ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack (3*240ml)

ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack

32 customer reviews

3*240ml per box

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Bausch & Lomb Contact Lenses

Protects your eyes

Removes germs and harmful debris from your lenses, reducing dryness to keep your eyes feeling fresh and healthy.

Safe for sensitive eyes

Maintains moisture in your lenses and replicates your natural tears, keeping sensitive eyes hydrated and comfortable.

Multipurpose solution

ReNu Multi-Purpose solution is designed to rinse, clean and store your contact lenses without the need for additional products.


Boric Acid | Edetate Disodium | Poloxamine 1% | Sodium Borate | Sodium Chloride | Preserved with: DYMED (polyaminopropyl biguanide) 0.00005%

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ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Triple Pack Reviews

Overall: 4.88 32 reviews

  • By Alexandra on 14 April 2022 The best solution!!
  • By Ivan on 13 April 2022 I have used many different brands of contact lens solution over many years and ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is one of the best for keeping my lenses clean and ready for use.
  • By Mr Riviezzo on 10 March 2022 Excellent value
  • By Anna on 26 February 2022 I am allergic for a different brand. This solution is perfect for my eyes.
  • By Szabolcs on 14 December 2021 Cheap and Good product
  • By Atlanta on 06 November 2021 Quick delivery and good quality
  • By Patricia Madureira on 26 October 2021 Great product at a competitive price.
  • By Shirley on 18 September 2021 Very good for sensitive eyes
  • By Nick Browning on 29 May 2021 Have used this solution for years with no problems.
  • By Deepshikha on 13 April 2021 Reasonable price and good quality. Have used this brand since 2005
  • By Madeleine on 02 January 2021 First class product as always
  • By Alexandre on 16 December 2020 I placed the order on November 29, 2020 and it is December 16 and I still haven't received anything!
  • By Shirley on 04 December 2020 Always use this product, no problems with sensitivity
  • By Mandy on 23 November 2020 Small compact and good product
  • By Sibel on 22 November 2020 The product is good, but it can be much cheaper.
  • By Mick Fisher on 09 October 2020 New to me but proving okay.
  • By StyleCat on 24 September 2020 Great value and a great product, I bought this, even though I wear disposable lenses, because at times in one day I will pop my lenses in for a jog, take them out and wear my glasses, then put them back in for popping to the shops, but there is no point wearing two pairs in one day, this solution is the fix.
  • By KENELENER on 11 September 2020 Prompt service, well packed.
  • By Enzo on 05 August 2020 Very good product at an affordable price, will use Lenstore again.
  • By DAVID on 16 July 2020 Great for sensitive eyes.
  • By Teresa on 06 June 2020 Always use this product
  • By Mrs Ellis on 07 April 2020 Does what it says on the box.
  • By Gillian on 28 March 2020 Fine it fulfills its job
  • By Andrew M on 15 November 2019 Good value solution
  • By Maurice on 07 October 2019 Doe the job
  • By Karen on 19 March 2019 Great solution great price
  • By Gholam Hossein on 30 March 2018 I have good experience from this solution.
  • By Jane on 05 July 2016 Quality product, been using it for years.
  • By Kelly on 19 May 2016 You need to clean your lenses properly after taking them out and before putting them in. This is the best I found
  • By lara duke on 27 December 2015 I have used this for years and it seems to do the job
  • By HB on 06 May 2015 Alot cheaper (nearly half price) to buy here than local supermarket or optician.
  • By Renato on 03 May 2015 Very good product. I have used it for years.

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