MacuShield 90 Capsules (90 capsules)

MacuShield 90 Capsules

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90 capsules per box


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Easy-to-use capsules

These easy capsules allow for better absorption.

Powerful antioxidants

Macushield capsules contain lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin - powerful antioxidants to keep eyes healthy.

Nourishes and protects

As you age, the macula pigment at the back of your eye diminishes. MacuShield capsules are designed to enrich your macula pigment levels.

Nutritional Information

Each softgel capsule contains:

Marigold Extract 157mg | Meso-zeaxanthin 10mg | Lutein 10mg | Zeaxanthin 2mg


Bulking Agent: Sunflower Seed Oil | Capsule Shell (Gelling Agent: Bovine Gelatin, Humectant: Glycerol, Colour: Red Iron Oxide E172) | Marigold Extract (of which 15% is combined: Lutein, meso-Zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin, dl-alpha-tocopherol) | Thickener: Beeswax Yellow

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MacuShield 90 Capsules Reviews

Overall: 4.70 104 reviews

  • By Peter on 15 September 2020 Excellent product utilised by my wife
  • By Sheila Mulcahy on 05 September 2020 I am amazed and thrilled at how quickly this product has taken effect on my dry eyes. I no longer need a tissue in my hand constantly wiping my tears when walking. I wish I had discovered Macushield years ago.
  • By Tonia Cain on 27 August 2020 Mum mum has macular degeneration and she feels that these help to prevent the speed of the deterioration.
  • By Bruce Morgan on 15 August 2020 Appears to be beneficial to the health of my eyes.
  • By Carol Nowell on 05 August 2020 I’ve been ordering this product for nearly 2 years for my Dad who has early Macular Degeneration as it was recommended by his Optometrist, and his vision has actually shown improvement.
  • By David on 18 July 2020 protection for eyesight as we age is paramount,this product serves that purpose well.
  • By Janet on 25 June 2020 Arrived very quickly thank you
  • By Trudy Hetherington-Ford on 18 June 2020 Appears to work well but a little expensive.
  • By Peter Hughes on 17 June 2020 It seems great for me I'm glad to say it does seem to work
  • By Patricia Onions ORDER ID on 13 June 2020 I have no idea other than recommendation that this will help to slow down my macular Degeneration but happy to give a thumbs up to your service thankyou
  • By IAN MORRISON on 13 June 2020 Good product for those with eye problems
  • By G M Watkins on 13 June 2020 Well packaged and easy to take out of box
  • By Clyde on 10 June 2020 regular, should be helping.
  • By Mrs E C SHAW on 06 June 2020 I have been purchasing this item for 10 yrs...I firmly believe it helps my vision
  • By Mr Dennis Toop on 06 June 2020 Great product, well packaged
  • By Celia on 06 June 2020 Not sure if it is working but taking it anyway
  • By CustomerAnne Morrow on 30 May 2020 As I said last - excellent and efficient service.
  • By Thelma Hopkins on 29 May 2020 It contains all the ingredients necessary for my AMD condition as explained to me by my consultant.
  • By Pamela Pulford on 19 May 2020 Eeally helps if bright lights cause you a problem
  • By Carol on 02 May 2020 Good price
  • By Joanna Patton on 21 April 2020 It is what it is. I have nothing to compare it with.
  • By Paula Turner on 14 April 2020 Again I am very satisfied with this product
  • By Ingrid on 28 March 2020 I take this daily, and hope it keeps the AMG at bay.
  • By Jean-Claude on 22 November 2019 good stuff
  • By Patricia Rawlings on 12 October 2019 Can’t tell if this is helping, but hope it is. Will keep renewing.
  • By Ingrid on 05 October 2019 I have used it for some years now, but I have not have my eyes tested lately. Hope it is keeping my problem at bay.
  • By Ann on 13 September 2019 I hope it is helping my eye health.
  • By Kathleen on 31 August 2019 The product has helped slow down the effects of AMD.
  • By Ann on 30 July 2019 Easy to order and arrived next day. Excellent product that is hard to buy locally.
  • By Barbara Dunne on 28 July 2019 Good product.
  • By Marian Heaney on 18 July 2019 Im taking this under advice of my mothers opthamalogist as she has macular disease as it is heredatary so hopefullly I wont succomb to this horrid condition.
  • By Brian on 09 July 2019 To early to comment, only taking for 10 days.
  • By O'Hagan on 13 June 2019 Recommended to use this by my optician as a precaution against macular degeneration. Product is cheaper on this site than the High Street. Have no way of knowing it's effectiveness except by remaining free of the condition to date.
  • By Susan on 12 September 2018 Recommended by Dr Michael Moseley to help improve eye health
  • By BRIAN on 30 August 2018 Product type recommended by hospital doctor, and easily obtained on high street or online. For long term use so can't yet comment on benefits to my eyes.
  • By eddie clooney on 10 May 2018 Very good happy with them plus the service and DELIVERY was excellent.
  • By Barbara on 01 May 2018 I have been using the Mac Gold tablets on my opticians advice. I was previously using a different make of medication for macular degeneration. My condition seems to be well under control. Ie it is not advancing quickly. I was first diagnosed with it in 2004. I am now 84 and believe I am doing all I can. Reordering is immediate and simple.
  • By I W Clewlow on 04 March 2018 I have used this for quite a while and recommend it to anyone that I know with eye probleems
  • By Mr. Mervyn Lickfold on 27 February 2018 As always first rate service. Ordered on a weekday and arrived the following day mid morning - talk about speedy! And importantly the goods were all in order and we never worry about the quality. And I do recommend to friends if topic comes up.
  • By Gloria on 23 February 2018 Would recommend Macushield. They have helped me enormously as my last scan condition hasn' t got any worse and my optician said the capsules have helped, for this i am very greatful.
  • By Gordon on 17 December 2017 Would recommend them to everyone
  • By Geoffrey on 04 November 2017 my parcel was delivered not sealed and the content box of capsules was left open inside i wrote to lens tore to advise them and got no reply
  • By Jo on 31 October 2017 Good price and quick postal delivery
  • By Mr Carey on 18 August 2017 Product received in excellent time. I am taking the product and time will tell as to its benefits.
  • By Mr A Overd on 29 July 2017 Very pleased with MacuShield purchase and a lot cheaper than high street chemist
  • By patricia on 06 June 2017 This product recommended by my optician, pressure in eyes was high since using macushield eye pressure has regulated.
  • By James on 26 May 2017 About 2 years ago Iwas diagnosed with age-related mascular degeneration, recommended to take MacuShied by the specialist and my own GP. I am pleased to say the condition (right eye) has not got any worst it seemed to have stabilised with taking the MacusShield.
  • By karen on 26 May 2017 My vision seems a little stronger when I use this product. I have researched other brands and feel this is a good combination and trust the quality of the ingredients. I have read the articles written about this product and really hope it will hold my vision.
  • By Jacob on 20 May 2017 The order was handled in an efficient and friendly way
  • By Larraine on 18 May 2017 This is the first time I have used this product so it is too early for me to judge how beneficial this is.

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