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Are contact lenses better than glasses?

There are many advantages and disadvantages of wearing contact lenses to glasses.

Contact Lenses Glasses
No additional weight Can be heavy due to the weight of the lenses and frame
Fitting is stable as they sit on the eye Fitting of glasses can change, frames can be loose, lenses can scratch
Irritation can occur after long periods of wear Can cause irritation to the facial area, especially if not kept clean, or you suffer from sensitive skin
Environmental factors can cause irritation No irritation to the eye surface or surrounding area (eye lids)
Allergies such as hay fever can cause discomfort Skin allergies can be aggravated
Higher prescriptions can feel more comfortable with wearing contact lenses Prescription lenses can spoil the look of a frame
Can wear while playing sports May get in the way when playing sport, and may cause injury if damaged
Discrete, can’t tell you’re wearing them Can become dated and may not suit all occasions
Designer and fashion sunglasses available to complement contact lenses Designer or fashion sunglasses may be unavailable
No thick or heavy lenses to spoil the look of frames Need to be replaced every 1-2 years
Lower cost on a more regular basis One-off, larger payment
Replacements due to loss or damage are less expensive than glasses Can be expensive to repair or replace if broken
Fashion sunglasses can be purchased at a lower cost than prescription sunglasses Prescription sunglasses can be expensive in the summer
Need to buy glasses when wearing contact lenses to use as back up No need to also buy contact lenses