Hydrogen Peroxide Contact Lens Solution

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What are hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions?

Hydrogen peroxide solutions use active ingredients to supply your contact lenses with a powerful disinfecting and cleaning cycle. This keeps your contact lenses neutralised against any unwanted bacteria or minerals.

If you use monthly or weekly contact lenses, you need a regular cleaning routine to ensure that your lenses remain safe and comfortable. This routine includes disinfecting your lenses when finished wearing them for the day and storing them overnight in solution.

How easy is hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution to use?

Firstly, be aware that you can’t use hydrogen peroxide solution on its own. Because the cleansing chemicals are powerful, it needs to be neutralised after use to ensure that there is no residue left as it can cause damage or irritation to your eyes. You can carry out this neutralisation in three ways:

- Some contact lens cases come with a built-in neutraliser so you can put your lenses and hydrogen peroxide solution into the case, and the case’s material will neutralise the peroxide.

- Instead of a special lens case, you can add a neutralising tablet into the case with the peroxide alongside your lenses, so they are effectively cleaned and neutralised before you wear them again.

- Another option to neutralise the peroxide is by washing the lenses with a saline solution after they have been in the peroxide but ensure you do this extremely thoroughly to remove all the powerful peroxide residues.

Although these processes are easy to master, please follow the product instructions to ensure the hydrogen peroxide is entirely neutralised. Leaving peroxide residue in your eyes can cause damage.

The process is a little more involved than using a multi-purpose solution, but it does provide a very deep and disinfecting clean.

What are the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide lens solutions?

If multi-purpose solutions are easier, then what are the advantages of using hydrogen peroxide solutions? Some multi-purpose solutions include preservatives that are fine for most people, but for those with sensitive eyes, they can cause added discomfort. As hydrogen peroxide does not contain any preservatives, it can be a good alternative.

Another benefit of hydrogen peroxide solutions is that they offer a deep clean of your lenses to be at optimum clarity when you use them.

Please read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using solutions that contain hydrogen peroxide and be sure the solution is neutral before removing the contact lenses following disinfection.

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