ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution (240ml)

ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution

30 customer reviews

240ml per box


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Bausch & Lomb


  • Disinfects and cleans. This solution removes unwanted germs and protein build-ups.
  • Kind to eyes. No harsh chemicals, meaning this solution is ideal for those with sensitive eyes.
  • Added lubricant. Increases the wettability of your lenses.

ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution by Bausch & Lomb is a contact lens solution that can be used for cleaning, disinfecting and storing your contact lenses.

This solution thoroughly cleans your lenses to clear germs and protein build-ups, helping to lessen irritation and discomfort. Furthermore, it lubricates your lenses, ensuring increased wettability and comfort.

Cleaning and storing your lenses correctly will help them stay fresh for longer, ensuring they feel comfortable every day. Using a solution is essential to any contact lens cleaning routine; this 240ml bottle should last you for up 30 days.

Buy ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution from to receive a quality product and excellent service. Our expert in-house Clinical Team is in hand if you ever need any help or advice.

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ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution Reviews

Overall: 4.9 30 reviews

  • By Mhari on 21 March 2017 A good solution that keeps the lenses clean & moist
  • By Michellejon Parkergould on 03 March 2017 Only problem with this is the price, otherwise fantastic
  • By Melanie on 17 September 2016 Does what it says on the bottle
  • By Amir on 14 June 2016 Item came as described and on time, planning to order again.
  • By Della on 04 May 2016 Total value for money. And will be placing another order
  • By Evelina on 23 April 2016 It' Okay . Good choise, very well cleaning eye lenses:)
  • By Francess on 05 April 2016 Very Good product, I will highly recommend to a friend.
  • By Chelsey on 15 March 2016 Great product.will use again.
  • By elizabeth on 09 February 2016 I have tried several solutions and always returned to RE NU Multi PURPOSE
  • By michael on 02 February 2016 easy bottle to pour from and it cleans the lenses very good and keeps them fresh for longer.
  • By Zoe on 30 January 2016 Good stuff - price not bad.
  • By Ian on 19 January 2016 I have been using this brand for years with total satisfaction.
  • By Elisa on 10 January 2016 Currently using this to store my lenses.Had no adverse affects, works like a charm.
  • By Leanne on 18 December 2015 no problems at all. Thank you
  • By Jeff on 01 December 2015 The best fluid for me. No cloudiness and no itching. Still more expensive than whisky though?????
  • By Isobel on 30 November 2015 Works well for sensitive eyes
  • By Sue on 21 November 2015 This product is a large bottle that works well with my lenses
  • By Kathryn on 24 October 2015 This solution seems to do what it is supposed to do so I am pleased with it and would order again.
  • By Katy on 20 October 2015 No problems with this product
  • By Ian on 29 September 2015 Does the job :-)
  • By Chryso on 25 August 2015 I usually used another cleaning product, but from the first time I used Renu I didn't have any problem! I am happy with the product!
  • By Laura on 11 July 2015 Easy to use solution. All in one.
  • By Debbie on 06 July 2015 Good quality cleaner, consistent
  • By Betoul on 16 June 2015 Very good solution. Perfect for my sensitive eyes
  • By Jahangir on 16 June 2015 It's what it says on the box a good cleaner.
  • By Kathie on 12 June 2015 value for money as it is quite a large bottle.
  • By Susan on 19 May 2015 Good all round solution, cant use the lenses without it and cleans and disinfects
  • By Siobhan on 06 May 2015 Good product for sensitive eyes
  • By Pawel on 05 May 2015 Very good product, I use it daily and it works very well
  • By Pablo on 04 April 2015 As solutions go, nothing like something cheap that does the job.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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