Blink Intensive Tears Eye Drops (10ml)

Blink Intensive Tears Eye Drops

50 customer reviews

10ml per box


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Blink Eye Drops

Long-lasting relief

Blink Intensive tears are designed to provide immediate and optimal relief from the feeling of dry, tired eyes.

Daily use

Designed to be used daily, making these ideal for wearers who suffer from tired or dry eyes on a regular basis.

OcuPure technology

The advanced OcuPure preservative contains a natural ingredient found in tears which helps with lubrication and comfort.


Polyethylene Glycol 400 (PEG 400) - 0.25% | Sodium Hyaluronate (viscosity enhancer) - 0.20% | OcuPure Preservative and a blend of buffers and electrolytes to bring the solution closer to natural tears.

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Blink Intensive Tears Eye Drops Reviews

Overall: 4.78 50 reviews

  • By Bea on 10 May 2022 When your eyes are tired having worn lenses most of the day, a couple of drops of this product refreshes and is like wearing a new pair of lenses.
  • By Alexandru on 12 April 2022 Excellent value for money
  • By Mrs Helen Shaw on 08 February 2022 Love my eye drops love my supplier love my mail man
  • By Dunc Hunter on 20 January 2022 A couple of drops help with dry eyes. Quite a small bottle.
  • By Tinworm on 30 October 2021 Convenient size bottle ,soothing drops
  • By Natasha Hobbs on 28 September 2021 Handy for adding moisture when air con has dried out lenses, or your eyes are tired. Price is in line line with other brands but for a tiny bottle I'd like to see this cheaper.
  • By Lee Nichols on 28 September 2021 Perfect for tired dry eyes.
  • By victoria cain on 11 September 2021 Good product
  • By Jacek on 13 August 2021 It works..
  • By Mrs Helen Shaw on 06 July 2021 Love service and the products thank you
  • By Rosa Russell on 15 June 2021 No complaints about this product. It does what it says on the tin.
  • By Annika on 15 June 2021 Nice eye drops. Gives quick relief to my naturally dry eyes.
  • By Brian Adams on 09 June 2021 Very good service very good quality product
  • By Ann Powell on 27 May 2021 First time using this brand of eye drop and I was very happy with it, other drops have made my eyes sting on application. But this is so comfortable to use and didn’t leave a white gunk in my eyes unlike 2 other brands I’ve tried. Very happy and will order it again.
  • By Julie Manwaring on 25 May 2021 Great fast service great value for money and great quality
  • By Jason on 19 March 2021 like a normal one
  • By Flyer on 17 March 2021 Haven’t used them yet so cannot comment
  • By Chrissie on 18 February 2021 Products and service are all excellent
  • By R Bamford on 19 January 2021 Excellent!!
  • By Lee Nichols on 06 November 2020 Perfect for dry scratchy eyes, better than a certain well known brand!
  • By Anna on 06 October 2020 Would buy again.
  • By customer on 26 August 2020 Had eye surgery few weeks ago this works very well.. definitely recommend
  • By Joanne Mitcheson on 02 July 2020 excellent
  • By Joy on 26 June 2020 The drops relieve my dry eye problem
  • By Pearl Bohacek on 25 June 2020 I've just said that the product was excellent although so far haven't noticed a difference in my eyes.
  • By Marion on 17 June 2020 Very soothing and easy to apply.
  • By Farrah on 13 June 2020 My eyes were so dry but after using these drops I feel very comfortable especially when I go out in the sun. Really worth the money.
  • By PJJ on 22 May 2020 Does what it says on the tin.
  • By Debra on 15 April 2020 Great for dry eyes
  • By Catherine Powell on 07 August 2019 Simple relief as and when you need it.
  • By David Jarvis on 06 July 2019 Does the job, only needed to use once in the day while at a festival and it was very hot and dry and my eyes usually get very dry
  • By customer on 23 March 2019 Does the job no problems
  • By Linda on 15 February 2019 Perfect for purpose
  • By Andrea on 18 December 2018 They do the job and are good value
  • By Tracy Paine on 12 September 2017 Really helps my dry irritated eyes. I have rheumatoid arthritis and this seems to irritate my eyes and I use a computer a lot. this product really helps ease the dryness and discomfort I feel.
  • By jane Massey on 04 July 2017 Eye drops are good they have helped me to get the lenses in very easily and with getting them out again
  • By Anisa on 04 July 2017 Great and love how well they work wih and without my lenses
  • By James on 18 May 2017 Great product, well worth the money.
  • By Falak on 04 February 2017 Did what it said in the advert. Fantastic product. Good value.
  • By Ms Horton on 12 November 2016 As a writer I do tend to do a lot of screen time when eyes are tired this product is to hand and is very effective.
  • By Debbie on 31 May 2016 Been using this a while and it's great. Having said that, other similar products I have used have been of the same quality.
  • By N on 15 December 2015 Perfect. Delivered within days.
  • By Nicola on 17 November 2015 Excellent. Product quite viscous and lubricate eyes for long periods.
  • By James on 30 July 2015 Excellent product - I have no hesitations in recommending to others
  • By Heiko on 06 July 2015 Works well, keeps my eyes moisturised and comfortable.
  • By david wright on 15 June 2015 This is a great product for when your eyes become a little dry when using daily lenses. It goes hand in hand with the lenses to provide extra comfort!
  • By Teresa on 01 June 2015 Easy to use and don't sting eyes
  • By Jackie on 19 May 2015 Great service easy to find what you want
  • By BF on 12 April 2015 good, easy to use, however on the expensive side
  • By Charlie Walker on 04 April 2015 Works ok with my lens, would recommend to anyone using contact lens.

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