Boston Cleaner (30ml)

Boston Cleaner

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30ml per box


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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

Easy to use

Bausch & Lomb's Boston Cleaner is tinted, making it easier to see.

Eliminates unwanted build-ups

Formulated to remove any protein and lipid deposits that can build up on your lenses.

Optimum comfort

Effective lens cleaning solution to reduce the risk of harmful germs and bacteria from irritating your eyes.

*Please note this product is suitable for use with hard and gas permeable lenses only.


Active Component: Alkyl Sulphate Surfactant (8,0% p/v) | Other Ingredients: Sodium Chloride | Sodium Phosphate | Non Ionic Alcohol Surfactant | Silica Gel Suspension | with Titanium Dioxide

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Boston Cleaner Reviews

Overall: 4.97 30 reviews

  • By Jayne Every on 30 November 2021 Good product.
  • By Ann Radley on 30 November 2021 I have used it before, it's fine.
  • By paul on 27 November 2021 Been using for 30 years Been struggling to get hold of lately but hopefully soon more will be available
  • By Andrew on 26 November 2021 The best cleaner you can ever get for hard contact lenses this one. Unfortunately you can no longer buy the Boston cleaner in stores since back in June so although easy to buy from Lenstore it is a little more expensive to purchase than in the stores hence why i gave 4 stars instead of 5.
  • By Sally on 25 November 2021 Best cleaner for GP lenses. Unfortunately out of stock in most places for months following a product recall by the manufacturers.
  • By Neesy on 25 November 2021 Excellent product - there is no substitute
  • By Colin Putbrace on 23 November 2021 Very good
  • By Val T on 23 November 2021 Good product
  • By Naomi on 19 November 2021 a drop on each of my gas-permeable lenses, rub gently and rinse away - I've used this stuff for years now, and these days it's tinted so that it's even easier to see what you're doing! It looks after my EYES as well as the lenses, as the lenses are cleaner and more sterile, and so it's meant my lenses have lasted and been clean and safe to use for years - unless my prescription has changed!
  • By Mr Chapman on 18 November 2021 It's good to have this product available again. I've used it for years (indicating I really like it for hard lens cleaning) and I really missed it while unavailable. The alternative I used was not nearly as good in my opinion.
  • By customer on 18 November 2021 I would recommend Boston Advance system for use with RGP lenses.
  • By Jacks on 18 November 2021 First time I’ve used Lenstore - pleased with prompt service. Been using the product for my GPS for many years
  • By Miss Folkes on 16 November 2021 Have used this product for years!! Never had any issues at all!!
  • By Phillips on 16 November 2021 It does what it says
  • By Jayne Call on 16 November 2021 Used this for years but have been unable to get any since the recall in June. So was pleased to find it available again.
  • By Christine on 16 November 2021 Have used this product for years and its the best for me
  • By Graham Fletcher on 16 November 2021 After months of not being able to get lens cleaner of any description, following the product recall by Bausch & Lomb, it's such a relief to be able to buy my favourite cleaner.
  • By Angie on 20 January 2021 Good product
  • By The Barns bazaar on 19 January 2021 Very small for the price
  • By Linda McCutcheon on 15 January 2021 Have used this for years ! Great service
  • By Nicole on 14 January 2021 Safe and effective.
  • By Don Crispin on 21 November 2020 Found this to be the best for my lens routine
  • By Stephen Howson on 15 November 2020 Used it for the last 10 years with gas permeable 👍🏼
  • By Easylife customer on 17 June 2020 Do not want to use any other cleaner for my lenses
  • By Zoe on 02 May 2020 Excellent product
  • By Susan on 02 May 2020 Works well. I have been using this product for years and it is excellent.
  • By Mrs janet Daniels on 28 April 2020 Have used this product for years
  • By Lan on 28 April 2020 A good product but feel it is a little overpriced
  • By Sarah C on 12 September 2017 used this for several years now - always come back to it
  • By Peter on 22 April 2015 excellent service - would use them again at some time in the future

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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