Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops (15ml)

Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops

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Blink Eye Drops


  • Ensures your lenses stay comfortable. Keeps your eyes moist and removes any excess dirt particles.
  • Keeps your eyes healthy. Prevents the build up of harmful proteins and deposits.
  • Ideal for busy lifestyles. Clean and refresh your lenses while on the go.

Blink-N-Clean eye drops are a convenient solution to discomfort and dryness caused by contact lenses. They lubricate your lenses so they stay comfortable for longer.

The cleansing formula in these eye drops prevents the build up of protein and bacteria. This means you will have less chance of experiencing blurred vision, irritation and other complications with your eyes.

Using Blink-N-Clean eye drops allows you to clean and refresh your lenses while on the go, making them ideal if you have a busy lifestyle. They can be applied up to four times a day, so they are also handy if you wear your lenses for extended periods of time.

Order your Blink-N-Clean eye drops from to ensure a healthy and comfortable lens wearing experience. We pride ourselves on superior service and speedy delivery, so you won't be waiting long for your superb quality purchase.

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Blink-N-Clean Eye Drops Reviews

Overall: 5 35 reviews

  • By Karen on 07 February 2019 Glad I bought this value for money product.
  • By Jill Mikkelson on 15 January 2019 Fantastic product which works amazingly well. I wear 24/7 lenses for a week at a time and use these drops every morning.
  • By lee willox on 16 October 2018 Good but I don’t know any other product
  • By Gergana on 04 October 2018 Everything is perfect!🤗I use every day and the moment I haven't any problems with the product.😍
  • By Carmel on 19 January 2018 Have bought before elsewhere but happy to buy again. Great product for sensitive eyes.
  • By Jo-Ann on 15 September 2017 Good quality, only need a drop in each eye to moisturise lenses.
  • By Sarah C on 12 September 2017 used before - like it - so another order!
  • By Anon on 15 August 2017 Perfect to keep my eyes hydrated and clean while wearing continuous wear lenses.
  • By annette on 01 August 2017 This works well as I sometimes have to wear my lenses for long periods of time. I have found that this product keeps my lenses lubricated for longer. Will recommend this for anyone who has to wear there lenses for long periods.
  • By jan newman on 16 May 2017 Wow first time `i used these, eyes felt amazing when used with just one drop. Really help to keep lense clear and avoid protein build up. Great product
  • By Susan on 10 May 2017 First time I bought this eye drops and it really refreshing on the eyes.
  • By Falak on 04 February 2017 Did what it said in the advert. Fantastic product. Good value.
  • By nigel on 19 November 2016 Works a treat when I get dry eyes from the heater of my bus
  • By Ms Horton on 12 November 2016 Couldn't live without it, as I've matured have drying eyes overnight (I wear fortnighly lenses for one week 24/7) couple of drops in morning completely resolves problem.
  • By Diane on 15 June 2016 Great eye drops. Convenient size too. No dry eye.
  • By Lee on 08 June 2016 good product great price compared to other products
  • By Sally on 31 May 2016 Good product - Cleans lenses without the need to remove them.
  • By Ian on 31 May 2016 Great product helps keep my monthly lenses clean & feeling comfortable in my eyes.
  • By Isobel on 30 November 2015 Helps during the day as my eyes get dry
  • By Tomasz on 31 October 2015 Very good eye drops help me keep my contact lenses clean.
  • By Gareth on 10 October 2015 Excellent for keeping monthly lenses moist.
  • By Glen on 14 September 2015 Very effective & comfortable to apply.
  • By Chloe Elizabeth on 12 September 2015 These help massively with keeping my lenses fresh over the month long period. I've been using these since May now and have noticed a huge difference the freshness of my lenses. Definite must have for any contact lense wearers!
  • By Philip on 05 September 2015 Does the job well, very pleased
  • By nic on 05 September 2015 Great product. Very handy size.
  • By Dominic on 17 August 2015 These are the right product at a competitive price!
  • By Linda on 04 August 2015 Excellent product - really works!
  • By Caroline on 01 August 2015 Really good for use with extended wear lenses.
  • By Heiko on 06 July 2015 Does what is says on the tin. Use it from time to time to clean the eyes / lenses.
  • By Debbie on 06 July 2015 Great for when your eyes need a little help
  • By Madeline on 17 June 2015 I just came across this on the website when ordering lenses and it is brilliant. I have used it a couple of times when my lenses have been in all day and it really refreshes your eyes. I won't be without it from now onwards.
  • By Jasmin on 16 June 2015 10 star ********** very good
  • By Linda on 05 June 2015 The solution is great use on the move
  • By Stephen on 04 April 2015 Excellent for extended wear
  • By Lisa on 28 March 2015 I wear night & day lenses & these really help if my eyes get a bit tired or feel dry & gritty.

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