Tesco Contact Lenses

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Buy your contact lenses at Lenstore.co.uk and you will enjoy the benefits of the quickest contact lens delivery service available. Unlike our competitor Tesco Contact Lenses who aim to dispatch your order within 14 days (tescoopticians.com: 15/09/2010), Lenstore.co.uk typically dispatch within 1-2 working days, making our delivery times much faster than Tesco Contact Lenses.

Lenstore.co.uk also have a reputation for very competitive prices and the best customer service in the industry. On average a contact lens wearer saves £140 per year by buying from Lenstore.co.uk vs. High Street Opticians such as Tesco. At Lenstore.co.uk we supply 100% authentic contact lenses and accessories to tens of thousands of customers at prices that cannot be beaten by high street outlets.

Purchase your contact lenses from Lenstore.co.uk and you can be certain of personal customer service and fast deliveries which can cut out the long wait you get from Tesco Contact Lenses. Experience the fast and convenient service which has made us the preferred supplier of contact lenses.