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Halloween & cosmetic contact lenses

In the run-up to Halloween, many people are looking for the perfect fancy dress costume. There is nothing better than turning up to a Halloween party and looking the part, giving the other guests a real fright.

To top a Halloween outfit off, there is nothing better than completing your look with some great Halloween contact lenses from Lenstore. Whatever costume you choose, we have the perfect cosmetic lenses for you. Choose from any colour lens with many different shades available. Also, if you have a specific look in mind or a specific person you want to be, we will have the perfect lenses for your costume. Some of the looks we stock are:

Of course, you don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress up. There are many fancy dress parties throughout the year, especially in the run-up to Christmas. You don’t need to be dressed up as a scary ghoul to benefit from our Fancy Dress Contact lenses; any look would benefit from the right pair of lenses. For instance, if you were to dress up as Elizabeth Taylor for a costume party, complete the look with a pair of violet or purple contact lenses. Or to dress as Maximus, from the Gladiator film, you would need some blue contacts, assuming that you don’t already have blue eyes!

Our Halloween contact lenses and our coloured lenses bring an extra level to any outfit, no matter what design you opt for. The best part of it is that you don’t have to worry about the quality of the contacts as we have done all the research for you and only stock the most reputable fantasy and coloured lenses available.

Halloween contact lens care

If you don’t already use contact lenses it is recommended you visit your optician to ensure your lenses are suitable and make sure you are aware of the correct procedures and hygiene standards that must be met. Improper care can lead to infection or discomfort. Also, do not search on the internet and find the cheapest pair of contacts you can find, even if they look amazing. Many of these ‘cheaper’ lenses can cause damage to your eyes and lead to nasty side effects. The last thing you want is to spend Halloween night at your doctor's office!

Never go over the recommended duration stated on the lens box. Wearing expired lenses can lead to eye infections and vision damage.

When we are looking great all dressed up for a party, there will inevitably be other people there who love your look, and they may even ask to try your lenses but never swap lenses with another person as this can also lead to infections and eye contact problems. So, keep the mantra of ‘you can look but don’t touch'.

How to wear and care for Halloween contact lenses

The care routine for Halloween contact lenses does not differ from that of regular contact lenses. Here are a few easy steps to consider that are listed in the guidelines below:

How to insert and remove coloured contact lenses

1.    Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.
2.    Inspect the lens before insertion, to ensure there are no tears or debris on the lens.
3.    To insert the lenses, pull your lower and upper lid carefully away from the eye, balance the lens on your index finger and place it carefully on your eye.
4.    The lens will place itself in the right position after a few blinking motions.
5.    To remove the lenses, carefully pull your eyelids as before and slide the lens onto the white of the eye, then gently pinch the lens with your index finger and thumb to pull it away from the eye.
6.    If you are using monthly coloured lenses, clean them with the solution your optician recommended and store them in a case filled with fresh solution.

How to clean and maintain your Halloween contact lenses

Daily coloured contact lenses can simply be worn once before being disposed of at the end of the day. You can follow these simple steps to clean your monthly coloured lenses with a commonly used multi-purpose solution:
1.    Wash your hands and dry them with kitchen roll to avoid lint and fluff sticking to the lenses.
2.    Fill the clean lens case with fresh contact lens solution.
3.    Clean the lens by placing it in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of the solution your optician recommended, and rub the lens carefully. Repeat for the other lens.
4.    Leave the lenses to soak in the lens case filled with solution, ideally overnight.
5.    After you’ve removed the lenses from the case the next day, empty the lens case of the remaining solution, and let it air dry during the day.

Lenstore Halloween contacts and fancy dress contacts

If you have concerns about giving up some comfort for style, then you don’t have to worry. Lenstore has you covered as we have ensured that all of our contact lenses are supplied by the best trustworthy brands making sure that they are safe, comfortable and easy to wear whilst looking incredible.

Our contact lenses are a simple but effective way to enhance your eyes. With their wide-ranging colours and subtle shades, they are a must-have accessory if you want to complete that authentic look for your fancy dress party or special occasion.

Please be aware that the appearance of coloured contact lenses will largely depend on your natural eye colour and can significantly vary from individual to individual. If you need advice on choosing the colour that best suits you, please reach out to our helpful Clinical Team here.