Prescription Halloween contact lenses

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Prescription Halloween & Cosmetic Contact Lenses

A lot of people think that Halloween contact lenses are for people that don’t normally wear glasses or contacts to enhance their Halloween or fancy dress outfits. Lenstore also provides Fantasy Contact lenses for people with an active prescription, simply put in the prescription details into our website and order yourself a set of coloured contact lenses to enrich any outfit. They are sourced directly from UK manufacturers, and are typically dispatched on the same day, to ensure you receive your order promptly.

If you think that your glasses or your contacts are cramping your style and not allowing your look to be as realistic as you want then order yourself some prescription coloured contact lenses. Not only will you be able to see clearly you will have the best costume at the party and have people asking where you bought them. We have a huge range of colours and styles to suit your chosen look, if you are looking to dress up for Halloween as a zombie, a vampire or a demon or you need pure white or blackout prescription lenses then we have what you are looking for plus many more.

Looking to upgrade your look with cheap prescription contact lenses for Halloween?

As a glasses or contact lens wearer you will be fully aware of the need to get contacts that fit your prescription, the last thing you want to is to go out on Halloween all dressed up but not be able to see everyone else’s outfits clearly. You can scare people with our high quality contact lenses so you are free to enjoy the night with your friends without any worries.

Lenstore are the best supplier of Halloween prescription contact lenses in the UK as we offer top quality coloured lenses that are affordable. The best outfits come from attention to detail and prescription Halloween contacts are one of the details that takes your costume to the next level in authenticity and you still have money left over to get other accessories for your look.

Please be wary of buying the cheapest lenses you can find online as they may cause infection or eye damage if they don’t match up to the better lenses such as the ones supplied by Lenstore. Don’t compromise quality and eye health for the sake of a few pounds and always buy from a reputable retailer.

Please be aware that the appearance of coloured contact lenses will largely depend on your natural eye colour, and can significantly vary from individual to individual. If you need advice on choosing the colour that best suits you, please contact our Clinical Team on 0800 010 6865.

If you dont need a prescription with your lenses then why not have a look at our non-prescription Halloween contact lenses as you are sure to find the effect you are looking for.