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Brown coloured contact lenses

Whatever eye colour you have, it’s natural to wonder what you would look like with a different eye colour. Will brown contact lenses enhance my outfit? Do people with blue eyes get more attention? Do people who have green eyes make you jealous? Why not check out our range of brown contact lenses in all shades–from light brown to dark chocolate brown lenses.

Some people want brown eyes and wear our brown cosmetic lenses all the time, and some just want to compliment a look they are wearing. Whichever option you are looking for, we have the solution.

Do I need a prescription to order my brown contact lenses?

No is the short answer. Many of our brown contact lenses are available without a prescription, so even if you are not a regular contact lens wearer, we have a variety of brown contact options just for you. Simply select the "No" button when asked, “Do you need vision correction?”, and your lenses will come with no prescription, i.e., they will be purely cosmetic lenses.

Are brown contact lenses of the same quality as your other contact lenses?

Yes. We have thoroughly tested all the lenses on our website and only stock contacts from suppliers who have a long history of producing good quality lenses at affordable prices so that you’re always ensured a great shopping experience with Lenstore.

Brown contact lenses for Halloween or fancy dress

Lenstore stocks an amazing variety of cosmetic brown coloured contact lenses used to compliment any costume you have in mind to enhance its look and authenticity. No matter the shade of brown you are looking for, you can be sure we have the lens to suit your look!

What other coloured contact lens colours do you stock?

Lenstore stocks a huge range of colours from blue, green, and grey to some speciality lenses so you can have blacked out irises, cat eye lenses and many others. The right contact lens can enhance any look you want to create, so please browse our selection and choose the perfect fit for your style.

Some popular picks include:

If you need help or have any further questions, our friendly customer service department is always at hand to offer assistance and guidance.