Total Care Daily Cleaner (2x 15ml)

Total Care Daily Cleaner

56 customer reviews

2x 15ml per box


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Acuvue Contact Lenses

No fuss

An effective, simple solution to keep your lenses clean.

Reduces irritation

Blink Total Care Daily Cleaner removes bacteria to reduce irritation and discomfort.

Protects your eyes

Works to eliminate dirt and protein deposits from your lenses to keep eyes safe and healthy.

*Please note this product is suitable for use with hard and gas permeable lenses only.

These 2x15ml bottles should last for one month.


Polyhexmethylene Biguanide 0.0001% | Tyloxapol 0.025% | Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose 0.15%

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Total Care Daily Cleaner Reviews

Overall: 4.46 56 reviews

  • By Joanna St. on 19 October 2021 Very good product. Good quality. All good 👍🏻
  • By Emma on 15 October 2021 Good not been able to get this product in shops for ages
  • By Paul Messis on 14 October 2021 Routine daily lens cleaner, excellent product.
  • By Simon on 13 October 2021 I have just changed to this as the product that I have been using for the last 40 years appears to have been withdrawn from the market. So far so good, absolutely no issues!
  • By Stephanie on 12 October 2021 Using this as a substitute for Boston Advance cleaner (which is currently unavailable). Seems to do the job, but I prefer the consistency of the Boston product.
  • By Jemima on 11 October 2021 Produce is thin, clear and slippery to use. Works as well as anything else available at present, but not particularly impressed with it.
  • By Doctor Susan Hewitt on 07 October 2021 Would be better if more creamy as its a clear liquid and less easy to see. But it does the job and I am happy
  • By Sheila on 07 October 2021 I've been using this product for years & wouldn't consider buying anything else
  • By John Longhorn on 05 October 2021 As good as I can get now Boston is unavailable
  • By Lindsay on 05 October 2021 More expensive than other branded cleaners (which were out of stock)but good quality.
  • By Alicia on 21 September 2021 Excellent service
  • By Lynne on 21 September 2021 Good product and lovely to see some quality cleaning product at last. The issues surrounding contact lens products continues.
  • By wayne james on 04 September 2021 Does the job
  • By Mr Chapman on 03 September 2021 Bought this product as an alternative to another brand that has not been available for a while and although I'm sure it does a good job at cleaning my lenses, I find that it does not rub as smoothly between the fingers when doing the cleaning as my usual product.
  • By wotsisface on 02 September 2021 I'm a Bausch and Lomb Boston Advance RGP cleaner refugee, looking for something to replace the currently unobtainable B & L product. This cleaner has a different content from the B & L stuff, I really don't know whether it will be suitable or not. I'll need about a month to find out. All I can say is, so far so good.
  • By Stephanie on 02 September 2021 This product is proving serviceable, my optician recommended it because my usual brand is currently unavailable. However I prefer my usual brand and will probably revert when it becomes available.
  • By Pauline Barlow on 31 August 2021 I have used the same products for my contact lens needs for over 30 years however when these were recalled I was anxious about changing to a new brand . I need not have worried . Total care cleaner has proven to be an excellent replacement and my lenses are more comfortable than ever. Wish I had discovered this product earlier and will certainly be using this brand in future.
  • By Rosalina on 31 August 2021 A good cleaner for gas permeable lenses
  • By Chris on 31 August 2021 Doesn't give the feeling of cleaning the lens unlike other cleaners - very thin and watery
  • By Diane on 17 July 2021 It is suitable for my eyes whereas some other solutions are not.
  • By Diane on 16 July 2021 Was using Boston Advance Cleaner until the product recall and trying this for the first time. Good product.
  • By wayne james on 16 July 2021 Does what it says on the tin
  • By Edna Dearmun on 10 July 2021 Had to use this as my usual product was recalled
  • By Steven Davison on 10 July 2021 Used this cleaner in the past does the job perfect
  • By Christine on 29 June 2021 Marvellous for sensitive eyes
  • By LauraH on 25 June 2021 What purchase? I paid and got nothing. I know it seems like not much money, but normally air is free and that's all I got from this bunch!
  • By PW on 24 June 2021 As before - seems to be effective
  • By David Hale on 22 June 2021 The only contact lens cleaning solution I am not allergic to.
  • By Graeme Curry on 17 November 2020 pleased with product
  • By Paul on 07 November 2020 Great service
  • By Elaine on 03 October 2020 Excellent cleaner for gas permeable lenses. Having used this product for over 30 years, I can highly recommend it.
  • By Malene on 01 October 2020 I’ve used this for years, tried others but they leave the lens tacky and sticky. Unfortunately it’s not stocked at many places now, such a shame.
  • By Marie Julia Doran on 29 September 2020 Very pleased with this product
  • By Mr Johnston on 13 September 2020 Great product
  • By J. Wells on 23 August 2020 I find this is the best cleaner for gas permeable lens. I’ve tried other makes but nothing compares to the quality and comfort of this.
  • By Carol Whitworth on 10 July 2020 Excellent product. Used this contact lens cleaner for years. No problems with producy
  • By Graham Johnson on 14 June 2020 Always used Total Care Daily Cleaner and Never been Disappointed
  • By Karen on 13 June 2020 I have done the review already
  • By paul chapman on 08 May 2020 Excellent product
  • By Peter Latham on 16 April 2020 Ideal product for my lenses.
  • By Patti on 16 April 2020 Excellent cleaner which I have used for years. Far superior to any others (which tend to be watery). Never had any problems like eye infections. My GP lenses can last for years using the Total cleaner and the separate Total soaking solution which keep them clean, in great condition and comfortable. Highly recommended.
  • By Elaine on 04 April 2020 I have used this great product for many years. It meets my requirements thoroughly. I also appreciated the good advice received from this company and would recommend this product.
  • By Susan on 11 September 2019 Very good cleaner. It is a "clear" cleaner as well. I have been wearing "hard" contact lenses for over 45 years now & have found that some of the other cleaners can leave an unclear film if you are not careful
  • By David on 13 July 2019 Not many places stock the product now. Dearer than supermarket prices. No problems with ordering process and very quick delivery. Recommended
  • By J. Wells on 07 July 2019 I love this lens cleaner. It is so much better than any other on the market. It’s the only product that I can use that suits my eyes. It doesn’t seem to be widely available in shops, which is a shame. But I order from and it arrives very quickly. I hope this product never goes out of production. I would highly recommend to all gas permeable lens users.
  • By Carol Whitworth on 21 June 2019 Used this cleaner for over 30 years. Excellent for gas permeable lenses
  • By Tina Sweetland on 10 May 2019 Love this product
  • By Jennifer on 20 March 2019 The usual good quality product, would not purchase anything else.
  • By Carol Whitworth on 05 March 2019 Used this product for years. Really pleased.
  • By Ray on 26 January 2019 Tried and trusted product

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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