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Menicon was founded in 1951 as Japan’s first commercial manufacturer of contact lenses and remains its top-selling lens company to this day. Menicon’s products are available in over 80 countries, making them not only the largest contact lens producer in Japan but as a top manufacturer globally.

As the only lens manufacturer in the world dedicated to all areas of contact lens-related business, Menicon is regarded as one of the world’s most innovative optical companies. From lens design and material development to the manufacturing of contact lenses and care solutions, Menicon has taken a craftsman-like approach to its entire line of products. Regarded as “pioneers in contact lens production”, deep analysis is applied in every stage of contact lens creation to make them some of the best in the industry.

What types of Menicon contact lenses are there?

Menicon's portfolio of contacts includes dailies, monthlies, and specialised lenses designed for wearers with toric and multifocal prescriptions.

Who makes Miru contact lenses?

The most popular line of products that Menicon offers is its Miru family of lenses. Taken from the Japanese word "to see", Miru lenses deliver brighter vision from the moment you put them in to the moment you take them out. Some of Menicon’s bestselling lens types are its Miru UpSide, Miru 1day Flat Pack, and Miru 1month varieties of premium soft contact lenses.

Popular Menicon Contact Lenses

Miru 1day UpSide 

Miru 1day Upside is the first and only premium silicone hydrogel daily contact lens made with Menicon’s Smart TouchTM technology. Miru 1day Upside uses MeniSilkTM Air & NanoGlossTM Pro technologies. This, partnered with innovative packaging, helps reduce contamination from foreign bodies when handling the lenses. Miru 1day UpSide lenses also offer high levels of defence against harmful sun rays with Class 2 UV protection.

Available Miru 1day UpSide lenses from Lenstore:

Miru 1day UpSide spherical contact lenses

- Miru 1day UpSide multifocal contact lenses

Miru 1day Flat Pack

Miru 1day Flat Pack are daily disposable lenses that are supplied in an ultra-thin and eco-conscious blister pack to minimise the risk of contamination when handling. Miru 1day Flat Pack is made from a material called Hioxifilcon A and utilises Smart TouchTM and CENTRAFORMTM technologies to provide the best lens-wearing experience. Miru Flat Pack's environmentally friendly packaging reduces waste by 80% compared to a year supply of other disposable contact lenses.

Available Miru 1day Flat Pack lenses from Lenstore:

Miru 1day Flat Pack spherical contact lenses

Miru 1day Flat Pack toric contact lenses

Miru 1day Flat Pack multifocal contact lenses

Miru 1month 

Miru 1month uses MeniSilkTM and NanoGlossTM technologies to help meet the demands of today’s contact lens wearers. Available as Miru 1month for Astigmatism and Miru 1month Multifocal. Miru 1month for Astigmatism uses Visiostable DesignTM technology to provide clear and comfortable vision. Miru 1month multifocal uses Dual Balanced Design to provide easy adaption and a naturally smooth transition through near, intermediate and far viewing.

Available Miru 1month lenses from Lenstore:

Miru 1month spherical contact lenses

Miru 1month for Astigmatism contact lenses

Miru 1month Multifocal contact lenses

Menicon contact lens technology

Menicon is responsible for creating many of the most ground-breaking contact lens advancements available in the market today. These include:

MeniSilkTM Air - delivers one of the highest levels of oxygen transmission to the eye of any commercially available lens to provide excellent hydrations and comfort.

NanoGlossTM Pro - a super smooth surface designed specifically to enhance the comfort of this ultra-low modulus material. Benefits include nanometre precision, low friction surface & highly wettable.

Smart TouchTM - innovative packaging that allows the inner surface of the lens to remain uncontaminated up to the point of application. The wearer only needs to touch the outer surface when inserting the lens.

CENTRAFORMTM - a unique fully automated lens manufacturing process that produces high-quality optics in a comfortable thin lens design – resulting in a smooth edge that reduces friction when the wearer blinks.

Dual Balanced Design - provides easy adaption with naturally smooth transitions to view any object cleanly, no matter the distance.

Visiostable DesignTM - a lens design that works with your eyes for clear and comfortable vision. The unique asymmetric vertical thin zones match the eyelids’ natural asymmetric coverage of the cornea harnessing the natural lid force, optimising centration, and preventing rotation.

Neuro AdaptiveTM Design - allows for the adaptation of multiple prescriptions into a single lens to provide crisp sight at any distance.

How to insert contact lenses with Smart Touch technology

Alternative Brands

ACUVUE - Pioneering many technological breakthroughs and produced the world’s first daily disposable contact lens, the Acuvue Disposable. Its current offerings include the popular Oasys and 1-day Acuvue Moist lens families.

Bausch & Lomb - As one of the most well-known lens manufacturers, Bausch & Lomb consistently offer cost-effective and reliable contact lenses that suit many different prescriptions.

CIBA Vision / Alcon - Alcon offers one of the widest selections of products in eye care, including award-winning daily disposable, monthlies, colour enhancing contact lenses alongside numerous accessories to cover most wearers’ needs.

CooperVision - A global leader in eye care, Coopervision’s range of contact lens types are aimed to meet your lifestyle, budget, and vision care needs.

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