Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting Solution (120ml)

Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting Solution

43 customer reviews

120ml per box

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Acuvue Contact Lenses

Eliminates bacteria

Disinfects your lenses to maintain good eye health.

Gentle formula

Preservative-free formula suitable for sensitive eyes.

Increased comfort

Designed to sustain the comfort of your contact lenses by keeping them clean and hydrated.

*Please note this product is suitable for use with hard and gas permeable lenses only.

This 120ml bottle should last for one month.


PHMB - 0.0005% | EDTA - 0.010%

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Total Care Disinfecting, Storing and Wetting Solution Reviews

Overall: 4.81 43 reviews

  • By Lynn on 21 October 2021 This is my preferred solution but it seems to have disappeared from supermarket shelves. Delighted to find it available on Lens Store at a comparable price.
  • By Joanna St. on 19 October 2021 Great product ! It does everything what it says on the bottle Recommend to rigid contact lenses wearers.
  • By Sheila on 07 October 2021 I've been using this product for years & wouldn't consider using anything else
  • By Lindsay on 05 October 2021 Tried and tested and suits my eyes, less irritation.
  • By David on 05 October 2021 Most satisfactory
  • By Don Crispin on 05 October 2021 I have been a RGP lens wearer for over 40 years and have used many products over that time, I personally ding Total to be the best for my lens regime.
  • By Julie Howell on 07 September 2021 Excellent as described. Fast delivery.
  • By wayne james on 04 September 2021 Used for many years without issue getting more difficult to obtain thanks to lenstore
  • By Ann Pace on 27 August 2021 This is my usual contact lens cleansing and disinfecting solution. I have been using it for several years and it suits my gas permeable lenses.
  • By MADELINE JONES* on 10 August 2021 Good quality product & good price.
  • By Jxxxx on 05 August 2021 Good product
  • By Barrie Clark on 04 August 2021 In the absence of separate wetting and cleaning solutions (mine were recalled by Boots) I ordered the Total solution, which has been good. Still waiting for cleaning solution - six weeks now!
  • By Mary, North London on 03 August 2021 It’s a good product for gas permeable lenses.
  • By Justine Rogers on 03 August 2021 Great product
  • By Margaret Hudson on 03 August 2021 Product good as it should be but service from the Lenstore very poor.
  • By Disappointed on 24 June 2021 Product is excellent but I later found the same product at almost half the price.
  • By Joanna on 24 June 2021 I have recently developed a floater in my right eye. If I wore glasses, this would be a relatively easy adaptation, but it was really interfering with my use of my contacts! In response I had changed some of my care routine; then my regular brand of solution was recalled, so I took to the internet seeking an alternative product. Lenstore advertised Total Care and I purchased it. It arrived the very next day and I am completely satisfied with it. Total Care feels good in my eyes - it has really helped to progress the neuro-adaptation as I seek to deal with this floater, and has become a brand I trust.
  • By PW on 24 June 2021 Does the job
  • By Lynda EDDINGTON on 24 June 2021 I used to use this product a few years ago then could not get it at my regular chemist and changed to another and did have a small bother with my eyes. However this product is as good as it always was. The eye problem has gone and my eyes with my lenses are comfortable again . Thank you Total Care
  • By Don Crispin on 29 May 2021 I have tried many products over 40 years and have found Total to give my lens the best comfort.
  • By Christine on 31 March 2021 Have used it for many years as it is good for sensitive eyes. It is no longer readily available in supermarkets.
  • By Dottie on 26 March 2021 Very comfortable solution for my hard contact lenses.
  • By Carmen on 24 March 2021 good product for gas permeable lenses
  • By Don Crispin on 21 November 2020 Usual good quality
  • By Margaret Routledge on 09 November 2020 excellent product, l have had problems with my eyes when using similar products to clean my lens, the total care products clean and disinfect and are gentle on my eyes, it does not cause any redness or irritation.
  • By Marie Julia Doran on 29 September 2020 Very pleased with this product
  • By Allison on 29 September 2020 Good product and reasonably priced
  • By A Roose on 25 September 2020 Used this product for years without a problem
  • By Marie Julia Doran on 30 July 2020 Lens store prices where the cheapest for this product
  • By Allison on 18 July 2020 Good product and amazing delivery time
  • By Allison on 13 June 2020 Excellent service. Delivered within two days. Good product
  • By Jackie on 06 June 2020 Good product
  • By Russell on 02 May 2020 Top quality product and delivered in first class condition
  • By Mr Michael Macphail on 28 April 2020 have used for years and been pleased with the quality.
  • By Allison on 16 April 2020 Good value for money . It did what it says on the tin
  • By Keith Tapscott on 28 March 2020 Best in its category.
  • By Penelope on 06 November 2019 Continuing good use
  • By M L on 20 July 2019 I already use this excellent product so I always buy the same one every time
  • By William on 30 May 2019 Very good,have used it over a long period.
  • By Jennifer on 20 March 2019 I have always used Totalcare products, and now they are owned by Blink they are still the same excellent product. The Blink eye drops I order are also very good quality.
  • By Brian on 10 March 2017 Previous version was better.
  • By Chris Brown on 06 December 2016 Very prompt service, competitive prices.
  • By Rajan Bindra on 04 April 2015 Good website, well priced products, fast delivery. Just watch the expiry dates

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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