Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops (15ml)

Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops

42 customer reviews

15ml per box


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Blink Eye Drops

Maintains comfort

Provides a lubricant to keep your eyes and lenses feeling fresh and comfortable for longer.

Special formula

The cleansing formula prevents the build-up of protein and bacteria, reducing the chances of irritation.

Use with all contacts

Blink-N-Clean eye drops can be applied up to 4 times a day with all contact lenses, including extended wear.


Sodium Chloride | Tromethamine | Hydroxypropyl Metylcellulose | Tyloxapol | EDTA | Polyhexamethylene Biguanide 0.0001% | Purified Water

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Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops Reviews

Overall: 4.9 42 reviews

  • By Malcolm Roberts on 09 August 2019 Just keeps your eyes moist.
  • By Candice on 26 June 2019 I dunno ...I’ve tried it when my eyes were dry and had my contacts in. I didn’t notice a big difference but I was really hopeful.
  • By Diana on 22 June 2019 Easy, good profuct
  • By Margaret on 21 June 2019 Refreshed my lenses/eyes
  • By gazoula on 13 June 2019 excellent product, has kept my eyes moist all day and I only use it twice a day
  • By Jennifer on 20 March 2019 Very good quality. Help to keep my eyes hydrated
  • By Julie Upcott on 03 March 2019 So good so far!
  • By Karen on 07 February 2019 Glad I bought this value for money product.
  • By Jill Mikkelson on 15 January 2019 Fantastic product which works amazingly well. I wear 24/7 lenses for a week at a time and use these drops every morning.
  • By lee willox on 16 October 2018 Good but I don’t know any other product
  • By Gergana on 04 October 2018 Everything is perfect!🤗I use every day and the moment I haven't any problems with the product.😍
  • By Carmel on 19 January 2018 Have bought before elsewhere but happy to buy again. Great product for sensitive eyes.
  • By Jo-Ann on 15 September 2017 Good quality, only need a drop in each eye to moisturise lenses.
  • By Sarah C on 12 September 2017 used before - like it - so another order!
  • By Anon on 15 August 2017 Perfect to keep my eyes hydrated and clean while wearing continuous wear lenses.
  • By annette on 01 August 2017 This works well as I sometimes have to wear my lenses for long periods of time. I have found that this product keeps my lenses lubricated for longer. Will recommend this for anyone who has to wear there lenses for long periods.
  • By jan newman on 16 May 2017 Wow first time `i used these, eyes felt amazing when used with just one drop. Really help to keep lense clear and avoid protein build up. Great product
  • By Susan on 10 May 2017 First time I bought this eye drops and it really refreshing on the eyes.
  • By Falak on 04 February 2017 Did what it said in the advert. Fantastic product. Good value.
  • By nigel on 19 November 2016 Works a treat when I get dry eyes from the heater of my bus
  • By Ms Horton on 12 November 2016 Couldn't live without it, as I've matured have drying eyes overnight (I wear fortnighly lenses for one week 24/7) couple of drops in morning completely resolves problem.
  • By Diane on 15 June 2016 Great eye drops. Convenient size too. No dry eye.
  • By Lee on 08 June 2016 good product great price compared to other products
  • By Sally on 31 May 2016 Good product - Cleans lenses without the need to remove them.
  • By Ian on 31 May 2016 Great product helps keep my monthly lenses clean & feeling comfortable in my eyes.
  • By Isobel on 30 November 2015 Helps during the day as my eyes get dry
  • By Tomasz on 31 October 2015 Very good eye drops help me keep my contact lenses clean.
  • By Gareth on 10 October 2015 Excellent for keeping monthly lenses moist.
  • By Glen on 14 September 2015 Very effective & comfortable to apply.
  • By Chloe Elizabeth on 12 September 2015 These help massively with keeping my lenses fresh over the month long period. I've been using these since May now and have noticed a huge difference the freshness of my lenses. Definite must have for any contact lense wearers!
  • By Philip on 05 September 2015 Does the job well, very pleased
  • By nic on 05 September 2015 Great product. Very handy size.
  • By Dominic on 17 August 2015 These are the right product at a competitive price!
  • By Linda on 04 August 2015 Excellent product - really works!
  • By Caroline on 01 August 2015 Really good for use with extended wear lenses.
  • By Heiko on 06 July 2015 Does what is says on the tin. Use it from time to time to clean the eyes / lenses.
  • By Debbie on 06 July 2015 Great for when your eyes need a little help
  • By Madeline on 17 June 2015 I just came across this on the website when ordering lenses and it is brilliant. I have used it a couple of times when my lenses have been in all day and it really refreshes your eyes. I won't be without it from now onwards.
  • By Jasmin on 16 June 2015 10 star ********** very good
  • By Linda on 05 June 2015 The solution is great use on the move
  • By Stephen on 04 April 2015 Excellent for extended wear
  • By Lisa on 28 March 2015 I wear night & day lenses & these really help if my eyes get a bit tired or feel dry & gritty.

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