Boston Conditioning Solution (120ml)

Boston Conditioning Solution

69 customer reviews

120ml per box


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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

Protects your eyes

Optimised preservative system to remove harmful bacteria from the surface of your lenses.

Reduces friction

Unique formula to reduce friction against the cornea and eyelids, as well as removing eye-irritating particles.

Complete conditioning

Boston Conditioning Solution offers a complete conditioning cycle by wetting, soaking and disinfecting your contacts.

*Please note this product is suitable for use with hard and gas permeable lenses only.

This 120ml bottle should last for one month.


Disinfectants: Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.0005% w/v) | Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.003% w/v) | Disodium Edetate (0.05% w/v) | Other: Salts and Buffering Agents | Polyquaternium 10 | Cellulosic Viscoifier | Polyvinyl Alcohol | Derivatizen Polyethylene Glycol

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Boston Conditioning Solution Reviews

Overall: 4.91 69 reviews

  • By nhojsievad on 22 April 2022 The best solution I have found for the care of my lenses.
  • By Mr Mike Cruse on 09 April 2022 An ideal product for those who use gas-permeable lenses. Decent price, great product.
  • By Judy E. on 04 April 2022 Item as expected.
  • By Anna Joyce on 01 April 2022 I'm now over 70 and still wearing rigid contact lens after 40 years I put it down to using this product
  • By Ron on 24 March 2022 Having worn contact lenses for over 40 years I can safely say that Boston are the best products and the cleaner is no exception. Cleans the lenses very well.
  • By Gina Lloyd on 19 March 2022 Quality product.
  • By Happy customer on 17 March 2022 Does the job. Prefer to other thinner products.
  • By Kags Newman on 08 March 2022 Suitable for use
  • By Mrs Y D Rooney on 26 February 2022 Excellent service from lenstore next day delivery. This product is very good the only one I can use and can no longer buy it in the shops for some reason.
  • By Christine on 22 February 2022 I have worn gp lens for 37 years and this is the best solution I have tried.
  • By AliG on 18 February 2022 great product for my GP Lenses
  • By Clifford Elms on 12 February 2022 Great cushioning on the eye
  • By Elaine Wadhams on 20 January 2022 I have used this solution for many years it's very good, my optician normally supplies this for me, for some reason they cannot at the moment, so it was good to buy them from Lenstor
  • By Carol B on 18 January 2022 Great product suits my lens and eyes
  • By Customer on 18 January 2022 By far the best product out there for my Gas Perm Contact Lenses! When it couldn't be found anywhere recently, other solutions just did not clean or condition my lenses as well. Never want to be without it again! *
  • By Customer on 14 January 2022 Have used for years and rate it very highly.
  • By Helen on 16 December 2021 This is a great product. I love it. Have never had any problems with my lens use with this product. The best on the market
  • By CHRISTINE ELLIOTT on 14 December 2021 Very good service, have had problems getting these products for some time, so I was very pleased.
  • By Derek Hutchison on 03 December 2021 Used this for 30 years none better
  • By Lynne on 30 November 2021 This has been off the market for approximately 6 months and I have not used anything that comes close. How happy I am to be able to see properly again.
  • By paul on 27 November 2021 Been using for 30 year Been struggling to get hold of it lately hopefully more will soon be available
  • By Anne Sliwka on 20 November 2021 Used this for years, always satisfied!
  • By Jean on 19 November 2021 Used this product for 25+ years- always recommended by opticians.
  • By customer on 18 November 2021 I would recommend the Boston Advance system for use with RGP lenses.
  • By Jayne Call on 16 November 2021 Have not opened this yet, but have used it for years until the recall last June. So just p;eased to find it in stock again.
  • By Joanne Boggan on 06 November 2021 Unable to get my normal solution and tried shop brand which irritated my eyes. I tried this brand. Comfortable for my eyes.
  • By customer on 19 October 2021 Great product and reasonable prices
  • By Mr Mike Cruse on 12 October 2021 Ideal product for gas-permeable lenses, tried and tested. Decent value for money.
  • By Mrs Wilson on 07 October 2021 Does a very good job. shame I can't get the Boston cleaner at the moment. I have to use a different one.
  • By Alison Scrimshaw on 03 October 2021 I have used this product for over 40 years with my hard contact lemses. Enough said.
  • By Mrs Y D Rooney on 02 October 2021 Very fast delivery, and lovely to have this again as I have always used this but haven't been able to get it in the shops over the last few months, so well done to you for stocking it..really pleased with this purchase.
  • By D. Dell on 28 September 2021 I have been wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses for 45 years and get on very well with this, can wear all day unless I do something dusty.
  • By Jane on 14 September 2021 Best lens fluid I have used out of six brads over thirty years.
  • By Angela D on 11 September 2021 No other wetting solution is as good as this!
  • By Nick Parker on 31 August 2021 Superb product, customer service delivery.
  • By Elizabeth Kirkham on 25 August 2021 Impossible to buy this in the uk at the moment ordering online was the perfect solution
  • By Anne Beaumont on 24 August 2021 Always use this product, for nearly 40 years!!
  • By Steven Ansell on 24 August 2021 Very Good Product No Other Brands Match. For Eyes You Need The Best.
  • By Kimberley Garratt on 24 August 2021 The same conditioning solution that I have used for many years, near had any problems with it.
  • By MRS GAYNOR M FISHER on 24 August 2021 Always use it, hard to get in store ,glad they could supply it
  • By Christine Ball on 19 August 2021 Excellent product
  • By Mr Brian McCullough on 19 August 2021 Excellent product used for years
  • By Neesy on 17 August 2021 Excellent product. Hard to source due to manufacturing issues lately
  • By Je on 17 August 2021 I have used this product for many years. It’s reasonably priced and I have never experienced any problems with it. It suits me better than any other similar product I have tried.
  • By Mrs. Janet Norris on 31 July 2021 The only solutions to use
  • By MRS LOUISE POLLARD on 13 July 2021 Have always used this keeps my lens in top condition
  • By Dilys Taylor on 09 July 2021 Thank goodness for lens store. Boston solutions nowhere to be found!! Not at boots Tesco Sainsbury’s etc. Came after 3 weeks on order a week ago so thank you!!
  • By Helen on 26 June 2021 I find this very good for my gas permeable contact lenses. No issues with irritation and always use it
  • By Mrs Barrett on 04 June 2021 I have been using this product for the last twenty years at least, and find it infinitely better than using an all-in-one solution which has less buffering effect. I am disappointed at how difficult it is to find on the shelves nowadays.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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