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Clariti contact lenses are manufactured by CooperVision, the global manufacturer of some of the leading contact lens ranges in the world. All products in the Clariti range are designed to provide exceptional comfort and feature a unique manufacturing process with three different types of daily options.

All Clariti lenses are made from silicone hydrogel, a material that allows up to three times more oxygen to pass through the cornea in comparison to traditional soft lenses. This helps to provide an enhanced experience, helping to promote corneal eye health.

Clariti contact lenses come in a range of modalities so you can be sure no matter your wearing schedule and lifestyle you will be able to find contact lenses suitable for you.

Clariti Technologies

WetLoc Technology – This technology attracts and binds water to allow the contact lenses to retain water and spreads moisture across the lens.

Optimised Comfort Edge – A tapered edge design which helps reduce friction between the lens and the eyelid for more comfortable wear.

Smooth Progression Zones – A unique presbyopic design that provides a smooth transition between near, intermediate, and far distances. This makes it easier for wearers to adapt when wearing.

Precision Contour Design – A ultra-thin design that makes the wearing experience more comfortable to reduce lens awareness.

AquaGen Technology – AquaGen is a unique, non-surface treatment technology that binds and attracts water molecules throughout the lens, maintaining wettability throughout a day of wear.

Clariti Contact Lenses

Clariti 1 Day

Clariti 1 Day lenses are daily disposable contact lenses made from Somofilcon A which is a silicone hydrogel material with a water content of 56%. Somofilcon A has the highest water content of any silicone hydrogel. Somofilcon A is a highly breathable material and allows a superb amount of oxygen to your eyes keeping them hydrated and healthy.

Clariti 1 Day uses WetLoc Technology which helps the contact lenses retain moisture and spreads it across the lens. They also use Optimised Comfort Edge a tapered design that reduces friction between the eyelid and the lens.

Clariti 1 Day is available for those with astigmatism. Clariti 1 Day Toric uses a unique toric design that minimises the rotation of the lens which keeps vision clear. Also, Clariti 1 Day is available for those with presbyopia. Clariti 1 Day Multifocal uses Smooth Progression Zones a presbyopic design that provides smooth transitions or different distances and makes it easier for wearers to adapt to the lenses.

Clariti Elite

Clariti Elite lenses are monthly contact lenses. Like Clariti 1 Day, Clariti Elite is made from Somofilcon A, a silicone hydrogel that contains the highest water content of any silicone hydrogel (56%). This keeps your eyes lubricated and provides a comfortable wearing experience all day long. Somofilcon A has a high oxygen permeability keeping them healthy. Clariti Elite uses WetLoc Technology that helps the lenses absorb moisture. They also use Precision Contour Design which is an ultra-thin lens edge to make a more comfortable wearing experience.

Clariti Elite is available for those with astigmatism. Clariti Monthly Toric uses a blended edge design which offers optimal comfort, stable fit, and crisp vision making them ideal for wearers with astigmatism. Also, Clariti Elite is available for those with presbyopia. Clariti Monthly Multifocal benefit from AquaGen technology which offers optimal hydration for an enhanced lens-wearing experience. These lenses provide a smooth progression between near, intermediate and far.

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