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CooperVision Contact Lenses

Product discontinuation notice

Frequency® xcel toric XR lenses are no longer available. To help you switch with ease, CooperVision® recommends Biofinity® XR toric as a great alternative.

We’re confident you’ll love them, but you’ll need to have them fitted by an optician first. If you wear a combination of lenses or have any questions, get in touch with our optical consultants.

Product Description

Maximum stability - A unique design and patented UltraSync technology helps to reduce lens rotation and deliver excellent stability, ensuring sharp, clear vision throughout the day.

Extended range - As XR lenses, these contacts cover a much larger range of powers and are best suited for those with high levels of astigmatism.

All day comfort - The high water content of these lenses helps to keep them comfortable in your eyes for longer.

Minimum fuss - These lenses need to be removed and cleaned each night, but only need replacing with a new pair once a month. That means fewer blister packs and less hassle.

Frequency Xcel Toric XR are daily wear, monthly disposable extended range (not to be confused with extended wear) toric lenses for those with high levels of astigmatism. In reviews, wearers say they are a ‘great fit’ and ‘very comfortable for astigmatism’.

Recommended For

Frequency Xcel Toric XR contact lenses are best suited for:

  • Those with a high level of astigmatism.
  • Those who want a more cost-effective contact lens.

Please always check with your Optometrist first before purchasing new contact lenses that haven't been prescribed.

Product Information

Categories Contact Lenses / Monthly Contact Lenses / Toric Contact Lenses For Astigmatism
Brand CooperVision
Material Methafilcon A IV 1 55% water
Handling Tint Yes
UV Protection No
Base Curves (mm) 8.7
Diameter (mm) 14.4
Usage Instructions Daily wear for up to 30 days. Replace with a new pair every month.


Frequency Xcel Toric XR are manufactured by CooperVision.


These extended range toric lenses are part of CooperVision’s Frequency brand.

Type of Lens:

Frequency Xcel Toric XR are daily wear, monthly disposable contact lenses for astigmatic prescriptions. You can wear them for up to 30 days before needing to replace them, however to do so you must remove, clean and store them in solution each night. You cannot sleep in these lenses.


Frequency Xcel Toric XR are made of Methafilcon A, a soft hydrogel that has a high water content of 55%. It is a material used in a number of Coopervision contact lenses. The high water content helps to make lenses more comfortable on your eye.


Frequency Xcel Toric XR contact lenses use the following technology:

UltraSync technology - A patented CooperVision technology that improves lens stability in the eye and minimises rotation in order to deliver sharper vision.

Pack Sizes:

Frequency Xcel Toric XR can be ordered from Lenstore in packs of 3x lenses.

Availability for Myopia, Hypermetropia and Presbyopia:

The Frequency brand by Coopervision doesn’t produce an Xcel version for those who need to correct short or long-sightedness. However, you can correct your vision with Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses. There is no Frequency Xcel or alternative Frequency option to correct presbyopia.


Before ordering alternative lenses please check their suitability for your eyes with your optician and have them properly fitted.

Lenstore recommends these alternatives:

Proclear Toric XR

Proclear Toric XR are daily wear, monthly disposable toric lenses that correct astigmatic vision. They cover a wider prescription availability, which makes them ideal if you have a high level of astigmatism. The lens material has a high water content, which helps makes these lenses more comfortable and, thanks to CooperVision’s phosphorylcholine (PC) technology, these lenses are meant to remain hydrated all day long - keeping eyes wet and further improving lens comfort.

Biofinity XR Toric

Biofinity XR Toric lenses are designed for those with an extended range of prescriptions and cater for those with higher degrees of astigmatism not covered by regular toric lenses. These lenses possess Aquaform technology, which allows more oxygen to reach the eye, improving comfort and hydration while also keeping eyes bright and healthy - ideal for sensitive eyes. Biofinity XR Toric are also designed to resist unwanted debris build-ups.

Roshni Patel

Written by: Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom

Optometrist and Professional Services Manager

Roshni Patel BSc (Hons) MCOptom qualified as an Optometrist in 2004. She is a member of the Association of Optometrists and is the Professional Services Manager at Lenstore where she is responsible for supporting and guiding all departments from a clinical standpoint.

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Frequency Xcel Toric XR Reviews

Overall: 4.56 18 reviews

  • By Angie Beaton on 16 November 2021 Good value for money and does the job it’s supposed to do
  • By Maria on 15 October 2020 Very good lenses shame they are discontinued.
  • By Rachel on 24 September 2020 the contracts are hit and miss but with my eyes I only have 1 choice with contracts
  • By nikki on 23 May 2020 My daughter is happy with her contact lenses and says they are just as good if not a better fit than the pro clear.
  • By Cally on 14 April 2020 Very pleased with these contacts, they are super comfortable. The only thing I would say is that they are slightly pricey.
  • By PAWEL on 04 April 2020 Ok ..Perfect....wilk Great more contact lenses
  • By robert gillett on 15 October 2019 Tried other lenses but these are the best
  • By CARL D on 24 September 2019 Best Toric lenses I've used, but VERY pricey in comparison to other brands.
  • By Cally on 13 September 2019 More expensive than in other opticians.
  • By Laura on 01 September 2018 The past order I got from you, the contact broke getting them out of the packaging.
  • By Michael HASLAM on 07 June 2018 I have used these lenses before on many occasions and find they are very good.
  • By Mrs Sarah Power on 15 April 2018 I am really satisfied with this product it does exactly what I expect it do it gives me great vision .
  • By Georgia on 17 February 2018 !!!Perfect sense,the best lenses for any eye
  • By Dzana Dedukic on 16 January 2018 Bra linser som sitter bra på ögat.
  • By Julio on 25 May 2017 I have only the experience of my son
  • By Gillian on 31 March 2017 Comfortable to wear and easy to put in as there is a blue tinge so you know your putting them in correctly.
  • By Emily Barrass on 28 April 2016 Great fit, very comfortable for austigmtism on the eyes
  • By Alfio on 23 February 2016 The best toric contact lenses

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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