MacuShield Gold (90 capsules)

MacuShield Gold

58 customer reviews

90 capsules per box

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those taking blood thinning medication should consult a doctor before using this product.


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Supports healthy vision

MacuShield Gold contains zinc, copper and vitamins to nourish your eyes.

Contains antioxidants

Protects the sensitive areas at the back of your eyes with the help of antioxidants.

Reduces risk of AMD

Designed to enrich the macular pigment to reduce the risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Nutritional Information

3 capsule dose contains:

Meso-zeaxanthin 10mg | Lutein 10mg | Zeaxanthin 2mg | Zinc 25mg | Vitamin C L-ascorbic acid 500mg | Vitamin E d-alpha tocopherol 268mg | Copper 2mg


L-Ascorbic Acid | Capsule Shell (Gelling Agent: Bovine Gelatin, Humectant: Glycerol, Colours: Red Iron Oxide E172, Titanium Dioxide E171) | D-Alpha Tocopherol, Bulking Agent: Sunflower Seed Oil | Marigold Extract (Lutein, meso-zeaxanthin, zeaxanthin, dl-alpha tocopherol) | Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate | Thickener: Silicone Dioxide | Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin | Copper Sulphate Anhydrous

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MacuShield Gold Reviews

Overall: 4.8 58 reviews

  • By Mr Anthony Ashe on 24 November 2019 Arrived promptly. Hoping that the Macu Gold will continue to ward off Macular degeneration.
  • By William Gunning on 23 November 2019 Quality product
  • By Ken on 22 November 2019 value for money, prompt service and speedy delivery.
  • By Mrs Kathryn Stone on 19 November 2019 A good price and excellent speedy service too.
  • By James on 15 November 2019 Recommended to use it. All good so far.
  • By Helen McCALLUM on 15 November 2019 I am using this product on the advice of my optomotrist for slight Macullar Degeneration. He will judge on my next visit if I have benefitted from their use.
  • By Ms K Booth on 15 November 2019 Great product but next time will purchase Macushield original, additional vitamins unnecessary and push the cost up
  • By ronald coleman on 12 November 2019 Hope the medication is working. Good response from the experts
  • By john on 15 October 2019 Excellent value
  • By keith on 12 October 2019 Early days yet but we are hoping it helps
  • By Lorraine on 13 September 2019 This product was recommended to me by my optician. I recommended it to someone else, who's consultant highly approved it.
  • By Carol on 03 September 2019 Easy to swallow
  • By DWF on 23 August 2019 Good product at a good price
  • By richard olak on 21 July 2019 very good /
  • By Angus Milne on 22 June 2019 using on advice of medical professional. hoping they make a difference. time will tell!
  • By Carole Gwillam on 29 May 2019 The product is very good and I shall continue to use it.
  • By sheila on 22 May 2019 Noticed the difference straight away. Will be ordering more.
  • By Customer RuthE on 12 March 2019 Good value. Excellent product and service.
  • By hazel coad on 01 February 2019 Great to protect your eyes
  • By Valerie on 07 June 2018 Happy with the way it is protecting my eyes.
  • By Sarah Bell on 03 April 2018 I'm new to using as a preventative measure, easy to take. Having just had an eye test my macular is good, between this product and a healthy diet I am hopeful it will remain good.
  • By Jean Miller on 24 January 2018 Excellent product for eye health , especially if you have macular degeneration . No side effects as far as I know . After taking it for 1 year now , my M.D. has not deteriorated at all . Expensive but worth the money to get such results and peace of mind.
  • By Mrs Chapman on 24 January 2018 Product is not fake in original box and it does work
  • By Valerie on 06 October 2017 Seem to have slowed down the progress of my macular degeneration. Optometrist happy with my eye scans.
  • By Mr John Witt on 23 June 2017 Gold seems to be making a positive influence on my eyes
  • By William on 13 June 2017 I have no way of knowing how good the tablets are, but my consultant thought it was a good idea to take them and I have not had any deterioration since I started taking them.
  • By Jenny Davis on 19 May 2017 Consultant recommended as Areds 2 - time will tell
  • By Mr William Cormack on 09 May 2017 Express delivery, but excessive packaging. Costly product, but am currently evaluating its efficacy. I hope it lives up to the advertising claims.
  • By Alan on 25 March 2017 Only time will tell if this product is beneficial but as the saying goes every little bit helps !.
  • By Jeanette OWEN on 24 February 2017 Easy to swallow excellent product. Recommended by the hospital. Value for money.
  • By Rosemary on 14 February 2017 This product contains all the ingredients recommended by RNIB to slow down the progression of Macular Degeneration
  • By Phil in Milton Keynes on 04 November 2016 I have only just started using macushield gold so I'll see how they go.
  • By Geoffrey Mogg on 28 September 2016 Time and the optician will tell
  • By Valerie on 06 September 2016 Have taken Macushield for three years on the advice of optometrist. She recently recommended switching to "Gold" which I have done. Won't know if it is worth the extra money and having to take three capsules a day until my next eye appointment.
  • By Margaret on 05 July 2016 Time will tell to see if they help
  • By Janet on 25 May 2016 My mum has been on these a few months now and they are helping her eyes because they haven't got any worse
  • By Ronald on 26 March 2016 New to this product we believe the reviews
  • By Ricky on 26 March 2016 unsure yet just started the course but I feel that at least I'm trying to help my condition with this supplement and its certainly not got any worse since starting, that in it self is important. I would point out that I am aware that it has helped some of my friends who unfortunately have suffered the same problem .
  • By Damien on 05 March 2016 Only started the product... verdict out at moment.
  • By William Frederick on 04 March 2016 All the ingredients recommended by the Macular Society and used by my wife.
  • By John on 23 February 2016 Been using this product for 18 months now and there is a definite improvement .
  • By Val on 09 January 2016 No further apparent deterioration in macular degeneration, so must assume the product is fit for purpose. Combined capsules an improvement.
  • By Lynn on 30 December 2015 Hoping it works! No trouble to take.
  • By beryl on 11 December 2015 i am giving it 5 stars ,good company service second to none early to say if these supplements are benficial.
  • By Cynthia on 11 December 2015 Recommended by my opthalmist, at one a day. It remains to be seen whether it is efficacious for my macular condition.
  • By Elaine on 01 December 2015 Easy to swallow as to their efficacy only time will tell.
  • By Jennifer on 24 November 2015 Benefits are long-term. I expect that they will show themselves in due time.
  • By Margaret on 03 October 2015 Actually don't know if this is helping to arrest / slow down macular degeneration but do hope so. Macushield gold recommended by optician
  • By David on 29 September 2015 Bought these for my Dad who has early stages AMD so hoping these will slow the condition down.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.


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