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    1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST contact lenses help keep moisture in and irritation out.1

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    LACREON® Technology provides a long-lasting cushion of moisture for 20 hours or more.1

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    1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST contact lenses block UVA and UVB rays.*1


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357 Reviews

Overall rating: 5/5

By Joanna S on 9 Feb 2024

high recommendation !

By Debbie Head on 4 Feb 2024

Good. For my daughter

By Lesley Manning on 4 Feb 2024

Nothing to complain about

By Harry on 24 Jan 2024

Great lenses, I’ve worn them for years because I have slightly dry eyes. These enable me to live my life to the full at a very reasonable price.

By Ted on 18 Jan 2024

i have worn a single contact lens for about 25 years in my left eye (reading eye) like the Victorian monacle at 3.5 and was also specified a 1.5 for distance in my right eye but found that while driving at night on coming head light are encircled by a large rainbow which though very pretty obscured that part of the road to pass the oncoming vehicle particularly on narrow lanes. I tried several makes by finding myself away from home for longer than expected (engineering brake down work for several days) and had to go to a local Opticion with my prescription to buy addition lenses of their manufacturer. I happened to try Acuvue and then purchased from the net for the last 15 years. I found Acuvue the most comfortable, the most least fussy when handling to longest lasting often from 0800 hrs to 24 00 and later and occasionally I have taken the lens out at night put in back in the container and fold back the foil cover to wear it next day.I always leave out that days container until I open the next one. If I forget to take it out i find is somewhat opache and unuseable. I also kike contact lenses as I need to wear safety glasses for some jobs such as grinding etc, and all day in some locations and I find that I can wear a variety of eye protection as opposed to safety glassed or double up with goggles. Ted Stowell aged 76 and still working Full time building new and renovating old (up to 1880 old) water turbines and fitting generators etc. I also love the packaging. Perfectly designed and manufactured and always arrives with no dampness or damage I am writing this review at midnight having had the lens in since 0800 this morning.

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Roshni Patel

Recommended by our optician