Blink Contacts Eye Drops (10ml)

Blink Contacts Eye Drops

44 customer reviews

10ml per box


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Blink Eye Drops


Blink Contacts soothing eye drops do not contain harmful ingredients.

Use with your lenses

These eye drops can be used without the need to remove your contacts.

Soothes dry eyes

By replicating the action of natural tears, these drops moisturise and bring relief to dry-feeling eyes.


Sodium Hyaluronate 0.15% | OcuPure Preservative 0.005%

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Blink Contacts Eye Drops Reviews

Overall: 4.73 44 reviews

  • By Rosa Russell on 09 June 2022 My eyes sometimes don’t like contact lenses; these drops are brilliant with a couple of different lens brands I have tried. I will continue buying these drops for the foreseeable future
  • By JOHN H on 03 May 2022 good drops compatible with lenses
  • By Richard Moore on 16 April 2022 A generally effective product delivered to time. No complains.
  • By Robert Wild on 24 February 2022 Bought to soothe my eyes - job done…
  • By christine trevillion on 22 January 2022 Does what it says on the packet
  • By john on 30 November 2021 Very good for dry eyes and flushing anything that gets in your eyes, works well with the contacts and no stinging.
  • By Carolina orrego larenas on 23 November 2021 Very good for my eyes
  • By Me on 18 November 2021 Solid packaging. Easy to use. Refreshes contacts when getting toward the end of a day's wear.
  • By Adele Petersen on 15 May 2021 Good stuff
  • By bridgette on 24 March 2021 excellent makes the contact lenses really comfortable to wear
  • By Wilsoe on 17 March 2021 Not the cheapest contact drops but the only ones that I find are comfortable so will always buy them.
  • By Ewa on 18 February 2021 I am using them for one week and I think that they are good, but not excellent.
  • By Peter on 14 January 2021 Excellent!
  • By Kate on 05 January 2021 These drops allow me to wear my lenses for longer and boosts comfort
  • By Luke on 09 December 2020 Didn't really do much for me at all, eyes remained dry and irritated, even with normal everyday use
  • By Laura Humphrey on 14 November 2020 I can’t survive a day without these. Most eye drops sting a little, these are gentle and really effective.
  • By Lilian Thierens on 16 October 2020 Great product. Would definitely recommend.
  • By Customer on 12 September 2020 Fast delivery.
  • By Jonathan Whiteley on 15 August 2020 Does what it says, keeps your eyes comfortable and prevents the dryness. Excellent
  • By Hal11 on 15 August 2020 Pretty good but Optrex suits me better
  • By Mrs Powell on 05 August 2020 These eye drops are ideal for contact lens wearers
  • By Carol sexton on 01 August 2020 Does exactly what it says it does
  • By Angela Murray on 18 July 2020 Easy to use eye comfort drops
  • By Vickie on 11 July 2020 Excellant product and soothes my eyes when I wear my contacts
  • By Catherine on 09 May 2020 Does what is says on the packet.
  • By Elaine Taylor on 02 May 2020 Very refreshing and soothing
  • By M S on 02 May 2020 Satisfied with the purchase and delivery service. Fast and efficient. Thank you.
  • By Mrs Powell on 28 April 2020 These are the best eye drops which I have used for a contact lens wearer. They work very well for me before I put my lenses in. Excellent quality and unlike cheaper substitutes. Also good if your eyes dry out during the day.
  • By joanne on 04 April 2020 I suffer with dry eyes and was recommended this product by my opthalmologist
  • By Jill Allen on 07 December 2019 Only used them twice but highly satisfied with them.
  • By STEPHANIE on 10 September 2019 They just keep your eyes moist as sometimes I get gritty eyes when removed lenses
  • By Peter on 25 July 2019 Would not be without them in my pocket. For dust and dry eyes.
  • By Christy on 11 May 2019 Standard eye drops - I have very dry eyes , so may need another type. Although they do provide some relief and are used with contacts.
  • By Soozie on 20 March 2019 Wanted the phials not a bottle! Disappointed!
  • By Eileen on 14 March 2019 Couldn’t believe how these drops helped, would recommend to anyone using contact lenses.
  • By anne on 06 July 2018 The best drops on the market. I never leave home without them!!
  • By Aneta on 18 December 2016 Really really nice drops. I recommend
  • By T on 22 June 2016 I have very dry eyes these are great for when I have my contacts in , I have sensitive eyes and these give me no problems what so ever.
  • By Shaun Goodfeow on 02 May 2016 These drops are also great, refreshing and a good aid to keeping my eyes well lubricated.
  • By Anita on 02 February 2016 Great drops. Long lasting.
  • By MR GOWER on 07 December 2015 I have been using these eye drops for several years and find them very good for lubricating my eyes when they become dry.
  • By Tomasz on 31 October 2015 Very good eye drops help me keep my lenses clean.
  • By --- on 24 October 2015 Very good eye drops. Very good eye drops.
  • By Heather on 26 July 2015 Nice product. Helps to moisturise my eyes after wearing lenses for a long time

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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