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Avaira is a range of monthly contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision. CooperVision has since upgraded this range of contact lenses; they are now called Avaira Vitality.
Avaira Vitality lenses use a new silicone hydrogel material. The soft silicone hydrogel material; means these lenses are soft and flexible, offering excellent breathability. This ensures that your eyes aren’t just comfortable, but healthy too.

Avaria Technologies

Aquaform Technology – Locks water into the lens by forming hydrogen bonds with water molecules creating a naturally hydrophilic contact lens. This gives the lens high wettability making the lenses moist for longer, generating long-lasting comfort.

Aberration-neutralizing system – Reduces spherical irregularities in the lens to ensure crisp and clear vision by nullifying distortions that occur while wearing lenses.

Optimised Toric Lens Geometry – A unique, multi-layered lens design. It improves the stability, fit and comfort of the lens. Also, it reduces lens rotation with a wide ballast band and a large toric optic zone that improves your visual clarity.

Avaria Contact Lenses

Avaria Vitality

Avaria Vitality is made from Fanfilcon A, a silicone hydrogel material which offers improved UV protection and higher water content of 55%. Also, the silicone hydrogel material allows high levels of oxygen to the eye. The lens material combines with Aquaform Technology, which improves the wettability and comfort of the lenses. Avaria Vitality utilises an Aberration-neutralizing system to help prevent distortions; that occur while wearing lenses to ensure that your vision is clear throughout wear.

Avaria Vitality is available for those with Astigmatism. Avaria Vitality Toric uses Optimised Toric Lens Geometry that improves your visual clarity and lens stability by using a large toric optic zone and a wide ballast band.

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