Boston Simplus Multi Action Solution (120ml)

Boston Simplus Multi Action Solution

58 customer reviews

120ml per box


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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

No fuss

There's no need to buy multiple products - this solution does it all.

No build-ups

With a built-in protein remover, this solution makes maintaining your gas permeable lenses easy.


Boston Multi Action Simplus solution cleans, disinfects, conditions, cushions, rinses and wets contact lenses.

*Please note this product is suitable for use with hard and gas permeable lenses only.

This 120ml bottle should last for one month.


A sterile, aqueous, buffered solution that contains: Poloxamine | Hydroxyalkylphosphonate | Boric Acid | Sodium Borate | Sodium Chloride | Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose | Glucam | Preserved with: Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.003%) | Polyaminopropyl Biguanide (0.0005%)

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Boston Simplus Multi Action Solution Reviews

Overall: 4.83 58 reviews

  • By Shirley on 08 March 2022 Excellent product
  • By Diane on 15 February 2022 Best product on the market
  • By Lucille Alfreda Bartlett on 15 February 2022 perfect for my lens and easy use
  • By AnnaT on 03 February 2022 Wouldn't use anything else
  • By Caroline Ennis on 21 January 2022 Very good product, great to be able to purchase multi pack at a competitive price. Arrived on time. Would happily order again.
  • By Brendan Morgan on 07 January 2022 I've been using this 10+yrs, recently i'm finding it hard to get them in chemists,
  • By Tony on 16 December 2021 just what I was looking for
  • By Leadbetter on 03 December 2021 Consistent quality - have not suffered any eye infections recently.
  • By Dawn Palmer on 26 November 2021 Suits my lenses perfectly
  • By Roger on 16 November 2021 Always used Boston. Been difficult to get recently due to production issues. But still the best all in one solution
  • By Susan on 30 October 2021 Great product. Have used this for many years.
  • By Leadbetter on 26 October 2021 I have used Bosch and Lomb Simplus multi-action solution for over 6 years, and have never had any problems with vision or eye infections
  • By Tony on 15 October 2021 Simple to use everyday
  • By AnnaT on 28 September 2021 Best lens solution I've ever used. So easy and works brilliantly.
  • By Brian Robertson on 17 September 2021 Been using it for years, no problems.
  • By Christopher Daley on 14 September 2021 Fast and efficient service
  • By Ann on 14 September 2021 Sorry this product was no help at all I need Boston Advance Cleaner or an alternative this product is can buy at any time
  • By G Dewhurst on 31 August 2021 Not my usual product but due to supply problems I have tried this an alternative and am happy with it. An all in one solution does what it claims.
  • By Susanna Williams on 25 August 2021 Excellent product
  • By Mr dennis jefferson on 24 August 2021 Cant get this product anywhere saves lot of time being multi and saves money instead of buying seperate cleaner and wetting solution
  • By Ian Robertson on 24 August 2021 Makes my eyes feel cared for
  • By Clifford Elms on 24 August 2021 Gives great eye comfort
  • By Caroline on 24 August 2021 Saves buying separate cleaner and soaking solution.
  • By Anne on 20 August 2021 It is excellent for use with hard contact lenses
  • By Rose on 17 August 2021 Great service.
  • By Camilla Rudd on 17 August 2021 Having had the previous batches withdrawn, I wasn't able to find this anywhere until I found it here! Its been a lifesaver and will keep me going till I am able to get back to my opticians. Great product.
  • By D J Allen on 17 August 2021 The best hard lens solution you can buy.
  • By Yvonne on 17 August 2021 Good value for money if you have hard contact lenses
  • By Mr.Glenwright on 17 August 2021 It is a product we know well
  • By Shirley on 17 August 2021 My mum uses this solution and she is delighted. Enough said.
  • By Dave Spruce on 17 August 2021 Most favoured product for gas permeable lenses, have used for years.
  • By Jade Jeffrey on 17 August 2021 Been using this for years always cleanes my contacts well
  • By Carol Moore on 10 August 2021 Very happy. Well packaged
  • By Gill Bradley on 06 August 2021 I always use this for my gas permeable lenses. Does the job.
  • By Angela Weise-Bent on 06 August 2021 This solution leaves a film on my lenses that make my vision not clear. By the end of the day I feel like I am looking through fog. I am going have to go back to my Boots brand of contact lenses solutions. Pity, because I thought this one step solution would be a great idea instead of the three I am using with the Boots products.
  • By Joe on 06 August 2021 Great product, if you can acquire it !
  • By Customer on 03 August 2021 Best product for gas permeable lenses
  • By Anne Blake on 13 July 2021 Use this regularly but Boots had nothing in stock, ordered from Lens store on a Saturday and arrived in post on Monday😀
  • By Gill Othen on 10 July 2021 Good to be able to access my usual brand.
  • By Christopher Daley on 30 June 2021 Have used this for years, great product
  • By Susan on 30 June 2021 Great alternative to separate solutions.
  • By Mr Gary Telfer on 16 June 2021 Great product
  • By Jackie on 15 June 2021 A relief to find some that has not been withdrawn
  • By Julie Viollet on 10 June 2021 I have used this product for over 30 years.
  • By Madeleine on 09 June 2021 This all-in-one solution saves the faff of having 2 separate bottles for wetting and cleaning. Lens wear comfort is also very good.
  • By jahrule on 18 February 2021 Will always use lenstore no more boots chemist . convenience safe. Has I am shielding arrived through my letterbox. Very happy
  • By Jean on 31 December 2020 Always use this as all in one cleaner and wetting solution for hard lenses.
  • By customer on 09 October 2020 Very professional
  • By Customer on 16 September 2020 Excellent product
  • By Dave on 27 August 2020 Useful as an all-in-one fluid.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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