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What are coloured contact lenses?

Coloured contact lenses are designed to change or enhance the colour of your eyes. Most coloured lenses change the natural colour of your iris, with a wide range of colours either for a subtle or striking transformation.

Are coloured contact lenses safe?

Yes, all coloured contact lenses available from established manufacturers, such as Alcon, Bauch & Lomb or CooperVision, are safe to wear. Please always check with your Optician before ordering a new coloured lens type to ensure they will be suitable for you and fitted correctly. Even if you don’t use the lenses to correct your vision, the base curve and diameter need to be fitted to ensure the lenses are safe for your eyes.


Variety - Coloured contact lenses are available in a wide variety of colours. Whether you prefer a subtle or bold change, Lenstore offers daily and monthly coloured lenses so you can find an option that suits you.

Prescription and non-prescription - If you have a short or long-sighted prescription, or you don’t need vision correction and just wish to change your appearance, there are options for everyone.

Appearance - You can choose to either intensify your natural eye colour for everyday wear with tinted lenses or enjoy changing your look completely with opaque lenses for special events. Coloured contact lenses can completely transform your appearance.

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Different types of coloured contact lenses

How to choose coloured contact lenses

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How Much Do Coloured Contact Lenses Cost?


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Different types of coloured contact lenses

There are different types of coloured contact lenses on the market, some give you subtle changes for everyday wear, and others can be worn to a fancy dress party to give you the appearance of crazy cat eyes. We have listed the different coloured contact lens types below:


Cosmetic contact lenses refer to those that change the natural colour of your iris (the coloured part of your eyes).

They can transform blue eyes into a more striking shade of blue, or can totally change the colour of your eyes from blue to brown.

Cosmetic coloured contact lenses are available as non-prescription versions or to correct short or long-sighted prescriptions. They are classified as medical devices and require a contact lens prescription before purchasing them in the UK, the US or Canada.

Lenstore offers a large selection of cosmetic-coloured contact lenses.


Costume lenses are also known as special effects or novelty contact lenses. These are the lenses you see every Halloween and in most science-fiction or fantasy films. They transform your eyes to create an unnatural appearance, such as cat or vampire eyes. These also include sclera lenses that cover your whole eye: the iris and sclera (the white part) surrounding it. As these lenses cover a larger surface of the eye, they increase the risk of infection and should only be worn after careful inspection by your optician to ensure they are suitable for the health of your eyes.


Some coloured contact lenses are used for medical purposes that go beyond vision correction. Medical or prosthetic contact lenses are designed to restore the normal appearance of disfigured or injured eyes. If used on a visually impaired eye they don’t have an aperture (clear part in the centre of the lens) to see through, but rather imitate the appearance of a natural eye, including the black pupil. These lenses are available for one eye and can be purchased in colours that closely match the natural eye colour of the unaffected eye.

close up of green brown eyes

How to choose coloured contact lenses

With so many options available on the market it can be difficult to find the lenses that suit you best. Some coloured lenses are opaque and designed to change your eye coloured dramatically, while others are designed with a tint to enhance your eye colour. Please note that the appearance of the lenses will vary depending on your eye colour.

Which colour is suitable for me?

Whether a contact lens colour will suit you depends on your natural eye colour, what results you wish to achieve, and your personal preference.

If your natural eyes are light in colour, you may choose tinted or opaque coloured lenses and either will transform your appearance.

If you have dark eyes, you may prefer opaque browns or greys as shades of blue or green won’t be able to transform your eye colour as desired.

During your contact lens fitting appointment you will be able to try on different coloured lenses to ensure they provide the desired effect.

How do coloured contact lenses work?

Coloured contact lenses are available as daily or monthly wear options.

Daily disposables are super easy to use. Simply wear them once and throw them away at the end of the day – no cleaning regime required.

Monthly lenses are ideal if you’d prefer to enhance your eye colour regularly. They can be worn for up to 30 days when they are removed every evening, cleaned, and stored properly overnight.

Which eye conditions do coloured contact lenses correct?

Lenstore offers coloured contact lenses that correct short and long-sightedness (myopia and hyperopia), as well as plano lenses (with zero power), for those who don’t require vision correction. There are also coloured contact lenses that correct astigmatism and presbyopia on the market, however, we do not offer these.

Are coloured contact lenses available without prescription?

Coloured contact lenses are available without vision correction. If you are one of the lucky ones with 20/20 vision, simply enter 0.00 as your power, when ordering your coloured lenses.

Please note that these lenses will need to be fitted and prescribed by your optician, to ensure they are suitable for you and fit properly.


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Below, you can find our selection of coloured contact lenses, sorted according to popularity.

Freshlook One Day: 

Freshlook One Day are daily coloured contact lenses manufactured by Alcon. They are super convenient to enhance your appearance for special occasions, after wearing them once, simply dispose of them at the end of the day. These lenses are recommended for wearers who are short-sighted or those who don’t require vision correction but want to change their look. They are available in four different colour hues: Pure Hazel, Grey, Blue, and Green.

Freshlook Colorblends:

Freshlook Colorblends are monthly coloured lenses developed by Alcon for wearers who want to correct their short or long-sighted vision and wish to change the appearance of their eyes. They are also available for those who don’t need to correct their vision. These lenses are available in twelve different colours, with eight subtle tinted options and four opaque colours that can noticeably change your appearance.

Air Optix Colors:

Air Optix Colors from Alcon are made from silicone hydrogel material with a water content of 33%. This material allows a good oxygen flow through the lens to ensure that your eyes are hydrated and comfortable during wear. They are a monthly-use option, meaning they can be worn for up to 30 days and must be removed at the end of the day, cleaned, and stored overnight.

Expressions Colors:

The Expressions Colors lenses are for wearers who want to enhance the appearance of their eyes, whether they require short or long-sighted vision correction or not. They are monthly lenses and can be worn for up to 30 days, with them being removed, cleaned, and stored overnight at the end of each day. They are manufactured by CooperVision, a global leader in the contact lens industry, and utilize a tinting technology that blends three shades of colours to improve your natural eye colour.

Freshlook Colors:

Freshlook Colors are monthly-use lenses manufactured by Alcon. They use an Iris Design that creates a striking change to your natural eye colour by adding depth and vibrancy, ideal for wearers with dark eyes. These lenses are available in a variety of shades, such as Misty Grey, Hazel, Green, Blue, Violet, and Sapphire Blue.

Freshlook Illuminate:

Freshlook Illuminate are available in one colour, Jet Black. They use the unique Starburst Pattern Print from Alcon to add a dark circle around the outside of your iris to enhance natural eye colour and give the appearance of larger eyes without covering the sclera. They are daily disposable lenses recommended for short-sighted and non-prescription wearers who want to enhance the appearance of their eyes on special occasions.

Soflens Natural Colors:

Soflens Natural Colors are monthly contact lenses manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. These lenses utilise a colour printing technology that injects colour directly into the lens for a natural-looking effect. They are available in ten colour shades, for example, Topaz, Indigo, Pacific, Emerald, and Dark Hazel.

Freshlook Dimensions:

Freshlook Dimensions were developed for wearers with light eyes. They are available in the shades of Sea Green, Pacific Blue, and Caribbean to enhance your natural eye colour. Freshlook Dimensions are available in packs of two lenses for wearers who do not require vision correction and in packs of six for wearers who are short or long-sighted.

How much do coloured contact lenses cost?

The price of coloured contact lenses varies depending on the lens type and pack size.

Price range

Most monthly coloured contact lenses are available in packs of 2 with prices between £15 - £19. These will last for up to two months if worn in one eye, or for one month if worn in both eyes.

Daily coloured contact lenses are available in packs of 10 with prices between £12 - £16. These will last for up to 10 days if worn in one eye, or for 5 days if worn in both eyes.

How to wear and care for coloured contact lenses

The wear and care routine for coloured contact lenses does not differ from that of regular contact lenses. There are a few easy steps to consider that are listed in the guidelines below:

How to insert and remove coloured contact lenses

1. Always wash and dry your hands before handling your contact lenses.

2. To insert the lenses, lift your lower and upper lid carefully, balance the lens on your index finger and place it carefully on your eye.

3. The lens will place itself in the right position after a few blinking motions.

4. To remove the lenses, lift your eyelids and gently pinch the lens with your index finger and thumb to pull it away from the eye.

5. If you are using monthly coloured lenses, clean them with the solution your optician recommended and store them in a case filled with fresh solution.

How to clean and maintain coloured contact lenses

Daily coloured contact lenses can simply be worn once before being disposed of at the end of the day. You can follow these simple steps to clean and maintain your monthly coloured lenses:

1. Wash your hands and dry them with kitchen roll to void lint and fluff sticking to the lenses.

2. Fill the clean lens case with fresh contact lens solution.

3. Clean the lens by placing it in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of the solution your optician recommended, and rub the lens carefully.

4. Leave the lenses to soak in the lens case filled with solution, ideally overnight.

5. After you’ve removed the lenses from the case the next day, empty the lens case of the remaining solution, and let it air dry during the day.

brown eye

Different colours


Can I wear sleep in coloured contact lenses?

It is not recommended to sleep in coloured contact lenses as they are not licensed for extended wear and sleeping in them increases the risk of infections.

Do I need a prescription to wear coloured contact lenses?

Yes, you need a prescription to wear coloured contact lenses. Even if your vision is 20/20 and you only wear them for aesthetic purposes your optician needs to provide you with a contact lens prescription with the correct base curve and diameter to ensure the lenses are comfortable. However, as long as your prescription is valid and in date, you can order contact lenses without a prescription because we will not ask for it when purchasing.

Which coloured contact lenses are best for dark eyes?

Most people with dark eyes prefer opaque coloured contact lenses in shades of brown or grey. Light shades usually don’t show up as well and might not provide you with the desired effect. To find the colour that suits you, you can book an appointment with your optician who can provide you with trial lenses so you can see what the colour looks like on your eyes.

Why can I see the coloured ring when wearing my lenses?

Coloured contact lenses have a fixed aperture (the clear part in the middle of the lens) for you to see through. However, your pupil size changes depending on lighting conditions and whether you are looking at near or distant objects. Therefore, you may sometimes see a dark ring or haze around your field of vision. Blinking a few times can resolve this issue.

Are coloured toric contacts available?

No. Sorry, Lenstore does not offer any coloured toric contact lenses at the moment.

Are coloured multifocal contacts available?

No. Sorry, Lenstore does not offer any coloured multifocal lenses at the moment.

Does Lenstore offer costume contact lenses?

Yes. Lenstore offers the Clearcolor range of Phantom and Phantom 1-Day prescription cosmetic lenses in a wide variety of stylish colours and patterns.