Blink Contacts Eye Drops - Vials (20*0.35ml)

Blink Contacts Eye Drops - Vials

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20*0.35ml per box


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Blink Eye Drops


  • Soothes dry eyes. Provides moisture to your eyes by mimicking natural tears.
  • Ensures comfortable vision. Lessens irritation when using or computer or working long hours.
  • Convenient size. Includes 20 vials which each hold a dosage of 0.35ml.

Blink Contacts Eye Drops provide refreshment to your eyes by mimicking the action of natural tears. This helps to soothe irritation caused by dryness and tiredness.

These handy vials provide just enough solution to rehydrate your eyes and ensure they stay healthy. Blink Contacts Eye Drops can be used by a variety of lens wearers, without the need to remove them first.

Made with a preservative-free formula, these eye drops avoid substances known to bother your eyes so that you will experience optimum comfort for longer. This is ideal if your eyes are particularly sensitive.

Buy your Blink Contacts Eye Drops from to ensure your eyes stay healthy and hydrated for longer. We aim to ship most of our orders the same day so you won't be waiting long.

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Blink Contacts Eye Drops - Vials Reviews

Overall: 4.7 35 reviews

  • By Miss Rachael Young on 06 February 2019 Really helps tired eyes, I work 12hr shifts and a couple of these help my eyes feel fresh and revived even with my contacts in!
  • By Khatira on 20 December 2018 Great eye drops product
  • By Muhammad Abdul Aziz on 28 July 2018 Very good, very easy to use
  • By Shereen on 02 December 2017 Brilliant eye drops they really help when your eyes get tired or dry! Really effective
  • By Mr Maxwell on 09 October 2017 Swift service, reasonably priced.
  • By Syeda on 14 September 2017 As good as seen on email.
  • By Sanita on 16 May 2017 Good product I would highly recommend
  • By PMRP Welwyn on 20 April 2017 They do what it says on the packet. probably a bit expensive for the number that you get in the box.
  • By Annette Theobald on 16 February 2017 they are very good and last a long time.
  • By Melinda Rawlings on 28 January 2017 Good product , useful for travelling
  • By Sanita on 20 December 2016 Good quality products but expensive for what you receive.
  • By Jenny on 03 December 2016 I have used these before, saves worrying about freshness of drops with individual vials
  • By T on 22 June 2016 Handy to have in pockets,bags, just enough liquid for eyes in each vial handy little item to have on you if you have no bag etc just slip a couple into your pocket.
  • By Amir on 14 June 2016 Item came as described and on time, planning to order again.
  • By Wendy on 14 June 2016 Easy to use ... A godsend when using lenses.
  • By barbara on 24 May 2016 Really does help tired eyes
  • By Chelsey on 15 March 2016 Life saver for those with dry eyes. Easy size to pop a couple in a make up bag.
  • By elizabeth on 09 February 2016 I have used this product for some time and I will not be changing
  • By Julianne on 09 January 2016 Ideal for convenience & good hydration.
  • By Jenny on 13 December 2015 Very necessary to use with contacts.
  • By LUKASZ on 12 December 2015 very good drops, defnitely i order them again
  • By Tony on 19 July 2015 Excellent product does what it says
  • By Nancy on 13 July 2015 These are good - they are vials of saline, not much to say. Difficult to get in your eye (!)
  • By Judith on 04 July 2015 Small caps to carry on your hand bag, very useful
  • By Emma on 01 July 2015 A must for me for tired eyes, can use with contacts in or out. Good value, good product
  • By Lata on 30 June 2015 V useful and handy, must for contact lens wearers
  • By Stephen on 30 June 2015 really good product to extend wear.
  • By emma on 09 June 2015 dry eyes goodbye - great for itchy eyes
  • By janice on 27 May 2015 Handy to carry wherever you go
  • By Tina on 02 May 2015 Love these eye drops more than any other!
  • By Paige on 01 May 2015 Great formula perfect for keeping in handbags, purses, at work etc, you know that the product hasn't been open too long.
  • By Shakeel on 01 May 2015 Great for keeping my eyes feeling fresh.
  • By Ellen on 24 April 2015 Excellent to carry in your bag to wet your eyes for a comfortable feel.
  • By Kayli on 21 April 2015 Not exactly what i thought. They came in small individual packages... i thought i would get one bottle of eyedrops. Most of it gets wasted. The product works well but I probably won't buy that again.
  • By Angela on 24 March 2015 These are the best drops for contact lens wearers

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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