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Green coloured contact lenses

Only 2% of people worldwide have green eyes but despite that, it is often quoted as being people's favourite eye colour and the eye colour some people find the most attractive. Green eyes are mostly found in Northern, Central and Western Europe and around 16% of Green eyed people come from Germanic and Celtic origin.

As Green eyes are actually quite rare but a popular colour it makes sense that people are looking to buy green contact lenses and that they rank amongst our best sellers.

Some very well-known celebrities wear green coloured contact lenses including Margot Robbie, Ivanka Trump and Nina Dobrev. All of these beautiful women loved the look that green contacts gave them but all of them are not averse to wearing different coloured lenses such as blue contacts. Ultimately with green lenses, they know they will look amazing and really stand out from the crowd.

As green is a relatively rare eye colour wearing green contact lenses can make you really stand out from the crowd.

Prescription or non-prescription green contact lenses

You may want green contact lenses for purely the aesthetic and you may not normally wear contact lenses but Lenstore has non-prescription green contacts that will fit the bill. If you normally wear contacts you will have a prescription in place and this can be used to order your prescription green coloured contact. We have stocked both prescription and non-prescription green contacts so everybody can benefit from the enhanced look our green lenses can offer.

Are there different green shades to choose from?

Green eyes look great but not everyone wants the same shade of green for their lenses so we stock a wide range of different hues. It is best to look on our website at the different shades of green we offer but they include hazel contact lenses, emerald, amazon green, gemstone green, jade, turquoise and sea green.

Halloween and cosplay green contacts

One of the main reasons customers order their green lenses from us is to dress up as a character for Halloween or for a costume party. We have included lots of different green specialist lenses that can be used to complete your outfit including zombie green lenses, goblin eyes, green reptile lenses, angelic green contacts, green ghoul lenses and more. Please look at the options available on our website for more details and to see the style of lenses available.

Are coloured contacts worse for your eyes than normal contacts?

Every lens on our website comes from respected suppliers who have a long track record of producing the best contact lenses available. This includes our green lenses as well as every other lens we stock, we never compromise on quality to obtain a look. You can rest assured that when you buy your green lenses from us you are buying the best quality available.

So if you are looking to try green contact lenses for the first time or you’re a pro at wearing coloured contacts we have everything you will need. If you are looking for a full on glamour look then we have our huge range of green contacts but if you are looking for a special look to enhance your fancy dress costume we have that too.

If you are looking for a different colour either to suit another outfit or just to have some fun and switch your look up we have many different colours available on our website such as:

Blue contact lenses

Brown contact lenses

Grey contact lenses

Or check out our full range of coloured contact lenses

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