to change their eye colour for a special situation

Please check with your optician first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed. We do not recommend driving in Phantom contact lenses because the lens design may cover parts of your pupil and affect your peripheral vision.

Product Information

Categories Prescription Coloured Lenses Prescription Halloween Lenses
Brand ClearLab
Material Polymacon, 38% water content
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.2
Usage Instructions Daily-use disposable lenses

Type of Lens:

1-day Red Vampire scary lenses are disposable coloured daily contact lenses. Requiring you to remove and safely dispose of the lenses each day and insert a new pair after each use.


Proprietary Special Invert Padding Technology - Provides a safeguard from a surface protrusion on the lens, keeping the eye protected from colour pigments and guaranteeing a comfortable experience for the wearer.


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£14.99 per box

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