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90 capsules per box


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Easy-to-use capsules

These easy capsules allow for better absorption.

Powerful antioxidants

Macushield capsules contain lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin - powerful antioxidants to keep eyes healthy.

Nourishes and protects

As you age, the macula pigment at the back of your eye diminishes. MacuShield capsules are designed to enrich your macula pigment levels.

Nutritional Information

Each softgel capsule contains:

Marigold Extract 157mg | Meso-zeaxanthin 10mg | Lutein 10mg | Zeaxanthin 2mg


Bulking Agent: Sunflower Seed Oil | Capsule Shell (Gelling Agent: Bovine Gelatin, Humectant: Glycerol, Colour: Red Iron Oxide E172) | Marigold Extract (of which 15% is combined: Lutein, meso-Zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin, dl-alpha-tocopherol) | Thickener: Beeswax Yellow

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MacuShield Reviews

Overall: 4.69 161 reviews

  • By Customer on 14 May 2022 My product arrived when it was meant to and the next day. Good service.
  • By Elaine on 10 May 2022 I think there is unnecessary packaging used during the delivery of the product. I no not understand why it is now a signed for product, it didn’t used to be.
  • By Marion on 07 May 2022 Simply bought the product on the advice of my optician - just hope it helps with my eye condition!
  • By John on 30 April 2022 Been taking these for a few years. have now been discharged from retina unit
  • By Brenda Barwell on 30 April 2022 Macushield is an excellent product and highly recommended by my optician
  • By Mrs. Jayne Newman on 14 April 2022 Good product Expensive though.
  • By IAN MORRISON on 23 March 2022 Recommended as a supplement for macular degeneration and it definitely helps.
  • By Patricia Higgins on 18 March 2022 Think this product is good so very easy to take
  • By G M Watkins on 11 March 2022 Easy to take and very effective.
  • By Michael Hyland on 11 March 2022 Bery good for healthy eyes
  • By Marion on 03 February 2022 As it was recommended by my optician I assume it does what it claims to do
  • By Calum on 28 January 2022 very good for eye health
  • By John on 27 January 2022 Have been discharged from retina unit as pills seem to be doing job of injections
  • By Julie on 04 December 2021 Recommended by eye specialist, seems to be helping me but who knows!
  • By Susan on 02 December 2021 Package came on time, ws well wrapped.
  • By Jennifer on 26 November 2021 No problem with product but arrived 3 months too soon
  • By Ralph Smith on 08 October 2021 It is said by opticians to be worthwhile taking for retina health.
  • By William on 05 October 2021 Reliable service
  • By Linda on 28 September 2021 Excellent value
  • By Eric Kania on 28 September 2021 Appears to work with my wife and hope to slow up the symptoms
  • By MISS D PEARSON on 11 September 2021 i have used MacuShield for a number of years and believe it is helping with my Macular Degeneration as i have no reason to think otherwise.
  • By Mr Dennis Toop on 25 August 2021 Good product, reccomended by optician.
  • By Jacek on 13 August 2021 Better than other products.
  • By Evtim Dyakov on 16 July 2021 It’s a amazing stuff working properly
  • By John Kirkwood on 13 July 2021 Very good.
  • By Judith on 29 June 2021 Did what they said they would do. Well done
  • By Mrs Brigita Amey on 17 June 2021 Whilst Macushield do not claim to cure AMD I was diagnosed 5 years ago now, and in eye checks during the last three years, there has been n o evidence of AMD. Doesn't mean it's gone, but my eyesight is still good.
  • By Linda on 10 June 2021 Excellent value
  • By Nelgumford on 01 June 2021 I have no idea whether these tablets are slowing or preventing damage to my macular. I may not know for a decade or two. They give me hope though. They are also lovely little tablets and nicely presented. I feel that they could be cheaper.
  • By David on 22 May 2021 take one each day.good to know my eyes benefit.thks macushield.
  • By Bruce Morgan on 12 May 2021 Helps to keep my eyes in good health.
  • By Jennie Allsopp on 28 April 2021 Ordered these as advised by optician due to having the symptoms of aged macular degeneration disease in my left eye. So hoping they help me. Goods were received earlier than due date my only criticism would be the size of the package for a small bottle of tablets. They came in a large box.
  • By John on 23 April 2021 Think they must be doing job as Im not having so many injections
  • By Mrs. Jayne Newman on 16 April 2021 Don't really know benifits until I next go to opticians. Hopefully it has helped with macular degeneration.
  • By scotsmiss on 14 April 2021 Great product
  • By R BAIN on 31 March 2021 Standard treatment for macular degeneration. Easy to take.
  • By Mrs E C SHAW on 19 March 2021 Good for supporting the health of macula area of the retina
  • By Penny on 18 March 2021 This product serves as an insurance against future macular problems. I may never know if they work or whether I ever needed them.
  • By G M Watkins on 18 March 2021 One tablet a day is making a big difference and I will continue taking as recommended by my Optician.
  • By Bruce Morgan on 18 February 2021 As far as I know the product continues to protect my vision.
  • By Margaret on 02 January 2021 Don’t know if it works for early AMD. Have been taking it for a couple of years now - and feel I am at least trying to do something to combat this leading cause of blindness.
  • By John Kirkwood on 29 December 2020 Good price for good product
  • By Mrs Brigita Amey on 18 December 2020 I was diagnosed with dry AMD about 5 years ago and have been taking this product ever since. It does not claim to cure the condition, but in my case, the AMD has not developed further and recent eye tests (the last 2) resulted in me being told that the evidence for the condition is vey slight.
  • By Hurst on 17 December 2020 Have no problems with the tablets
  • By G M Watkins on 15 December 2020 Excellent product.
  • By Wendy on 15 December 2020 Very good Thank you.
  • By David Wallbank on 13 December 2020 Very good service.
  • By Peter on 10 December 2020 used it for years following catarract removal
  • By Eric Kania on 25 November 2020 Still not sure if it works as it's for my wife?
  • By Customer on 21 November 2020 The site was easy to follow. and I got my product very quickly I was very pleased.

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