Biotrue Triple Pack (3*300ml)

Biotrue Triple Pack

3*300ml per box

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  • 3 lens cases included

Bausch & Lomb’s popular contact lens solution, Biotrue, is a multipurpose solution which can be used for both rinsing and disinfecting soft contact lenses. Biotrue has been designed to match the pH of healthy tears and to maintain moisture in the contact lens, providing the contact lens wearer with excellent comfort.


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Bausch & Lomb


  • Multipurpose solution. Can be used to rinse and disinfect your lenses.
  • Ensures your lenses stay comfortable. Maintains a higher level of moisture in your contact lenses.
  • Keeps valuable proteins active. Mimics certain properties of your eye to keep beneficial proteins and fluids in good shape.

This Biotrue Triple Pack includes three bottles of Bausch & Lomb's multi-purpose solution. It can be used to rinse and disinfect your soft contact lenses, helping to keep your eyes healthy and problem-free.

Biotrue contacts lens solution replicates the pH levels in your tears and maintains moisture in the lenses. This means your eyes will stay hydrated for longer and ensures optimum comfort throughout the day.

By mimicking various other properties in your eyes, this solution also ensures that certain valuable proteins and fluids are kept active. This keeps your eyes healthy and bright.

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