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Astigmatism and contact lens prescriptions

I have astigmatism. My glasses prescription has things like Axis and Cyl, but my contact lenses prescription doesn't. Have I been prescribed the correct lenses? Shouldn't my contact lenses have an astigmatism prescription too?

Opticians answer

It is quite common to have a cyl and axis on a spectacle prescription but not on a contact lens prescription. It’s not always the case though, and it will be dependent on the prescription values you have.

A contact lens sits on the eyeball whereas glasses sit further away, this means that your optician will need to calculate a new prescription for your contact lenses which may or may not include the cylinder and axis.

Normally your optician will calculate whether or not the cylinder and axis need to be included in your prescription. If you are at all unsure about your prescription it is best to double check it with your optician.