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If you’re new to wearing lenses, please read our helpful step-by-step guide on putting in and taking out your contact lenses here.

Phantom 1 lenses should be worn once and thrown away. As convenient daily disposables, there’s no need for solutions.

Benefits & Features

Blank out your natural eye colour entirely with a freaky set of White Out lenses. With just your pupil noticeable, these bright white contact lenses block out your iris colour to make your zombie or gothic nightmare costume look utterly dead to rights. 

Phantom 1-day White Out lenses are suitable for contact wearers who already have a prescription and wish to block out the colour of their eyes with white lenses.

Convenience - Daily disposable lenses require no ongoing care routine; safely dispose of these lenses and replace them with a new pair each day - ideal for people always on the move.

Safe experience  - Manufactured with medical grade dyes, Clearcolor Phantom 1-day lenses provide a secure and safe fantasy lens experience when worn as directed. 

Enduring comfort - Made with polymacon materials, these White Out lenses allow for great hydration during wear, ensuring a moist and comfortable fit throughout use.

Recommended For

Clearcolor 1-day Phantom contact lenses are recommended for:

  • Wearers that require vision correction and want to change the appearance of their eyes by blanking out the colour of the iris with a white ring
  • With the right prescription, White Out lenses offer crystal clear vision for any situation, night or day

Please check with your optician first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed. We do not recommend driving in Phantom contact lenses because the lens design may cover parts of your pupil and affect your peripheral vision.

Product Information

Categories Prescription Coloured Lenses Prescription Halloween Lenses
Brand Clearlab
Material Polymacon, 38% water content
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.2
Usage Instructions Daily-use disposable lenses

Type of Lens:

White Out 1-day novelty contact lenses are white themed daily lenses. This means that the wearer must take out and dispose of their lenses following each day of use.


Special Inverted Padding - Safeguards against surface protrusion on the lens, guaranteeing that the colour particles included in the design cannot seep into the eye.

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White Out 1-day Phantom Reviews

Overall: 2.86 7 reviews

  • By Customer on 09 November 2021 Too big for my eyes
  • By Sarah on 09 November 2021 Didn’t fit, despite ordering same size and prescription as my usual contact lenses.
  • By Tod on 06 November 2021 These were not good. Would never reuse this store. One of the lenses was in a damaged packet so was already to dry to use. The other one would not stay in place in my eye and was incredibly uncomfortable. I wear contact lenses everyday so there is no need for them to be so uncomfortable.
  • By NJG on 05 November 2021 Fantastic lenses, did the job for the evening for a Halloween Party.
  • By Ella on 04 November 2021 This was the most reasonably priced version of this lense I could find at short notice. Looked fantastic on the night and was comfortable.
  • By Beata Zalewska on 19 October 2021 It’s fine af
  • By Michele on 08 October 2021 I was very happy with my lenes .

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of Lenstore.co.uk. If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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