Rewetting Drops



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  • Provides relief from irritation - Removes particles that may cause discomfort and blurred vision.
  • Soothes dry eyes - Lubricates your lenses to ensure they remain moist and comfortable.
  • Ideal for hectic schedules - Clean and refresh your lenses while on the go.

Bausch and Lomb's Rewetting Drops have a unique formula that lubricates lenses and relieves the symptoms of dryness. Adequate lubrication is essential for optimum contact lens comfort.

Using these drops will prevent any blurred vision, irritation or other complications with your eyes by removing the build-up of harmful particles and bacteria. You can clean and refresh your lenses while out and about, making these drops ideal if you have a hectic schedule.

These Rewetting Drops are great for rewetting bi-weekly, disposable or extended wear lenses, and they can even be used after waking. This product is suitable for daily use.

Order your Rewetting Drops from to ensure a healthy and comfortable lens wearing experience. We offer superior service and swift delivery, so you won't be waiting long for your quality products.


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