Hycosan Extra Eye Drops (7.5ml)

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops

33 customer reviews

7.5ml per box


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Hycosan Eye Care Products

Kind to sensitive eyes

Hycosan Extra Eye Drops are preservative-free to reduce irritation caused by dry eyes.

Optimum comfort

Formulated to last longer than other eye drops, enhancing hydration and comfort.


Simple to use thanks to Hycosan's patented Comod delivery system, which administers the drops in equal doses every time.


0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate

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Hycosan Extra Eye Drops Reviews

Overall: 4.70 33 reviews

  • By Robert Kingman on 26 October 2021 Great product.
  • By Karen Pye on 18 May 2021 Excellent for dry eyes. I was recommended this product by my Optican and it solved my problem
  • By Paula Turner on 08 April 2021 I know that the product works very well for me and will recommend it to a friend once her catarrh op. allows
  • By Clare on 31 March 2021 Iv found these to be the best eye drops for dry eyes.
  • By Antanas on 17 March 2021 dont know yet,because I am still waiting for the parcel
  • By Tracy Benton on 23 January 2021 Great product and it's a bonus that it will last 6 months from opening.
  • By Caroline on 26 November 2020 Couldn’t live without it
  • By Graham on 26 November 2020 Excellent treatment for painfully dry eyes
  • By Robert Kingman on 07 October 2020 Very good service.
  • By Judith on 12 September 2020 Works well for dry eyes. Comfortable and easy application.
  • By Cathy Scilla on 29 August 2020 I use this product everyday, and really helps to keep my eyes moisturised.
  • By Mrs C. on 05 August 2020 Great for contact lens wearer with dry eye. Plus you can use all the drops and not discard after a few weeks. The bottle will last a few months.
  • By K. Tootell on 05 July 2020 Good product and fit for purpose
  • By Anthony Stocks on 14 June 2020 Good product will continue to use
  • By chrissmith on 13 June 2020 Excellent product and really great delivery time
  • By Jane on 13 June 2020 The Systane lubricating small vials are particularly useful when going out for a walk and keeping in your pocket. They do not leak after opening and lubricate the eyes during the hay fever season. The Hycosan dispenser is easy to use and gives a measured amount each time. It also lasts for several months and doesn’t need to be disposed after thirty days unlike some other eye drops. Have found both items very effective.
  • By Kathryn Borg on 06 June 2020 The product was delivered very quickly which was impressive. However I haven’t been able to use it yet so this request for a review is a bit premature. I have however, on the basis of the information sheet included with the drops, recommended them,and, as such, been told I will receive an Amazon voucher. So at the moment it is too soon to say anything about the product. The service was excellent.
  • By Mark on 22 May 2020 Very soothing for dry eyes when wearing lenses
  • By Viv Croot on 16 May 2020 It does the job well, but getting the dose right is a bit difficult - either an eyeful, or none - and sometimes needs a good shake. Supposed to give a lot of drops, but I suspect that I get through them quicker than I should because of dosing prob; but a minor quibble, certainly makes eyeballs feel good.
  • By keith dale on 03 May 2020 Came when they said very pleased Wouldn’t hesitate use again k dale
  • By Mrs J Skillen on 25 April 2020 Great help fir my eyes!!!
  • By Samantha Cooper on 25 April 2020 Bit expensive
  • By Trevor Jones on 22 April 2020 I used the cheaper product up to now and only used this for a week. Time will tell.
  • By Judith on 22 April 2020 Great dry eye drops.
  • By Kirsty Matthews on 17 April 2020 Recommended by my optician for screen work. Do the job. Easy to use bottle. Lasts 6 months unlike other brands.
  • By Jennifer on 16 April 2020 One of the best eye drops on the market, really works and relieves strain. Not too bad value for money as there is no waste.
  • By Ramune on 07 July 2018 Not miralce,but does it job.
  • By Natalie on 07 July 2018 I like the fact these drops only dispense one drop at a time. Means there’s no waste or product running down your cheeks.
  • By Sandra on 17 January 2017 My eyes were very dry with and without contact lenses. These eye drops have been excellent for this. They keep my eyes from dryness all day and very easy to apply as I have arthritis in my fingers and it hurts to squeeze the normal type packaging.
  • By Sally on 31 May 2016 The best hydrating product I have found. Not a cheap product but does an excellent job!
  • By Mary-Ann on 23 February 2016 I normally use HyloForte;this appears every bit as effective and does not blur the vision as much.
  • By Eileen Richards on 22 December 2015 Excellent, provides that little extra comfort to normal dry eye products.
  • By andrea pallett on 25 March 2015 Not the easiest of bottles to use but seem to be doing the trick!

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