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Buy grey contact lenses online

Grey contact lenses create a fresh new appearance by transforming or subtly changing your eye colour. We have a wide range of grey lenses available, designed for both dark and light eyes. As we have a huge choice of coloured contacts with various shades of grey you are sure to find the exact shade of grey you need. 

Do I need a prescription to order my grey lenses?

No! We have three types of person who normally buy our grey contact lenses:
•    Existing contact wearers that want to go for a new look and want grey contacts to make their eyes stand out.
•   Non glasses or non contact lens wearing people who just want to change their eye colour either long term or just for a special occasion or to match an outfit. 
•    Fancy dress enthusiasts love our coloured contact lenses whether it be for Halloween, a fancy dress party or a cosplay event.

All of these wearers are able to get the lens they want from us in either non-prescription or prescription variations. 

How long can I keep my grey contacts in?

We have all the durations you will need so if you are an existing contacts wearer and would like to keep the same duration you have normally then just continue with that or if you do need a change then we have all the options you require. 

If you are buying contacts that are just to match an outfit or for a fancy dress costume and you may not use them all the time then it would perhaps be best to go for disposable contact lenses that are only designed to be worn once then discarded. Even though these grey contact lenses are to be used only once you must still prepare them properly and use the correct solutions as recommended.

Are grey contacts the same quality as the normal contacts I buy?

Yes. Lenstore, as a trusted online retailer, stock only the top brands who have a history of producing the best high quality grey contact lenses. These lenses are the same high quality products that any contact lens wearer has access to. The grey lenses are very affordable and offered at prices that are discounted against the contact lenses available on the high street.  

Grey contact lenses for Halloween or fancy dress

Grey coloured contact lenses are becoming a popular way to enhance a look especially when matched with a Halloween or a fancy dress outfit. Many people choose to have a selection of non-prescription contact lenses at home in varying colours so they always have them to hand to enhance any outfit they choose. Grey eyes are not common so adding them to your outfit will really make you stand out from the crowd. 

What other colours do you have?

Check out our coloured contact lenses pages for our prescription and non-prescription range of coloured contacts. There is a vast array of colours available as well as a wide range of different lens effects such as catseyes, blackout contact lenses and many more. For these ranges please check out our Halloween contact lenses page and our prescription Halloween contact lenses page

Lenstore is a trusted online retailer of top brands such as Freshlook coloured contacts, so you can be sure of only the highest quality lenses. We dispatch all of our orders from within the UK, ensuring reliable, super-fast delivery.