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ACUVUE contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson are the world’s best-selling contact lens range. Acuvue has pioneered many technological breakthroughs and produced the world’s first daily disposable contact lens, the Acuvue Disposable.

More recent innovations include HYDRACLEAR technology, which is designed to embed the highest volume of moisture-rich wetting agent into the lens, creating a highly wettable lens that ensures your eyes stay moist throughout the day, whatever the weather. This technology also reduces friction to a minimum, making the Acuvue range one of the most comfortable lenses on the market.

Acuvue has contact lenses for all prescriptions and all modalities. As one of the largest online contact lens retailers in the UK, we stock a full range of Acuvue products, ensuring you can always find your lenses. Buy your Acuvue lenses from today and enjoy outstanding service and next-day delivery at great prices. Order online today and enjoy exclusive offers, including a complimentary eye test and contact lens checkup at your local Vision Express store, at no extra cost.

Acuvue is one of the world’s most popular brands of contact lenses. They offer a wide range of contact lenses that are popular among individuals with busy lifestyles thanks to their convenience, comfort and cost-effectiveness, and since unveiling the world’s first soft disposable lenses in 1988, Acuvue has gone on to pioneer a number of key contact lens technologies to improve the vision of contact lens wearers around the globe.

Who makes/manufactures Acuvue contact lenses?

Acuvue contact lenses are manufactured by one of the world’s largest biotech companies - Johnson & Johnson. Acuvue lenses were originally made by the Frontier Contact Lens Company in the 1950s before the company was sold to Johnson & Johnson in 1981.

What Acuvue brand families are there?

There are a number of different contact lens families that are manufactured under the Acuvue brand. While each type of lenses offers unique benefits to different wearers, all Acuvue lenses provide UV protection to protect your eyes when outdoors.

1 Day Acuvue:

1 Day ACUVUE are daily disposable contact lenses that offer great convenience and comfort - you just remove them at the end of the day and insert a new pair in the morning. This makes them a good choice if you don’t want the hassle of worrying about a daily care routine for your contact lenses or if you wear contacts infrequently.

Acuvue 2:

Acuvue 2 are versatile contact lenses are designed to minimise potential eye irritation and have an Infinit Edge design that ensures maximum comfort during wear. These lenses are easy to put in and remove thanks to both a smooth front surface and a slight tint that makes them easy to see on your index finger

Acuvue Oasys:

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses have been designed specifically for those with dry eyes. They are oxygen permeable and allow high levels of oxygen to reach the eye, providing long-lasting hydration.
To further maintain moistness and a smooth fit, the Oasys Daily Lenses use HydraLuxe technology and the Oasys two-weeklies use Hydraclear Plus technology. This makes Acuvue Oasys lenses a good choice if you work in a dry environment such as an air-conditioned office.

Acuvue Oasys Max:

Acuvue Oasys Max contact lenses are a range of daily lenses. They are designed to help meet the demands of our daily life and our increased exposure to digital devices using a combination of two new innovative attributes, OptiBlue Light Filter and TearStable technologies. OptiBlue Light Filter filters out 60% of blue-violet light, which improves the clarity of vision by reducing light scatter. Meanwhile, the TearStable technology continuously circulates moisture around the lenses, which stabilises the tear film and lowers the evaporation rate. These lenses are available as spherical lenses (ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day) or multifocal lenses (ACUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day MULTIFOCAL).

Acuvue Technology

As one of the leading vision correction brands in the world, Johnson & Johnson’s Acuvue contacts utilise a range of innovative technologies to ensure long-lasting comfort and clarity of vision.

Lacreon - Acuvue’s LACREON technology uses a moisture-rich, wetting agent to permanently hold water in the contact lens. Effectively, it mimics the effect that your own tears would in keeping your eyes wet. This technology keeps your eyes moist throughout the day and lets the lens glide across the surface of your eye, ensuring the lenses are cushioned and comfortable to wear.

Hydraclear Plus - Taking inspiration from the way our eye’s natural tear film works, Acuvue Hydraclear Plus technology helps to reduce dryness and keeps your eyes moist - perfect for reducing tiredness and ensuring long-lasting freshness.

HydraLuxe - Introduced in 2016, the Acuvue HydraLuxe technology helps to reduce dryness and keeps your eyes extremely moist thanks to a unique design that combines a network of tear-like molecules with breathable hydrated silicone. This technology also reduces friction between the lens and the surface of your eyes for a more comfortable fit.

HydraMax - HydraMax technology is used in Acuvue’s monthly contact lenses and is made with uncoated silicone hydrogel that helps to maintain moisture. This means that HydraMax technology ensures reliable comfort for contact lens wearers all month long.

Eyelid Stabilised Design - An eyelid-stabilized design ensures these lenses orientate and stabilize themselves quickly. Blinking helps to keep them in place, which guarantees stable visual acuity (crisp, clear vision) regardless of motion or head tilt. This technology is used in toric lenses such as ACUVUE OASYS 1 Day for Astigmatism1 Day ACUVUE MOIST for Astigmatism.

Acuvue Contact Lenses

As one of the major contact lens brands on the market, Acuvue offers a wide choice of lenses for almost any prescription.

Daily / 1 Day Acuvue Moist:

Acuvue Moist Daily Lenses are a reliable choice of daily disposable contact lenses. They are designed to keep your eyes moist throughout the day and help to promote long-lasting eye health, so are a good choice for those with dry or sensitive eyes. With in-built UV protection, these daily lenses are popular among those with busy, active lifestyles. They are also a good option if you prefer to wear contact lenses infrequently.

Two weekly / Acuvue Oasys:

Acuvue Oasys contact lenses can be worn for up to two weeks if removed on a daily basis. They are manufactured with Hydraclear Plus technology that helps to reduce dryness and keep eyes hydrated - so a good choice for those with sensitive eyes. This is further helped by the silicone hydrogel used in these lenses, which permits more oxygen to reach the eye and keep them healthy. These lenses are available for those with Astigmatism (Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism) and Presbyopia (Acuvue Oasys Multifocal).

Monthly / Acuvue Vita:

Acuvue Vita contact lenses are monthly lenses that contain Hydramax technology to offer month-long hydration and comfort to wearers. Made from silicone hydrogel to ensure oxygen reaches the eyes, these lenses offer UV protection when outside and, like all Johnson & Johnson lenses, possess a subtle marking to help you know when lenses are inside out.

Extended Wear / Acuvue Oasys:

Acuvue Oasys extended-wear contact lenses can be worn continuously for up to six days at a time, depending on the advice of your optician. Opting for this usage also means that these lenses go from being two weekly to weekly. Made of silicone hydrogel, these lenses allow high levels of oxygen to reach the eye, helping to promote eye health. The HydraClear technology in these lenses help to keep these lenses moist for all-day comfort.

Toric / 1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism:

1 Day ACUVUE MOIST for Astigmatism contact lenses are comfortable, daily disposable toric lenses that use LACREON technology to ensure eyes are moist and vision is clear. The ‘Blink Stabilized’ design works in tandem with your natural blinking pattern to provide long-lasting stabilization, helping to minimise blurriness and maintain all-day sharpness of vision. These are a convenient choice of daily contact lenses for those with astigmatism as they also offer excellent UV protection and have a thin edge that makes them easy to insert and remove.

Multifocal / 1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal:

The 1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal contact lenses are daily disposable lenses made with IntuiSight technology in order to ensure smooth transitions between near and distant objects. A back-curve design keeps them stable in the eye and helps to improve vision clarity for those with presbyopia. These lenses use LACREON technology to minimise the effect of dry eyes and keep the wearing experience comfortable.

Best Sellers

As mentioned, Acuvue offers a wide choice of lenses, but to make it easier for you to find your prescribed contacts, we've listed the best sellers below:
1.    1 Day Acuvue Moist 
2.    1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism 
3.    1 Day Acuvue Oasys
4.    Acuvue Oasys
5.    1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal
6.    1 Day Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism
7.    1 Day Acuvue TruEye 
8.    Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism
9.    Acuvue Vita
10.  Acuvue 2

How much do Acuvue contact lenses cost?

Thinking about purchasing Acuvue contact lenses? Use the below prices to see if they fit within your budget.

Acuvue lenses cost different amounts depending on the type and number of lenses that you’re ordering.

Can I buy Acuvue contact lenses online?

Just as you’d expect from one of the most popular contact lens brands, it’s very easy to buy Acuvue contact lenses online - and often cheaper too!

Lenstore offers a wide range of Acuvue contact lenses that covers all types of prescription, whether you’re looking for daily disposables for short-sightedness or something more specialised like toric or multifocal lenses.

Alternative Brands

If you’re not sure whether Acuvue is the right brand for you, Lenstore is home to many other contact lens brands that can potentially fulfil your contact lens prescription and needs:

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CIBA Vision / Alcon - CIBA Vision / Alcon contact lenses are a range of thin lenses that are easy to put in and take out of the eye. Wearers compliment them on how well they keep their eyes hydrated throughout the day.

CooperVision - CooperVision offers one of the broadest ranges of contact lenses available on the market and caters for most prescriptions.

Menicon - Menicon’s products are available in over 80 countries making them not only the largest contact lens manufacturer in Japan but one of the largest contact lens manufacturers globally.  

Sauflon / Coopervision - Having acquired Sauflon in 2014, CooperVision produces the Clariti contact lenses under this shared brand name. They are praised by wearers for being comfortable to wear over long periods.

Specsavers' Own Brand - Specsavers’ Own Brand Contact Lenses can be bought from your high street optician, but it’s often easier to save time and money and simply order equivalent lenses online.

Boots' Own Brand - As above, Boots’ Own Brand Contact Lenses are available from your high street optician, but it’s much simpler to order similar lenses online from Lenstore.