Cheap contact lenses

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Wearing contact lenses doesn't need to cost you a fortune. At Lenstore, we stock a massive selection of high-quality yet affordable – cheap contact lenses from all the leading brands.

However, just because we aim for affordability, doesn’t mean we settle for second-rate service. Speedy next-day delivery, free aftercare and money-saving loyalty schemes are just a few of the perks that have earned us our five-star Trust Pilot rating.

Is buying contact lenses online cheaper?

After having an in-store eye test, it can be very easy to purchase lenses there and then. However, it's almost always cheaper to order your contact lenses online.

By selling to you online, we cut out the operational costs of a physical store, which means we can offer significant savings on high street prices. Ordering is quick and easy. To get started, all you need is an up-to-date contact lens prescription to access our range of cheap contacts.

Monthly vs Daily disposable lenses

Although they require an additional care routine, monthlies are typically the most cost-effective option for lens wearers. However, when choosing a lens, it's wise to consider how often you'll wear them. Daily disposables may be a more cost-effective choice if you prefer to switch between specs and lenses regularly.

If you have astigmatism, you may struggle to find cheap toric contact lenses because of the additional lens values required for your prescription. You will find that all the cheap contact lenses for astigmatism are monthly lenses. Therefore, choosing a monthly toric lens will be a more cost-effective option. Likewise, the cheapest multifocal contact lens will also be a monthly lens.

Free eye care

If you're buying your lenses online, getting regular eye tests is essential. The cost of a check-up can sometimes set you back around £20 - £35 unless you're entitled to a free eye test on the NHS. At Lenstore, however, we cover the cost of our customers' eye tests and offer exclusive access to our in-house optical team.

Money-saving offers

In addition to cheap contact lenses, Lenstore customers can also take advantage of our money-saving perks and programmes.

  • Give your friends 10% off when they place their first order with Lenstore. And to say thanks, we'll give you a £5 Gift Card for each friend you refer.
  • With our UNiDAYS partnership, students can benefit from 20% off their first Lenstore order and additional discounts on all future orders!
  • Key workers, NHS staff, teachers, and more get an exclusive Lenstore discount of 20% on their first order and 6% off subsequent orders.
  • Subscribe and save with the ease of Auto Reorder. Get 5% off all of your future orders on a schedule that suits you. There's zero commitment: you can pause or cancel a delivery anytime.