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Bausch & Lomb


  • Provides UV protection. Filters harmful levels of radiation from the sun.
  • Retain moisture throughout the day. HyperGel technology replicates the natural water content of your eyes, providing superior comfort.
  • Clearer vision in all lighting. High Definition technology limits halos and glare, so your vision is clear in low light and bright sunshine.

Made with innovative technology, Biotrue ONEday lenses are designed to imitate the surface of your eyes. This provides a natural and comfortable wearing experience.

These lenses are made with 78% water, which keeps them moist throughout the day and prevents them from drying out. Although they are not a replacement for sunglasses, Biotrue ONEday lenses include a UV filter to protect your eyes from damaging sun rays.

The High Definition Optics are designed to limit spherical aberration, which can make objects appear blurred. This ensures clear vision at all times, even when the lighting is dim or the sun is bright.

Order from today, where we offer high quality lenses and options for next-day delivery. You will receive the benefits of cutting-edge technology as well as free eye tests at your local Vision Express store.

Product details:

Categories Contact Lenses, Daily Disposables
Brand Bausch & Lomb
Material Nesofilcon A 78% water
UV Protection UVA/UVB
Base Curves (mm) 8.6
Diameter (mm) 14.2
Usage Instructions Daily wear, single use. Please replace with a new pair every day

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Biotrue ONEday Reviews

Overall: 4.6 44 reviews

  • By Rachel on 16 June 2018 Amazing service. Definitely order again.
  • By Julia on 01 May 2018 Lenses comfy, service excellent but price not competitive
  • By Maxine on 03 March 2018 I was prescribed another brand for a long time, but was really frustrated with them for lots of different reasons. I changed opticians who offered me a trial with BioTrue these are 100% better than my old lenses. Would definitely recommend.
  • By Svetlana Aleksandrova on 20 February 2018 My son is very happy with these lenses.Very comfortable .
  • By Romnick on 16 January 2018 I’ve been using this particular brand of lenses for a while and I’ve never had a qualms with them. They are always in stock so delivery is quick upon ordering them.
  • By O T on 04 December 2017 very good product, fully satisfied.
  • By Sinead on 21 October 2017 Very soft clear easy to use lenses. They've become part of my everyday routine now and I panic if I run out and have to wear my glasses.
  • By Sid on 12 September 2017 Really comfortable to wear
  • By Lesley Winterburn on 05 August 2017 The most comfortable contacts I have used yet.
  • By Karen Sampson on 09 March 2017 Easy to handle. Comfortable to wear.
  • By Martina on 13 September 2016 I find these contact lenses very comfortable although my eyes tend to get dry after a few hours and I use eye-drops to get some relief.
  • By Emilie on 09 June 2016 Great on the eyes! Easy to put in and utilise daily
  • By Chris on 17 May 2016 Itchy, dry up quickly, vision blurry
  • By maria on 25 March 2016 Very good lenses . I have very delicate eyes but I can wear these lens for several hours without problems ! Recommended .
  • By Wilma on 18 February 2016 very comfortable and very reasonably priced
  • By Dafne on 16 February 2016 very nice service and product
  • By Kate on 19 January 2016 I love these lenses. They don't make my eyes feel dry and they are pretty cheap (as lenses go). I also never have an issue with them ripping.
  • By Fiona on 08 January 2016 I had already tried this product is the very best I've found as all others I've found dry my eyes and give me a headache. Biotrue ONEday are comfortable to wear all day and do not make my eyes dry. Would definitely recommend
  • By Jocelyn on 07 January 2016 Comfortable after not wearing contacts for a while. i bought these based on other's reviews saying that they were the most comfortable... Although they seem much like my experience with another high qual make. I've had to discard a couple as they were immediately uncomfortable in my eye but this it's my norm with another high qual brand.
  • By Lindsay on 17 November 2015 No more comfortable and much poorer vision than Acuvue 2 or Acuvue Moist.
  • By Angela on 17 November 2015 A fantastic product. So easy to use and I like the fact the box fits through my letterbox so they are always delivered on time.
  • By Robin on 24 October 2015 Best dailies for me. The focus total1 are more comfortable but so much more expensive - these are the best trade off for me.
  • By Jeremy on 23 October 2015 Excellent lenses. I had just about given up on wearing contacts due to dry eyes until I discovered these - wore them for 8 hours with no problem. Perfect service from Lenstore - quick delivery and good value.
  • By Carole on 20 October 2015 Comfortable contact lenses at a great price from Lenstore.
  • By Maria Daniela on 17 October 2015 Crisp clear vision and my eyes aren't dry at the end of the day. Worth paying a little extra for then
  • By Mark on 11 October 2015 Not tried them yet as gone missing in post
  • By Katalin on 02 October 2015 Very comfortable lenses, highly recommended.
  • By patricia on 01 September 2015 Found lens comfortable and comvenient to use.
  • By Georgina on 29 August 2015 I have never used one day lenses before they are comfortable and great for going away no more little pots to carry around
  • By Victoria on 19 August 2015 Straightforward. Like these lenses and send to me promptly
  • By Anna on 06 August 2015 Really Light contact lenses. My eyes feel much better even after 12 hours.
  • By Muhammad on 26 July 2015 Excellent product. Very comfortable all day.
  • By Allan on 25 July 2015 Biotrue lenses were recommended by my optician after I had problems with dry eyes with my monthly lenses. I have noticed a big improvement in comfort with Biotrue one day and will continue to use them.
  • By alice on 22 July 2015 The best contact lenses I've worn in a long time.
  • By Danuta on 16 July 2015 These lenses let you you with amazing clearness. Well i found them not easy to wear as bit to thin for me (my first one-day lenses) well it makes them extra comfortable during wearing. Overall very nice experience
  • By Paul on 14 July 2015 I have used quite a few alternative makes and very happy with BioTrue lenses.
  • By Valerie on 27 June 2015 The lenses were comfortable for a few hours but as my eyes get a bit dry now, I had to remove them early afternoon. They are much more expensive than some others but not really any more comfortable
  • By Gill on 06 June 2015 Very comfortable, no drying out even after 15+ hours.
  • By Vesna on 16 May 2015 Comfortable wearing, without dryness or itchiness
  • By Muzzamir on 12 May 2015 Comfortable, no problems Have always used monthly contact lens and this is my first daily disposables. Real pleased with my purchase!
  • By arthur on 11 May 2015 The bio lenses i get from lenstore have been the best lens ive had. Ive never had problems with this lenses which ive had with others
  • By Gill on 06 May 2015 Lenses came next day had a follow up call to see if everything was ok ... Very pleased with company and service would recommend to everyone
  • By Zara on 28 April 2015 Excellent lens and company to buy them from
  • By Susan on 04 April 2015 Love these's lenses. I am on a monthly lens with my opticians but the quality of them is appalling so I saw an advert for these lenses, tried them and they are so comfortable as soon as you put them in and remain so throughout the day.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the customers and not of If you wish to change to a different contact lens, please contact our Clinical Team for further advice.

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