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What are fashion and cosmetic contact lenses?

Most people, when you ask them, think coloured contact lenses are purely available just to enhance Halloween or fancy dress outfits, but that’s not the case.

Recently, and perhaps for the first time since the 1990s, we have seen a marked increase in the number of people wearing coloured contact lenses for fashion rather than as part of a costume. Some people have changed their eye colour because they  prefer the way they look with a different eye colour and stick to that colour constantly, in fact many people wear the same coloured contacts all the time and people think that is their natural eye colour. Other people have a wide selection of different coloured contact lenses and wear them to match their outfit.

Therefore you can use our coloured fashion contact lenses to give your look a boost each time you wear them or you can wear them to compliment your favourite fashion outfits.

Who can wear fashion contact lenses?

Fashion contact lenses come with and without a prescription so whether you normally wear contact lenses or not you can definitely benefit from a stunning new eye colour to change or enhance your appearance.

Whether you want to complement your day to day outfit, or cause a stir at a Halloween fancy dress party, cosmetic contact lenses are the perfect way to match your eye colour to your style. With a selection of bright and versatile shades, Lenstore offers a choice of beautiful fashion lenses at low prices. Our range includes popular tones such as dark blue and hazel brown, in addition to more outlandish colours such as platinum and violet. For those who need vision correction, we also stock a large number of prescription coloured lenses.

Which celebrities wear fashion contact lenses?

There are many people in the public eye who wear coloured fashion lenses most of the time such as:

Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Aniston either wears glasses or she wears a very striking blue lens to enhance her look and set off her famous blonde hair. She wears blue lenses so much, and has for so long, no one is quite sure what her real eye colour is!

Kylie Jenner – Kylie naturally has light brown eyes but prefers blue contacts as they stand out against her natural complexion.

Paris Hilton – As has been said in the past ‘blonde hair and blue eyes sells’ and Paris wears blue contacts most of the time and this has certainly helped build her empire.

These changing looks are not restricted to females by any means and you will often see male celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Kanye West wearing fashion lenses.

So you can enjoy the benefits of fashion and cosmetic lenses have a browse through our huge range of coloured and novelty lenses and choose one, or a few, that will enhance your look. As well as fast dispatch and quick delivery, we offer you the professional advice of our in-house Opticians and experienced Clinical Team, to ensure that you receive superior service as well as competitive prices.

If I don't need prescription fashion contacts, can I still get coloured lenses?

Yes. In our fashion contact lens range we have the new Phantom range which is available in both monthly and daily options. The daily option is our 1-day Phantom range and the monthly is just called Phantom contact lenses. If you dont have an eye prescription then you should opt for the monthly range or have a look through our huge range of coloured contacts, if you have an eye prescription you can go ahead and order your lenses from our monthly or daily range or browse our full range of coloured contacts and fantasy lenses so the choices are almost endless!

What lenses are the most popular?

Blue contact lenses are always popular and sell well throughout the year but don't forget green contact lenses or grey or even brown which have always been popular. If you are looking for something a bit more out there then we have lenses such as black out contacts, white out lenses, red vampire lenses and many many more. Have a browse through our coloured, fashion and Halloween contact lenses and choose the ones that will make you look a million dollars.