AOSept Plus with HydraGlyde Twin Pack (2*360ml)

AOSept Plus with HydraGlyde Twin Pack

7 customer reviews

2*360ml per box

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2 lens cases included


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CIBA Vision / Alcon Contact Lenses

Important: This is a Hydrogen Peroxide solution – please consult with your Optician and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before use. Do not let solution come in direct contact with your eyes. Not for use with coloured lenses.

This 3% hydrogen peroxide solution lubricates, cleans, and disinfects both soft and RGP contact lenses.

Suited to all lenses

This multipurpose solution is compatible with all types of lenses.

Safe for sensitive eyes

AOSEPT PLUS does not contain preservatives, making it perfect for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive eyes.

Removes irritants

By removing unwanted deposits and irritants, AOSEPT PLUS helps to keep your eyes clean and healthy for optimum comfort.

*Make sure lenses are stored in the solution for at least 6 hours. This allows the hydrogen peroxide to neutralise, resulting in a preservative-free saline solution that is gentle on the eyes.


Hydrogen Peroxide 3% | Phosphonic Acid | Sodium Chloride | Phosphate | Poloxamer | HydraGlyde* Moisture Matrix (EOBO-21* - Polyoxethylene-Polyoxybutylene)

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AOSept Plus with HydraGlyde Twin Pack Reviews

Overall: 5.00 7 reviews

  • By melissa on 02 April 2022 A good, reliable product. Multipack is always value for money. Hard to review something that is fairly essential and doesn't have many competitors: it does exactly what it says on the box.
  • By Cris on 31 March 2021 Good Good Good
  • By Cris on 23 January 2021 The product is great but a repeat order, a second one within two weeks of the first is NOT required. The service in delivering this product the second time was appalling. It took me a great deal of effort to correct the problem
  • By Cris on 13 January 2021 Why don't you tell people the order you want them to rate in the email?
  • By Cris on 07 November 2020 great great
  • By Sarah on 05 September 2020 Great service
  • By Frank on 13 June 2020 Not the cheapest, but the best product in its class

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